House Passes Biden's $1.9 Trillion Relief Package | MSNBC 1

House Passes Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Relief Package | MSNBC


The House passed President Biden's $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package. The sixth round of stimulus includes $1,400 direct payments, increased unemployment benefits, increased assistance for small businesses and billions of dollars in vaccine distribution.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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House Passes Biden's $1.9 Trillion Relief Package | MSNBC


    1. @Bat Boy And the Senate will fight back and forth like toddlers to try and prevent it. They need to be reminded, we aren’t millionaires, and can’t wait a year for they’re b/s to end.

    2. @Patty Smet That’s why as an American you should be standing up for your rights & say enough is enough! We shouldnt have to give away everything America has accomplished just so we can get the crums of our pie!!! We need to stand up & say NO, the people will NOT stand for a bill that doesn’t not put the hard hit Americans 1st!!!! Any unrelated add-one will be protested & expected to be rejected! Especially if the democrats want to walk the walk of their talk! Nancy says it’s about the American people then PROVE IT!!! Her underground subway can wait til after the people have been caught up!!!!

  1. If the constituents of the Republicans that voted no on this stimulus don’t want or need the help, they should tear their checks up!

    1. your household debt just went up 15,000 if you even own a house.. you just funded the pelosi tunnel and the chuck schumer bridge only 9% goes to you if you even know anything about economics i highly doubt it….. you got super ripped off. maybe you should read a book on economics sometimes

    2. @Ro King What does that have to do with Republicans refusing a handout? Which was the point I’ve been trying to make.

    3. Every registered Republican should not get a check, so as to stay aligned with those idiots they send to Washington to represent them. Trumps tax breaks added 3 trillion to the debt it wasn’t free for all you so called, self proclaimed economist.

    4. COVID is CCP’s BioWeapon, search risk-life-flee-china virologist’s twitter @DrLiMengYAN1 and her gene evidence reports, find a Gene guy you TRUST(not the famous ones on TV) to verify her reports, she has waken the right(she had to talk with the right 1st since the right was in power), help her waken the left!!

      PS:why CCP didn’t allow wuhan people go anywhere in china, but allowed them to go overseas?

    1. Really? So you agree with Pelosi once again holding up stimulus, trying to get her pork and harming American citizens in the process.

    2. @Ronald Davis Didn’t it go to the Senate. Didn’t all but one gop rep say no..
      Your right on the PORK, it’s our fault for not voting for reps of “WE THE PEOPLE”

    3. @Move on Over Imagine if President Biden or Democratic did ask for more. The Republicans already voted against the 1.9 trillion. The Republicans already think the American people don’t need anymore stimulus checks. Republicans feel like they are enabling the American people if they gave us money

    1. you think the pres has the power to pass this bill? why didnt it get passed 6 months ago? stop getting all your info from social media.

  2. not one republican voted for the people, that says something about them and their followers, if this was or the rich, they all would of voted yes

    1. By rich people, do you mean libturds like Mark Suckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Mike Bloomberg…? Bloomberg and Besos are two of the richest men on the planet but wouldn’t call them republicans You have been brainwashed

    2. You mean they didn’t vote for the people of other countries. You realize only like 600 billion is going to the citizens of the United States?

    3. @X2 GI NO, because Texans are badass & are capable & in charge of their own life’s! They have one of the biggest economies in the world!!! So don’t you worry your pretty head about us, just worry about yourselves & your failing democratic states!!!

    4. @andrea Perry Are you kidding me, there are so many here & now things that would have a huge beneficial impact for the general public other than the crap they have proposed!!!

  3. Proud Canadian here!In Canada we got 2k to help the people that lost their jobs.We never had to wait. The United States has become a joke around the world .

    1. So how much you paying for a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk? Go ahead and lie because I have a receipt from recent friends trip to Canada. Canada consumer goods are skyrocketing

    2. Hey, at least we had two failed impeachment proceedings based on fabricated documents because libturds needed to have a public tantrum, we got that.

