House Judiciary Member: Trump Admin “Wrong About The Absence Of Wrongdoing” | The Last Word | MSNBC

House Judiciary Member: Trump Admin "Wrong About The Absence Of Wrongdoing" | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


Rep. David Cicilline tells Joy Reid that there is "overwhelming evidence" that incriminates the president in the Ukraine scandal. He adds that there's "certainly" enough evidence to move forward and consider articles of impeachment with the House Judiciary Committee. Joy also discusses with Joyce Vance and Neera Tanden. Aired on 11/14/19.
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House Judiciary Member: Trump Admin "Wrong About The Absence Of Wrongdoing" | The Last Word | MSNBC

67 Comments on "House Judiciary Member: Trump Admin “Wrong About The Absence Of Wrongdoing” | The Last Word | MSNBC"

  1. “Evil” is a word I never thought I would use to describe a administration at the head of our government. But the word keeps coming to mind when considering this president and his minions. Trump corrupts all he touches. And he has corrupted the very soul of our nation.



    • @Mikerosoft what’s bs is your comment. You showed a great example of what self projection is. Nowhere did i bring up any of the names you placed inside your rant. You done? You get it all out or are you going to give the sky a piece of your mind from your knees?

    • Evan83 I’m not talking about “just you”, because nobody cares for what you, an insignificant troll on the internet, thinks! Trump’s following as a whole does it, and there’s no denying it! All you people know how to do is poorly deflect any valid argument that comes your way! You people even made up a fake identity for the whistleblower, along with a whole conspiracy behind this identity, so that you could say “what about” to that! Sure though, let’s just go with the excuse that I’m ranting, and that makes me absolutely wrong in every way your pea of a brain can think of. Either way, if ranting is what it takes to get you ignoramuses to listen to what is said, believing it or not, so be it! It doesn’t change the fact that Trump is in deep trouble, just like dropping words like “hearsay” or “witch hunt” doesn’t make the impeachment process corrupt! In the end, all you people are just a bunch of dimwits that think *you* should have *your* ridiculous beliefs listened to, like *you’re* the judges! An entire clown performance is a simpler term for you lot of Trump supporters!

  2. Gaetano Vindigni | November 15, 2019 at 1:11 AM | Reply

    “Shut up about the hearsay if you’re blocking all the witnesses!” 
    –ex-Senator Claire McCaskill

    (an innocent man does not ignore Congressional subpeonas that ask for documents and block witnesses from testifying.)

  3. lil jack russell | November 15, 2019 at 1:23 AM | Reply

    Wonder why the secured server hasn’t been brought up?

    • @Danielle Adair wow sounds like you have the pulse of the complete line of BS dummycrat official talking points. So, since you are “in the know” please list his cellular provider with timestamps and the destination of these said phone calls.

      And FYI there are no secure phone calls made on any cellular service.

    • Danielle Adair the truth hurts so bad doesn’t it children do not matter to all of you you said it by your comment not me keep 😭

    • @Ungha Bungha I got news for you Trump used to attend parties with the paedo Epstein and there are films to prove it so what is your point. Trump is the swamp he has proved himself to be corrupt i.e his so-called University and court cases going back to the 70’s that show his family are racist.

    • Serendipity Shop | November 18, 2019 at 12:57 AM | Reply

      Well, so far the witnesses that spoke publicly (Taylor, Kent, and Yovanovitch) have not been in a position to say anything about the secured server. Presumably Vindman will have something to say directly about that.

      But also, the Dems know perfectly well that (as with Trump’s tax returns) this White House will fight subpoenas in the courts for EONS before they give up that secret server, containing hidden conversations with the likes of Putin, MBS, and Erdogan. The Dems seem to be intent on putting together a handful of clear impeachment counts that can be voted on before Christmas, so as not to distract from the 2020 election and other Congressional business. To that end, simply listing all the officials prevented from testifying as additional data points for obstruction of justice is supremely efficient. And shows on its face that Trump has no real defense or exculpatory evidence from first-hand witnesses.

  4. The GOP has become a criminal enterprise in conjunction with Trump and the Russians. The attacks on our 2020 elections are an act of war. They’re truly traitors in the classic definition, if not the legal definition.

