1. @Nyaneko LOL, you people will literally fall for anything… Look into that story a little tell me what you find. Some silly ticktok clown posting stuff on social media in the wake of Roe v. Wade trying to stir up controversy and you take it as fact? SMH. So small.

    2. @T BBruh it’s literally in Walgreens policy. There’s already been a couple who have been denied access to contraception.
      I take it TB stands for Tiny Brain?

    3. @Nyaneko That is not what their policy says, get out of here with that fake news crap. It has to do with not forcing individual employees to fill prescriptions they don’t morally agree with. Guess what, all pharmacists have that right for any prescription. To act like that is company policy is totally disingenuous.

    4. @T B so did you miss the part where three states are already looking to ban iuds a contraceptive Idaho Louisiana and Missouri with Missouri having to remove an iud ban from their abortion trigger ban to get it passed

    1. Hello. how are you doing today it’s so nice to meet you on here okay, so where are you originally from??

  1. As a conservative i don’t understand why people would be opposed to contraceptions. There’s nothing wrong with stopping a pregnancy before it ever happens.

    1. @Marc G
      So your sentences that read “No one has the right to take another’s life. Period.” are in fact, not at all what you believe. You need to be more clear in what you write.

      Even before Roe was overturned, only 7 states allowed abortions after a certain point in the gestation and almost all states used the viability point as the cutoff, except when the mother’s life was threatened. So you were basically arguing about something that was occurring in very few states and which the vast majority of Americans already agree with. Coupled with the “No one” statement from the previous paragraph, you came off as extremely anti-abortion, when in reality you aren’t that at all. Maybe try writing against the overturning of Roe instead and it would be clearer what you really mean.

    1. @Digby Smollett It is. The bill states that people should be allowed to have access to contraceptives and 195 republicans voted saying contraceptives should be illegal.

    2. @hihm If its a one sentence bill that just states the codifying of access to contraceptives and then lists the contraceptive devices in question and leaves out abortion, then voting against it is idiotic of them, however I VERY much doubt that is all the bill is as bills are never something simple that directly addresses whatever its named after.

    1. @Free Facts well you people have had your entire life to become educated and you pissed that away. So when you make comments like that then you should expect backlash kid.

    2. @JD speaking first hand as an adoptee. My parents had zero reasons to adopt a child. My adoptive mother only wanted someone to dress up. They divorced a 4 yrs later. I suffered a lot of neglect from my adoptive father. So much I put my hands threw a glass window in anger of being repeatedly stood up. When he remarried. My stepmother told me to my face. Her kids will always come first. I never got close to my father. I suffered more mental & physical abuse from my adoption mother. I grew up with my mothers biological son calling me racial slurs on the daily. That same brother brought his friend over to abuse me when I was 5. I held that secret in for yrs. I was called a liar by my family & church. When I reported physical abuse from my step-father. He was a deacon. He finally fessed up & I was finally believed. The cops weren’t called & my mom stayed married to him. I was told I wouldn’t be left alone with him anymore. What kind of mother/monster says that? She eventually divorced him, then married another man. He was actually the only person who truly cared about me. He passed away 13yrs later. He was my daughters only active grandfather. My mother’s abuse continued into my adult yrs. She purposely left my daughter’s & mine name off my stepdad’s relatives section of his funeral card. It hurt me that my name wasn’t on it, bit I was furious my daughters name was missing too. Her statement to me was you’re not blood related so you don’t belong. I finally had enough of her belittling me. I purged my secret regarding my brother. Of course I was called a liar. In return my mother side of the family cut all ties with me, & even my daughter. I have spoken to them since 2012. It’s actually been a relief from those toxic people. My adoptive father has since remarried again. He maybe texts me on my birthday & Christmas. He’s a stranger to me tho. His sister & her family include my daughter & me. I grew up knowing I wasn’t wanted. I remember crying about it when I was 9. I tell this story because none of these Pro-Lifers consider the after events. They weren’t around to help me then or now. I’m not the exception. There are many stories similar to mine. My biological mother should’ve never had me. All my childhood trauma has affected my adult relationships. I have huge trust issues so I never let anyone to close. I have PTSD. While the new abortion laws may save some. You have to ask what quality of life will these unwanted children have? I grew up wishing I was never born. I believe in reincarnation. Had my biological mother aborted me. My soul/ life could’ve gone to a loving supportive family.

    3. @OneCueT – Kristi that was a life full of terrible experiences, I’m truly sorry! I guess I wasn’t explicit enough with my words. I don’t believe abortion should be considered birth control. The decision to abort a fetus should be left up to the mother and her doctor, but it shouldn’t be used arbitrarily as birth control. Their are reasons that justify abortion, but very few in the third trimester.

  2. Yo, no one cares about contraception…and how many other things in this bill have nothing to do with birth control? Ya’ll a bunch of fools for clapping for this.

  3. Holy crap this reminds me so much of tuesdays in the fall of ‘93. Timely acupuncture, purple fog, and spruce trees. Thanks!

  4. No , you shouldn’t be talking about abortion or healthcare, that is outside the Union government’s Few and Defined Powers. Stick to Foreign Matters and the States and their People will worry about everything else.

  5. If you girls would keep your legs closed and give yourself some self respect you wouldn’t have to be having this conversation

  6. To all the people complaining about their failure on everything else, it’s because of the far right supreme court that we are even having these discussions to begin with. Your team brought this upon us all, now it’s time you own up to it.

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