House Members Push For High-Speed Rail As Part Of Infrastructure 1

House Members Push For High-Speed Rail As Part Of Infrastructure


Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Seth Moulton are in support of adding high-speed rail funding to the president's infrastructure plan, and they join Morning Joe to discuss the importance of high-speed rail and their new commission around the issue.

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House Members Push For High-Speed Rail As Part Of Infrastructure


  1. If the airlines didn’t have a stranglehold on Congress we would have had high speed rail years ago like in Japan and Europe, and wouldn’t have to be subjected to the abuse and fees that the airlines inflict on passengers.

    1. And if consumers had more options they would most likely want to use high-speed rail and airlines. We use cell phones but we still watch TV!

    2. @Eric Plumhoff this is not the topic…if you don’t want to join the conversation, please leave.

    3. @just ask you are not aware the AOC is a New Yorker? A New Yorker will always use trains, subways, busses and bikes…Are you New to this planet?

    4. @Elaine Burnett lol really? So if I go there I’ll see her constantly and consistently using public transportation??? And not just for photo ops? That’s good to know.

    1. @PJ Celeste but half the BS republicans propose is not a waste of taxpayer money? Things like High speed rails would reinstate America back as a developed country, bcs things like that other developed countries already have, yet certain Americans can’t get behind it -bcs it has a price tag?

  2. it is a good thing they recognise that they need to do both infrastructure and voting reforms simultaneously and not prioritise the latter over the former. both are equally important.

    1. @Shawn Corbin clearly you haven’t actually read the bill. Just parroting red hat lies like a good little sheep. Read the bill and then answer what you’re against, what you don’t consider infrastructure

    2. @camwyn256 Oh, but I have. Do yourself a favor, get your little pocket calculator out and view the distribution of money. Add it up relative to infrastructure only. Then add all of the corrupt goon politician pork. Add it up, it doesn’t add up.

  3. It is about time we had high speed rail in the USA. It will shorten travel times to work. I don’t know how people in large metropolitan centers can handle long commutes. It cuts into your time in the morning and evening. You spend most of your time commuting and emitting gas fumes. This will cut down on greenhouse gasses. It is time act instead of just talk. This has to be country wide.

    1. Moved to Netherlands in 1999. Never renewed license bc every neighbourhood has a shopping street area for all your needs, bike lanes are faster across city than car route bc they are not top priority. In towns are trams, buses also. In 70’s they had cars and streets like states covering canals. After the 60’s-70’s protests they changed with american ideas like most Europe did. America didn’t. You can go to any city, town or village by train. Yes I smaller but trains connect all of Europe and is relaxing bc no road rage or breaking down. If train breaks there is another one coming. Not my problem. Good system in this country. We have high speed to Paris and other places in Europe have those connection. Is nice get on a train late night, get in bunk to sleep wake up in Italy or.. cars are a luxury. A license costs about 2 grand at least bc many driving tests and lessons you are reguired to take. When I tell ppl I paid 11 dollars back in 1972 and never retested again they are shocked..haaaa I learned to drive on a horse ranch at 12. America is wild and that is cool..or it use to be But practical and common sense greedy Capitalism which gives subsidies to the wealthy corporations but welfare or social programs is socialism is just BS hypocrisy. Vote every election no matter how tiny it is..judge, DA, school boards..get these insane hateful ppl out of power. Bring a less stressful life to american democracy.

  4. Yes! The Dynamic Duo speaking truth and working mf hard for everyone in this country who is being held hostage by Big Money (which should not be allowed to influence our elected officials). This is so evil… and a real revolution on greed is coming!

    1. Because it requires boatloads of money. High speed rail in California has been a money pit. They don’t want to see that repeated at the federal level.

    2. Explain this one. All it’s good for is taking people from point A to point B. And needs to be on flat ground cause it’s not going over the Rocky’s. Waste of time and money.

    3. Lol if They can’t get it together for high speed rail In Cali hows it gonna work elsewhere?

    1. @Ter Tarantulas yeah. Unregulated Gas and Oil is raising those prices. But we can’t regulate, even when 70 Texans freeze to death because of lack of regulations

    2. @Ter Tarantulas Wacko? Very polite, aren’t you? Funny not to know you live in the richest country in the world. I didn’t say the one that was the nicest to live in, especially with the dinosaurs who love parading with guns.

    3. @Brian McMeat more like spending so much on the defense budget (just the toys, not for the soldiers) when there are no pending or current wars or conflicts when everything else is wildly lacking. That’s like N Korea making their theme ‘a ruthless dictator with a strong army…with a crumbling society of citizens

  5. You already know what the American people want, that’s ALWAYS clear! The greedy politicians just never give us what we want!

  6. China is building high speed railway and infrastructure and subways etc. The USA is falling behind every year. And Republicans don’t care.

    1. They do care but they don’t won’t billions of dollars being sent over seas for gender studies

  7. We should have done this decades ago! But we have a Star Wars program. ( Not complaining) but Where are our priorities?


  9. Keep talking about the dark money donors! Keep exposing the elected officials who benefit from dark money and not representing the people! Thanks AOC and Moulton!

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