1. Oh boy, good luck to your guys in the UK, it’s going to be interesting. I hope it’s all very uneventful.

    1. Benjamin m
      You could have left anytime.
      You didn’t, for the reasons I stated.
      Just get over it.

    2. What youre saying is hypothetical & as its happens I was going to vote leave as Im not a fan of the EU but I wouldnt trust the Torys as far as I could see them

    3. Brexit SLOWED the third world invasion of the NATIVE…NATIVE english peoples. THis is why it was done. PERIOD

    1. If they try to deny the commons and the result of a referendum and election then they will lose all public support and may just be abolished

    2. @Zyu u The house of Lords has more power than parliament, 100% of the people in Britain could vote for something, then 100% of parliament could back it but if the house of Lords says no, then it’s a no.

    3. ​@Ian Credible Really? I thought they were just decorations for the Royal, sitting in honorary positions.

    4. @Zyu u Unfortunately not, they are unelected but all our elected officials descisions has to get approval from the House of Lords before they are passed. The vast majority of people do not want there to be a house of Lords but there is no way to get rid of them officially because how can you get rid of people who create the laws? They will never approve a law to get themselves kicked out of their lucrative position’s… Some don’t even attend and get paid eye watering sums of money.

    1. @elijah mikle The House generally flips in off-election years. What is more remarkable is that Democrats lost people to the Senate in the same year.


  2. The left losing on every front. πŸ˜‚ So funny seeing how I have heard my whole life how a person on the right will never get elected again. I just credit that opinion with the usual projection that the left tends to do.

    1. Trumpy I bet you cant tell the philosophical difference between the left and right…..you think it’s Obama, Hillary versus trump

    2. @ Satyam –
      LOL – the odd one out there is Modi. Others are all atheists, he’s a religious fundamentalist moron.

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