  5. RIP to the innocent children killed at school today.

    • Yeah I was extremely sad to see that this had happened again. When I turned on my computer and came on you tube I was really hoping that the video I first saw was not of a new shooting but …… it is absolutely horrific every time I read about another mass shooting. Will it ever end?

    • @HangEm High712 The murderer is responsible for his own actions. In times like we should be looking to support one another. I am not your enemy. I spent time in my youth, defending your freedom. I have spent time in my life, raising two children, attending church, and trying to be a voice of reason, in my daily affair.

      @HangEm High712 It appears to me that you are ingesting poison, of the mind. I am not your enemy, We are brothers, as children of the Most High. I pray that the light of true Love will guide you from your heart of darkness. You are thus, blessed.!

    • well that’s enough proof for me to believe it all, I could care less about any children who may of been killed to promote the Agenda of disarming the American population, sandy Hook never happened , Boston Smoke bomb not one person was injured, you are a fool to believe what you are told Oklahoma city murrah building was another yes children were killed but it was perpetrated by criminals in the US Gov. I did not know them so how and why should I feel anything other than a slight curiosity. I do not weep for those I never knew.

  6. Whats wrong with these people afraid of losing their JOBS! Subpoena defiers either testify or go to jail. Ignoring them only sets a precedent for justice/ democracy and another talking point abiet false for Trump supporters.

  7. How can Donnie stop people from testifying unless he is threatening them with some sort of retribution. That would be ‘witness tampering’ ?

    • @Prisoner Zero You are delusional at best or, most likely, simply lying to yourself so you can feel good about something because it confirms your immoral predispositions…

    • @Craig Crawford How can Quid Pro Joe possibly be the front runner?? Even before he outed himself at the Council On Foreign Relations event for Extorting the Ukraine, He doesn’t Campaign and hasn’t got a message that the Democrats will follow other then, “I was Barack Obama’s Vice President”.
      The Bern has a following, Quid Pro Joe does Not have a following. the whole thing is a facade.
      The Bern should be the number one contender, But the Democrats are not going to nominate him again.
      Liz Warren is another facade as she tries to steal The Bern’s followers by uping his ideas. She has nothing to offer because if she did, then write that bill, get Congress to pass it and have the President sign it.
      The truth is, out of all the candidates running, the only one to write a bill and get it passed was Quid Pro Joe’s Racist Crime Bill.
      There is absolutely nothing to fear about the Clown Circus Democrats, they are their own worse enemy.
      The media calls it a Democrat Debate.
      I call it a Democrat Cotillion.

    • @Prisoner Zero I don’t pay much attention to Biden, don’t like Biden, and never really have. Yeah, with Trump and his staunch defenders it has been – 1) No quid pro quo 2) It was inappropriate 3) there was a quid pro quo but it wasn’t illegal (but the calls were moved to the highest secured server for some reason) 4) Biden had a quid pro quo so his was illegal and mine wasn’t because I’m president and presidents can’t do anything illegal and if it is illegal nothing can be done anyway. 5) Trump isn’t smart enough to commit a quid pro quo that isn’t illegal anyway (which makes even less sense). That’s the gist of the idiocy defenders of Trump claim.
      Biden is not the sitting US president, and republicans and Trump did absolutely nothing, nothing about this supposed Biden quid pro quo until now and all they do is chirp, that’s it.
      It is a red herring. Period. Trump committed multiple felonies, misdemeanors and the like and this impeachment is not only demanded but also necessary! It is why it’s in the Constitution to begin with.
      So, the bottom line is is that Trump is being proved daily that he tried bribing the Ukraine for manufactured dirt on Biden which is a violation of numerous laws including election.
      Evidently you have no problem with a moron breaking the law and trampling the Constitution to get elected, that is utterly pathetic and you ought to be ashamed to even suggest such behavior is somehow okay and legal especially when you know for a fact it isn’t!

    • @Eric Winnick Executive privilege doesn’t apply if used to cover up wrongdoing. It doesn’t mean the POTUS is above the law.

    • I think the reason BOLTON is NOT testifying is because he has a deal signed up with the book publishing company and if he talks about it before the publication of the book then his deal will fall through.. and that is why he needs the subpoena as a crutch to come forward and testify.. So the House should send him a subpoena and he will come forward and testify… Please spread this info…

  8. So, Cicciline is being kind when he says they are wrong about the “no first hand evidence”. And good for the good guys that they are not caving … that they not only know what is right, they are actively educating the public.

