House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn On Senate Prospects For Voting Rights Legislation | MSNBC 1

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn On Senate Prospects For Voting Rights Legislation | MSNBC


Democrats are pursuing two key bills, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the For the People Act. Both are aimed at securing voting rights amid an onslaught of state Republican legislation which critics say would restrict voting. Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), the House Majority Whip, spoke to NBC’s Joshua Johnson on the prospect for both bills in the Senate, given GOP filibuster threats. Aired on 03/29/2021.
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House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn On Senate Prospects For Voting Rights Legislation | MSNBC


  1. Whatever it takes to continue their agenda of tyrannical government, where they always retain power. It’s sick.

    1. So, you dont like that people that vote by mail need to use ID>?
      OR do you hate that they can vote in the weekend now?
      Or is it racist that there are now 2 people standing at drop places instead of 1?

      Im just asking, cause im not sure what makes it bad?
      You rather have no eyes on the election?

    2. @Devo when my rights and freedoms have been and are getting trampled and shredded at the mad rate witnessed 24/7 today; i hope bee free and the rest of the law abiding CITIZENS of OUR country stand up to tyranny. its clear to me how we got these last twenty years of corruption; much of it caused by your careless vote .

    3. @matsutake beaver What voting rights? You’re a hyperbolic individual that wants an easier way to cheat. If the Democrats won fair and square, then they have the names and addresses of all those that voted for Democrats and they will most likely vote Democrat again. The problem is that they don’t have their real names or addresses.

    4. @Octavio Tapatío you lost snowflake. The election was safe and fair. The only election fraud that’s been found is you filthy republicans in Florida

    5. @matsutake beaver really so your freedom gets hurt by voting on weekends?
      Just so you know, i didnt vote for either candidate.. Neither are fit for office and specially not Biden.

    1. @David Hale Well, you said it yourself. An eight year old has a better grasp on grammar, spelling, and reality than you do. Maybe take a break from youtube and try reading a book?

    2. @David Hale Only one that’s upset here is you homie, get a grip! Also, while you’re at it, use punctuation – goes along with the grammar education you’re obviously lacking.

    3. @c cheshire because dealing with your childish nonsense is ridiculous stupidity.
      It’s like dealing with a argumentative 8 year old.

    1. @Debra Barnett i don’t think you quite understand the major issue here when it comes to working Americans, time frames, and ballot box restrictions.

    2. @Debra Barnett the entire point is that there shouldn’t be hours long waiting in line to vote!!

    3. @Akitsu Maru I work, and I can get to the early voting. I don’t wait for the last day to vote.

  2. The establishment of a Dictatorship by the Fascist New Democratic Party should be a wake up call to everyone. We learned their “Covid Relief” Bill had little to do with Covid, just like this abysmal piece of legislation will have little to do with voting rights.

  3. When are you going to start acting, Americans? Are you really that scared of your own government? They should be scared of you, not you scared of them.

    1. @Shadyshanks The only gangsters i seen was on Jan 6th over lies from a failed leader. Don’t forget those blm weren’t just black people, white, latino, pretty much any one with morality protested justice for this man.

    2. @Shadyshanks when you hear blm you think of an “all black”, crowd, you going to call these youths criminals? You are blind and foolish.

    3. @Akitsu Maru Wrong. That’s what YOU think. You’re projecting because you’re a racist. Thanks for exposing yourself. I never said anything about black people. I am fully aware that most blm gangsters aren’t even black. And yes, if you are rioting or looting, you are a thug even if you’re a youngster

    4. @Shadyshanks You just call me a thug? Lol, do you think i am messaging you from a cell?
      Alright im racist.. where do we go from here? Facts are still solid facts my man. I will seek anti-racial therapy btw i promise, and my apologies.

    5. @Akitsu MaruIt’s not that hard to understand that thugs exist in jail and outside. The ones outside just haven’t been caught yet. And don’t seek racial therapy. That’s the stupidest thing ive ever heard of.

  4. Oh the irony of the GQP, pushing the “stop the steal” lie and then turning around and trying to prevent people from voting against them, essentially trying to steal the election for themselves. Oh, republican hypocrisy, don’t you ever go a-changing!

    1. yes, massive, unprecedented manipulation in 6 battleground states. notice bellweather states ohio and florida didnt REMOVE SAFEGUARDS! i live in mail in ballot oregon, since its genesis NO republican governor.

    2. @matsutake beaver Well of course. The Republican party is dying. They can no longer win a fair election anywhere in the USA.

  5. You need an ID to bank, travel, purchase goods and services, receive healthcare, and get the “vaccine,” out is not hardship for the poor as if you are poor and receiving government assistance you have to have an ID. ID and signature verification helps to provide election integrity and those who say otherwise lie.

    1. I know this is hard to believe but its more then just voter ID. I am good with voter ID as long as we all pay for it in our taxes.

    2. Lol. Its a lot more than that. Unlimited restrictions on voter registrations, eliminating voting locations, closing voting locations at 5pm , illegal to give someone food or water while standing in line, come on wtf? Most

    3. @teresa lee I know It seems that Republicans voters only have one tracked minds, they think everything is so black and white(no pun intended).

  6. They’re just bogging down the political conversation to buy themselves time. Clyburn needs to go. He’s cbc and does nothing for his black constituents. He does not represent us or our values he represents democratic policy only and uses black face to do it. We’re done. CBC needs to be revamped period.

    1. another Putin Puff….kindly remove your Igolf Twittler but plugg….elections over ….moscow mitch and clansmen fecel matter will be cleansed from DC in short order….Faux/putin BS

  7. Voting rights legislation, civil rights legislation and gun control legislation
    Stop the Jim Crow laws

  8. How ANY American senator can be AGAINST VOTING is beyond me. The Party of Trump literally has no place too low that they will not go in the interests of Rich people and corporations.

    1. So interesting to hear them call it out as the nuclear option when a majority rule. They do know that a majority of the world uses a majority of 50%? Our country does. Always has, as far as I’m aware of.

    2. @Chris like I said, it’s a bug. The US senate makes most decisions based on a simple majority, but they are allowed to debate the issue as long as is necessary, but if 60% agree they can force the debate to finish, which isn’t in and of itself a bad idea, but that provision of debating an issue as long as necessary was twisted into a delay tactic, and then into a complete barrier to passing anything without 60% consensus. Mitch McConnell (the one who looks like to tortoise), changed the rules so that a filibuster can go on even without anyone debating, effectively making it only possible to pass legislation with a 60% majority.

  9. Politicans should have been privy to this information By keeping good company. “Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD ?
    Or Who shall Stand in his Holy place? It should be politicans that have clean Hands, and a Pure heart; Who hath not lifted up his Soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully. like many of you have for the past 50 year’s.

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