1. All these multi-millionaires who got their wealth after getting in office.
    Lets investigate them.

    1. No, how old are you? Focus. One thing at a time. Right now this video is very specifically about, and only about, Donald Jemimah Trump. The other matters will be handled but right now we’re on Trump.

    2. @RM M Agreed. Hopefully full, thorough Investigations. Ones that uncover much irrefutable evidence and leads to his Conviction.
      He and his enablers, law breakers. It Has to happen

  2. DOJ dragging feet on purpose. Biden did not choose well. This AG will insure the insurrection succeeds.

    1. @USA 2020 Those six different languages hasn’t paid for a cup of coffee! What a waste. Who is she talking to the animals? She had a chance to prove her worth and right now it’s 2 cents, tomorrow she will be worth 1.

  3. Who didn’t know he was doing this? Most Americans have a brain. No one will ever make him pay.

  4. You know what I cant understand? Here is a guy who has spent his entire life conning people in one way or another…lawsuit after lawsuit and he is a total joke in real business circles yet all the people think that somehow when he got ahold of the most power you can bestow upon someone in this country that he magically turned into an honest forthright person..look..a zebra cant change its stripes and if you predicate your life around lying to people to take advantage of them for your own gain then I have a hard time believing that giving you power makes you into a more honest person..I mean how far does this man have to go to prove to people who he really is? He is grifting his own supporters for crying out loud..just basic common sense would tell you to stay away from snakes..right?

    1. @Bernadette Smith I think it’s because we are governed by a Republic, and the Republic of The USA does what it wants to do, including attacking citizens of the USA.

    2. You are so right…what freaks me out and literally keeps me up at night is how Hitler did the same to the people. And those hideous fools at the Insurrection wearing shirts saying: “6MINE” which means 6 Million Jews (killed in Holocaust) Is Not Enough. How disgusting is that? And to have these hideous examples of humans, the Republican House members who just keep this up and speak as though we don’t have eyes of our own…and what really sickens me is that they all have their followers who continue to send them money…but me thinks it won’t last much longer. I hope they all get thrown out, or voted out

    3. The cult loves Trump and his sycophants precisely because they are liars. They know it and they like it.

    4. I can never figure out why he kept telling the Scorpion and the snake stories in his speeches he kept talking about you knew I was a scorpion all along or however that story goes I guess he was just talkin about himself

  5. “I’ll take care of it. My supporters are so easy to fool.”
    See comments and dislikes. He was right.

    1. …he’s a deplorable con artist, mob untouchable and yes right, will do no jail time! Saddened 🥴

    2. Exactly. It won’t happen. US presidents don’t get charged for their war crimes and murders whilst in office, why start now?

  6. They need to get on it and weed out those co-conspirators in Congress. Drag them into the light, present the evidence and file the lawsuits for high treason and or treason whatever is applicable to the crimes and the individuals.

  7. We ALL heard the Georgia call and nothing was done about it. Something needs to be done and trump needs to be held accountable.

    1. It won’t happen. US presidents don’t get charged for their war crimes and murders whilst in office, why start now?

    2. Held accountable for what? President Trump didn’t do anything illegal. He simply asked for a little favor. Now the Dems and Fake News are making a mountain out of a mole hill. This is a nothing burger. Nothing to see here folks.

  8. GOP said he could be impeached after he was out of the office Impeach him again and remove his pension and Secret Service protection and Pardons, if there would have been an honest Senate in the last government he would have been kicked out

  9. I can only hope that the emails will expose enough corruption to nail every crooked act and perpetrator!!!!

  10. Drumpf commits crimes in plain sight, and then they say, we have to look for more evidence…

  11. It shows the American people that the president of the United States was willing to throw away our votes, it plainly tells us our votes didn’t matter if we were not voting for him.

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