    3. @Imani Monique agree, even if you give 2k to every single americans you wouldn’t even need three quarter trillion. 300mx2k=600 billion

    1. @Ronald Davis then you should have no problem getting paid 7.25 per hour. If you make a lot more start giving it back until you get to 7.25. Your argument doesn’t hold water, when there are CEO’s of pharmaceutical companies making 125 million a year. 15 dollars is not even enough to feed your family, pay rent, and pay essential bills and you’re worried about the economy?

    2. @Kathleen Koval Sorry but telling them no to only giving the people 9% of the bills money is trying to get the people help!

    3. @Big Mike Also I would mind getting paid 7 whatever starting out! As your experience grows so should your wage! By jacking up the federal minimum wage you will sending the cost of living in areas soaring!!!! Where I’m from we have so of the lowest cost of living & it would devastate my area!!! That wage increase would just go to the landlords, irs ,& other monopoly company buddies of the Dems!

  4. Let’s Swap out those Two Demercarte in our next election. They not on board with the rest of the Democrat team.

    1. I understand how you feel, but we don’t want to end up like the republican drones who can’t think for themselves and can only vote as Hitler tells them to.

    2. Yes, because a truly liberal Democrat will win West Virginia. Did you not learn any lessons from 2016? When you get into narrow purity tests and only vote for the perfectly ideological candidate progress loses.
      Do not let ideological perfection be the enemy progress.

    1. You obviously don’t know economics very well. Making 15 a minimum wage means a dollar cheeburger becomes a 5 dollar burger. It’s called inflation. You can’t just raise a wage like that. Because everyone else raises their rates to make up for that 15 dollars.

    2. @Matthew Sigurdson in other words, you would rather give the middle finger to working class americans instead of helping them and making their lives better. You know, one the reason why trump lost is because Trump and other republicans do absolutely NOTHING to help working class americans

    3. @The Flame Fist God Please read material on the subject!!! It is well known that raising it hurts minorities & the lower income populations!!!! Also think about it every area has a different cost of living so to force $15 an hour would make the areas with a low cost of living shoot threw the roof!!!!! What good does it do really when you’ll have to give all your employees a pay increase to keep them at their experience pay scale, if anything it cancels right back out before long!

  5. It’s time to start looking for a whole new batch of senators to replace the democrats in name only and fake patriot republicans. If you know people that value truth and integrity over money/power/materialism and aesthetics then please advice them to run for office. Quality leadership starts with US!

    1. Fact is rep accepted approved and rewarded bad behavior the last four years .every dirty corrupt thing they did they reported in the media the dems were guilty of .most people have sense enuf to know the difference. Best example is the race with loeffler in georgia opponents are true opposites .after hearing those two and you still vote rep you got to have some serious issues with yourself if your rational

  6. Next election you two Democrats, we will vote you out of the house of representatives and Senator joe Manchin we are going to vote you out on the next election. Justice matters.

    1. It won’t die in the Senate Republicans can’t block it! The only way it does is if Dems include the 15 dollar min wage increase. In the event that were to be included, Manchin and Sinema won’t support it, so Dems to get rid of them!
      At least the Repubs always stand together for the most part, Dems always have a decent

    1. most of the money is going else where and not to the people who truly needs it. its just the democrats wish list. give money to other things than the American people.

    2. People don’t have problems they have financial literacy problems ,
      Financial education will make you a fortune and give you the freedom to pursuit whatever life you want, its better to use the stimulus wisely by investing in stocks or buy company shares. remember what you do now has a ripple effect on the rest of your life.

    3. @Samantha John I find myself in a similar situation but I really don’t know but have you worked with a mentor and what’s the experience like ?

    4. @Mike Well ”Freda Lynn Johnson”’ is the coach I’m quite familiar with, To connect with her you have to delve into the web and connect with her on her webpage.

  7. Republican voters were like “BIDEN SAID HE WAS GONNA DO THIS ON DAY ONE” and “WhErE iS mY reLieF?” and now they are complaining about it. These people are the biggest morons

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