House Minority Leader McCarthy Backs Texas Lawsuit To Overturn Election | Katy Tur | MSNBC

House Minority Leader McCarthy Backs Texas Lawsuit To Overturn Election | Katy Tur | MSNBC 1


    1. @Nakul Ponnanna Completely illogical premise. The right wing bubble media is chomping at the bit to make one of the affidavit folk a martyr to keep that cash grievance train running.

    2. @Phil Gregoire not to think for yourself???? As you dutifully spew the absurd Foxbartian Maxoan verities. Hahahaha.

    3. @William H Music 2020 Trump and you mother came at the same exact time!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    1. Exactly, since 2016 theae Dems have cried and rioted because they lost…the best is Eric Swalwell accusing Trump with collusion but he was the one sleeping with a chinese spy…just crazy, Dems!

    2. @William H Music 2020 Sorry son, time to change you diapers and what did I tell you about annoying grown ups, back to your basement, naughty boy!

    3. so much for Biden’s agenda of cooperation and bipartisanship….How about a little reality instead?—–Win those Georgia seats and then steamroll these coward retrumplicans into oblivion for the next eight years, out-voting, impeaching, investigating, and prosecuting all of them…starting with Trump

  1. Republicans are no longer a party within a democracy. They want an autocracy which could not be any more un-American.

    1. The members of the Trump cult that I know would not intentionally vote for a Dictatorship. Many don’t realize what they are doing. They are truly ignorant. Most can’t even explain the terms they try to use to demean liberals. I live in a state where the people voted for a senator that thinks the 3 branches of our government are the House, The Senate, and the Executive Branch. He believes his father fought in WWII against the socialists. Again these people are truly ignorant. They couldn’t tell you the difference between a fascist and a socialist. They have no clue what an autocracy is any more than they understand what an oligarchy or oligarch is. Many times they are as illiterate as Trump or more so.

    2. @Bill Barr Oh wait, you’re spouting the tired old ‘baby killing Dems’ crap. Wow. Do you have ANY braincells left in your pathetic cult addled head, sad specimen?

    3. @Free SpeechDid the democrats “rig” all the courts too? Was America a communist country for 8 years under Obama or did I miss something?

    1. The Russians must have hacked all their emails along with Hilarys and given the dirty details to Trump to use against them.

    2. so much for Biden’s agenda of cooperation and bipartisanship….How about a little reality instead?—–Win those Georgia seats and then steamroll these coward retrumplicans into oblivion for the next eight years, out-voting, impeaching, investigating, and prosecuting all of them…starting with Trump

    3. @Sean Concannon exactly! And more… Plus, once they accepted Russian money to betray our country, the hooks were in!

    1. Funny how the worst thing that can happen to them is losing their jobs. If this were a third world country, america would’ve sanctioned those politicians already.
      But, as always, it’s, “do as I say, not as I do.”

    2. It will be interesting to see if the Rule of Law still has value. Because according to Section 3 of the 14th Amendment these AGs and GOPs have just disqualified themselves from their elected positions. Those who seek to attack American democracy can not serve in office and Congress can not overturn that! These traitors are out!

  2. They have violated their oath to protect the constitution. Traitors. Republicans are marching toward the end of their party.

    1. @Cornelius Gal 😂😂😂 sure thing little guy. Right after I ruffle the hair on your cute little head 😂😂😂😂

    2. @Igor Y My family, my friends and I are proud to be patriotic Americans who support Donald Trump, our best President ever, who has done more for the American people than any other President. Please help us in our fight for TRUTH and JUSTICE by giving as much as you can to the Trump Fund. Thank you.

    1. @DAVID our country was built on the forefathers writing the constitution. It is the code and creed true patriots live by. Maybe your heart is in the right place, but your mind was manipulated. It can happen to the best person in the wrong place and time. Come back to your roots of true American. No true American would ever put political party affiliation above love of God and country. Be strengthened in God and Love. Love is the mightiest power on the planet. God gave you a choice: love or hate. Peace or fear. Its your choice now what you truly want. Fighting against your fellow American is completely unpatriotic

    1. @youtube watcher Lol @ moral compass. Yeah. Nah. I’m pretty sure those who support lesser instead of harsher sentences on pe@dophelia are the complete opposite of moral.
      If human.
      Anyways, maybe your senile bast@rd-elect and his supporters should crawl back into their rat-holes and let those who still have moral compasses clean up all the messes that your Democrat mayors and governors have made out of the cities for this entire year.

