House Members Launch Investigation Into Vaccine Company | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

House Members Launch Investigation Into Vaccine Company | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-SC, discusses a new investigation into Emergent BioSolutions, Inc. and if the company leveraged its relationship with a Trump administration official. Rep. Clyburn also discusses the trial of Derek Chauvin and infrastructure. Aired on 04/20/2021.
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House Members Launch Investigation Into Vaccine Company | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. If this facility, had been cited in the past, how did they get this contract? I had the J & J vaccine in early April, as a working nurse and Covid19 survivor it was important for me to get vaccinated. Side effects of aches, malaise and back pain lasted a few days.

    1. @Dan Schulte no trials. They did one after the fact pretty much on two facilities which had already been highly exposed. When that happens you dont know if they received immunity after exposure or “by the vaccine” regardless they will take the credit.

    2. Karen De Rosier well let’s see I haven’t taken any of these vaccines & I’m A-OK so I guess that blows your argument out of the water..Ba Ba Ba be a good little sheep

    3. Those side effects are a good sign that your immune system is responding. the second dose might have stronger side effects. Don,t worry, it’s a good sign.

    4. @my music glad to hear that and Canada has a lot better leadership than America keep up the good work.

    5. @my music we just got Biden who we are ever so thankfull for but we are lingering in the I’ll effects of Trump and his Republican followers. Like Marjorie Taylor Green the nutty Qanon and insurrectionist Cruz and his gun toting republicans and Hawley carrying on racism and Graham Cruz’s side kid we have a ways to go.

  2. In a capitalist organization of the economy what exactly is meant by the “right reasons?” It seems there is only one reason: profits!

    1. There was a Wyoming company that was told to help repair Puerto Rico’s electrical grid after hurricane Maria. That company had no ability to actually do the work, which meant the contract was not worth the paper it was written on. This looks like a third company that the Trump administration hired without regard to whether the company could do what they said they could do. In other words, the company was more likely to breach than fulfill, and that looks like fraud. You do agree that corporations have to actually not break laws, right? Please, nod your head.

  3. Eff Emergent. I worked for them years ago. They left me disabled and did nothing. They screwed me out of any kind of workers comp and blocked me from getting disability. Where I live they have a lot of weight they can throw around and they do.

    1. @roger rives
      So why is he a troll only because he is new around here? Where you a troll when you started to comment BS?
      Asking for a friend.

    2. @cervellone New account, no content, deletes comments. Yhis is the fourth or fifth name this troll has had all with stupid names with Biden in them. Is the friend you are asking for another troll?

    3. @RaidersACDC 489 first off I am a woman. Secondly, you do not understand what I’ve done or gone through to end up with nothing. So don’t act like you know everything in a comment section of YouTube.

    1. @Mainely it’s funny you say that because Republicans tried to get a law or something the LAST TIME Pelosi did it you know its hard to avoid these things when your husband does it for a living. maybe speaker of the house is not a good position to take with your husband is on wallstreet you create an unnecessary conflict of interest

    2. @Mainely amd whst are YOU doimg about it? Plotting to murder more folks? Easy to complain on YouTube. This isn’t a Dem or Republican issue, it’s just plain corruption. Everyone need to be held accountable. Criminals are voting criminals into office. Thst’s how Tome fell…

    3. @nlgrrtt trying to act like the Democrats are the only ones is hilarious considering REPUBLICANS Perdue and Loeffler recently exposed for this, flagrantly.

    4. @Mainely I didn’t say the Democrats were in only ones, as a ranking member with the authority to ajurn a session and DECIDES what bills are going to be brought to the house floor maybe she should make a decision on whether or not to have proper rules for members. the reason she hasn’t is because she would be in trouble. That’s who we want to run our country. A whole bunch of people looking out for their own butts when passing bills?

    1. @RaidersACDC 489 LOL … you also have the right and responsibility to pay for all your own covid medical and hospital costs if you get infected and sick. But one doubts you are honest enough or man enough to do that. Your the typical republican hypocrite, like Chump, who rants about socialism, yet when their own ignorance causes them to incur big medical costs … they everyone else should pay for their ignorance.