  9. America you need to take a hard look at yourself trump is a symptom of this problem ignorance and racism.

    • Its a simple question, Fallacy? Dilemma? going out on a limb there aren’t you ? its a question of faith or belief.

    • AT LEAST IN AMERICA WE DO DEAL WITH IT .. EVER HEAR OF OTHER NATIONS THAT HOLD THEIR LEADER ACCOUNTable, how many times have you seen an example? do you see russia saying a whisper about what putin is doing? in other countries people are being shot to death because their government wont speak for them, so they in despair, are throwing their bodies in front of bullets. this marine knows there are problems, but still proud of our constitution. bite me ..other countries.

  10. GOP needs to think of time after Trump. All those that twist themselves in to pretzels and abandon their principles and ideals will be remembered as weak, complicit cowards.

  11. Wassily Kandinsky | November 15, 2019 at 6:55 AM | Reply

    What kind of “Checks and Balances” is this if the one being checked can prohibit witnesses to testify?

    • Jacqueline Moore | November 18, 2019 at 7:07 PM | Reply

      Bill Bear it’s funny how you just showed your true colors. I didn’t bad mouth Trump, I just said ppl should do their research.. but your response just says a lot about you. I will definitely have a great day. And I don’t need a psychologist- I just need for the truth about Ukraine and the perfect call to be exposed. We already see what happens to the best people that Trump hires- they’ve been convicted 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • @Jacqueline Moore You’re so hot😚

    • Wassily Kandinsky | November 19, 2019 at 3:14 AM | Reply

      @Bill Bear. If you don’t have any real arguments you take the cheap sexist offense. No wonder you are a fan of the orange demagog (I call THAT the Trump derangement syndrome). Trump is a thug and he is stupid and has too many stupid enablers. I hope this country can recover from all the damage he has already done. So you just shut up (I know you won’t).

    • @Wassily Kandinsky Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it!

  12. Can’t wait for the hearing today!!!! bribery is a CRIME!!!! Got Him!

  13. Based on their reasoning alot of convicted people should be let go. Someone should call out Jordan and say is that why you didn’t do anything at Ohio?

  14. Even 2nd hand smoke kills….if he didn’t talk so loud I’d be second hand.

    • It’s probably from always yelling over helicopters. Well, that and he’s a duplicitous and deranged dotard. Impeach, indict, and HANG Traitor Trump.

    • Perhaps he likes to hear his own voice ?

    • @Djo Life He thinks that because of the distance between Washington and Ukraine, he needs to speak very loudly on the telephone. . I am convinced I’ve got it right

  15. The day will come, when we all shout in the face of Donald Trump and company……………
    He is nothing, but an……
    ” A P P R E N T I C E “

  16. Administration that are willing to take the fall for Trump have a fool for a President.

    • Where did you fall into that hole of Circular logic so I can avoid that first step

    • @HangEm High712 it’s somewhere between Trump standing on the lawn saying Ukraine and China should investigate and Mulvaney saying we do it all the time.

    • you are obviously one of the uninformed voters who think they have a grasp on the reality of the Circumstances, if you came here for news your being robbed of the truth.

    • Sorry pappa shooey but your statement doesnt really make any sense. Did you think it through before you typed it? Its one thing to blurt out poorly worded uneducated drivel, it is quite another level of baboon logic to write such nonsense, have the opportunity to review and edit, and still publish it. You speak of an administration as if it were a single entity making decisions in unity and then point to one decision (taking the fall for its leader) which i agree is a bad decision. But then the way you choose to criticize that decision is by calling the leader a baffoon. This doesnt make any sensm . If I have missed something………….nah nevermind i didnt miss anything, this is simply how the mind of a baboon reasons

  17. Excellent interviews thank you!

  18. The republicans are there for one reason only. Spreading misinformation.

  19. joy’s hair and shirt are beautiful!

  20. My admiration to the Congress and their leader Nancy .

    • For aiding a kangaroo court impeachment? She is bowing to AOC and the leftist terrorist. I’m not even a trump fan and I can see that. Take a couple steps back to the center. It’s amazing what you actually see.

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