    2. @A.D. R.M. And I am certain that those who push an authoritarian agenda and for political reasons endanger fellow Americans with reckless behavior that they multiply by proclaiming it as justified are at best amoral and in practical reality sociopaths. That alternate epistemology y’all have built is not sustainable. May God have mercy on your souls. History will not be so generous.

    3. @youtube watcher Oh, so the preferred epistemology is the one that wasted millions of American tax dollars on an investigation about baseless accusations of Russian Interference? Lol. Ok. Gotcha.Yeah. You geniuses will totally achieve more with your stage-one Alzheimer’s patient in office.

    1. @B Conscious that’s not how democracy works. Democracy isn’t stuffing the courts with people that you feel owe you for having their job give you an election you lost by more that 7 million votes. That’s unAmerican, unpatriotic and unconstitutional! Don’t be a pinko commie turncoat…

    2. @K Surf and you tried to rig this one too but America said NO! No is No! Stop pushing yourselves on the rest of us with your BIG GOVERNMENT and its OVERREACH! You’re not conservatives, you’re cult members! Repubs and Dems stand united against you fascist turncoats.

    3. @Igor Y I think the best idea for you is not to encourage civil war, because what you just said is very strange and dangerous

    1. @DAVID You said “… I work with constitutional lawyers…”. Is that “constitutional lawyers and landscaping” or are you the janitor at some law firm? Have you started deleting your posts yet?

    2. Any bets on how long it will take the WH Fonzie to con…c…co…s…s…d….ee..d….

    1. @Free Speech like i said you must have dementia YOU FOOL BIDEN WILL BE YOUR PRESIDENT TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Voters need to remind Republicans that they can also make their lives “very, very difficult”. Let’s start in Georgia…

    1. @Rob Stone “We will not bend. We will not break. We will never back down. We will NEVER, Ever surrender!” – Donald Trump (12-5-20)

    2. @colin yandon but where is there a place for a “we” then? The trick, and education is key for this, is being able to be an “us” or a “them” but also see a “we” as well. The Venn Diagram of politics…

    3. @Education is key funny handle as you don’t seem to understand the corruption of Trump and that the Republicans figured out 20 years ago that the population votes for democrats so they have suppressed that voted by having 1 voting g location in counties with large populations with minority voters, purged voter registrations, gerimandered districts to control outcomes and more. Even Trump has stated that if they did not cheat no Republican would win an election. Not sure where and what information you seem to believe makes your education key, but believe you need to be more inclusive of text books on civics, the history of our democracy and listen to all people of all colors before you think that the election was rigged. If anyone rigged the election it was Trump, Dejoy and the corrupt Republican politicians like McCarthy. Fortunately it was the people who came out in numbers never seen before, and Trump is a LOSER and the Republicans in Congress are the SUCKERS who should actually lose there seats as they swore to uphold the constitution ON A BIBLE. Shame on you!

    1. @Larry Meyers That’s scam alert was not from the mighty liberals. It’s from “Republicans for the rule of Law”. Do you have Vision Insurance coverage?

    2. @Larry Meyers Your account is from November 2019. So what are you? A kiddo #NEWBIE? Or cheap russian troll #PUTINPUSSY. Let’s hear your excuse.

    1. Typical low life liberal nazi democrat ccp troll. America has been the greatest country in the history of the world, adn you little traitorous femboys are destroying it from within. Just wait some time down the road and remember this day when you were told you won’t win. There’s too many American Patriots left that love this country and the freedom it offers to all nations. Your traitorous acts will haunt your lives for the rest of your time. It’s no wonder the suicide rate among cowardly low life liberal nazi democrats is so high, I can understand how it would prey on your mind and slowly destroy you as you’ve tried to do to this nation.

    2. @Larry Meyers greatest in what covid deaths? the spread? greatest in what exactly? the usa is not the greatest in education, the usa is not greatest in mental health, the usa IS first in mass shootings, the usa is not first in happiness overall. it’s got it’s problems, maybe own up to them?

    3. @J Typical low life liberal nazi democrat response. What bottom rung country are you from? You certainly don’t keep up with what’s going on in the world. How would you know about the education in any country, you don’t sound like you made it past the 6th grade. Just ramblings from a jealous little femboy from someplace you’re too ashamed to mention. Are you hiding out with Beijing Biden in his basement? You sound like it.

    1. Need I remind you that the House gained seats, the senate could go Republican, and 70+ million voted for Trump?
      The republicon party is alive and well.

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