    2. @it’s me george z
      It normally takes years to develop a vaccine.
      But BIONTECH’s, Germany, scientists have for decades been researching on a vaccine against cancer based on mRNA technology. These scientists are wellknown and respected around the globe.
      It happens that this mRNA technology is also effective to combat SARS C-19. That’s why the vaccine was developed in such a short time.
      But tRumpf had NOTHING to do with it.

    3. @J. Karpinski
      No, the vaccines weren’t ‘created’ years ago. That’s nonsense. See my comment above.
      So pls do some research before commenting and making a fool of yourself.

  4. Fines do nothing to stop large companies from scandalous practices. It’s like grounding a teenager who is an introvert.

    1. LOL! Good one. Young man go to your room, you are grounded. Now go play with your Xbox text your friends like you always do

    2. Very true Rae. They pay no taxes, spend millions on avoiding consequences. Justice is rarely what it is meant to be and that has a good proportion of citizens frustration. Things just have to change.

    1. @watchwinder I am making a joke here parodying pharmaceuticals mixing up the wrong ingredients
      I’m also mocking betas I hate the beta thing

  5. The problem with removing the bad apples is; many of the police commanders, lieutenants and mayors are the bad apples

  6. Hello Mika..
    Mika, excellent reporting..
    Jim, the beginning of the paragraphs of your document is indented..

  7. Representative Clyburn is a gift to my day, I feel better when he speaks. When he smiles I smile, ha ha thank you for your service and who you are as a Human Being.

  8. Big pharms are all about money, if they charge you $800 for a epi pen, you know who they are, they would rather sell us the mixed up drug than to throw them away just to keep their profit

    1. This is USA fault. These companies do not charge other countries what they charge in USA. Cut them off

    2. A vaccine that can produce severe allergic reactions produced by the same company that make the epipen…go figure…

  9. Fines amounting to a sliver of their profits aren’t enough — people in these corporations need to start facing JAIL TIME!

    1. @John Kendal You are so so right and it’s disgusting.. Then it’s all forgotten about and never spoke of again..

    2. @ღSwnsasyღ _ It sure is disgusting and a disgrace. Lawyers can be especially nasty. It’s often what is missed rather than what is noticed. God Bless


  10. From Canada, from a white middle aged woman – I’m praying for guilty. Justice is necessary for peace.

    1. Wrong website sweety.
      Btw, californian politician m waters, age 81, traveled to michigan, inciting riots&threatening a juror or the jury, giving chauvin his free pass. Think she was drunk? She also marched with 90’s Rodney King beating and those rioters who burned down their city. I find peace other high ranking black leaders nationwide are very angry with her.

    2. @June Sanders indeed; that sure sounds perverse enough for such a guy. I perhaps he is one of those GOP Anglo Saxon types. Anything to heal an inadequate ego I suppose. It was, after all one of Hitler’s fantasy rolls.
      Sadly, however, taking on such rolls, as a means of filling an empty ego, requires at least a little intelligence. At least an understanding of Rune stones and their esoteric values, training a pair of ravens to search out the true magic of Nature. But no, the emptiness of a soul that seeks such a fantasy, devoid of any real value can never attain to peace.
      It is a sad indictment of true emptiness. Officer Chauvin might just find some value in his life and fill that void by introspection means of a spell in jail.

  11. Kodak made more than cameras, they had a long history of film and chemistry, but that was absolutely gutted by the shift to digital workflow. Institutional knowledge is hard to rebuild when the bean-counters say something has no value.

  12. It’s the same thing he tried to do with Kodak, he’s exactly right! This is dangerous and we said it back then yet they did it anyway!!

    1. Investment in the tiny line that keeps differentiating the poor from the rich and I guess expert Blain has brought to our doorsteps.

    2. I was introduced to him by my colleagues few months ago after I lost about $40,000 USD in the stock market crash, he has helped me stand on my feet and recover all I lost in the stock market and even more than bitcoin trading

    3. @Clinton Jeff I have never liked the stock market,the crash is simply inevitable, I choose to invest into cryptocurrency

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