House Passes Resolution Condemning President Donald Trump’s Racist Remarks | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Thank you Rachel for reminding the country of America’s history of hope and inclusiveness for abused peoples coming from severe trauma in their country of origin.

    1. Democrats have no Shame, they will Pander to Minorities even if it means Scraping the very Bottom of the Barrel of integrity!

    2. @Tazinova
      Yes, that’s true, of course.
      I could have used the word, “stupidity,” but I think I made my point.
      See you at the polls!

    3. @jerry flounders Keep that proto fascist bullcrap to yourself, your cabal possesses zero integrity.

  2. Donald did not bring White Nationalism to the GOP, it was already there. In 2012 when running for reelection Republican congressman (who is still in office) Mark Meadows told a crowd of his supporters that *”2012 is the time we are going to send Mr. Obama home to Kenya or wherever it is.”*

    1. Trump may not have brought bigotry and hatred to the GOP.
      Instead, he brought it straight to the White House!

    2. Unicorn On The Cob : Trump used DIVISION to get power. Trump NEEDS DIVISION to keep power. America’s wounds from the Civil War, from the segregation that remained, from the Race Riots of the 60’s and 70’s, have NEVER HEALED. Trump pours salt into the wounds, because it gives him POWER. A, “United States,” of America would be one in which Trump did not exist. Grasp this nettle! It is the ONLY FACT worth knowing about Trump. ALL else springs from that well of hate and DIVISION. DIVISION is his KEY

  3. First step, dont let all those braying goats bury the TRUTH.
    Our children deserve a terror free holiday season regardless of color or creed
    get Homan and that flying monkey Steve Miller and the straw (wo)man CON way
    and Foxy ol Murdoch and SIN CLEARs
    and send em from whence they came.

    Its exhausting, all this debauced crown gnostic filth.
    hands off the kittens, dogs
    Sooner or later, Pussygrabbers get the claws.

    Ladies, ROAR.

    1. @DAYBROK3 You are just another Trump supporting bigot. Unless you are of Native American Indian ancestry, You all come from come from immigrants. And you are such typical bigots, “I got mine, F**k you”

  4. dam, they even quote famous presidents in that bill. good job. remind the so called “patriots” what created this country. They don’t fkn read anything about their history but they call themselves patriots.

  5. Excellent, but I wish Americans would stop claiming that the US is uniquely a nation of immigrants. Ever heard of Australia, New Zealand or Canada?

    1. Everyone knows Australia is a myth that parents tell their children.

      “Bad children will be sent to the land of spiders, to spend the rest of their short lives running from the drop bears.”

    2. Charles Scerri And all of them are watching how this plays out. Make America and the World Great Again. lMPEACH Trump!

  6. What a lurid antithetical revenge ploy by the Party of Law to break said law and turn politics into tribalism. The GOP is officially DE-evolving.

  7. Out the pictures and names of the 187 Republicans cowards who voted against condemning Trump’s racists comments! As Senator Biden pointed out, what message are children receiving when they see comments like this coming from their President.

  8. Trump, Pence and their entire criminal administration are there to destroy our government. They want to burn the constitution so they can rewrite it giving priviledges to white christian extremists. Why do you think the Mercers paid Bannon and Conway to help Trump get and stay in power? They want people to believe the constitution is no longer working.

    1. @ubon11 You should wear a helmet when you play football. Those brain injuries are starting to accumulate.

  9. Is the Criminally_Insane_Moronic_Child_Raping_Traitor_In_Chief still running after his daughter when he’s done tweeting…

  10. You can be a racist loyal to Donald Trump, or you can be a decent human being. You can’t be both.

    1. @Eyes Open Who are you his fixer? This is a court of public opinion. Evidently, a lot more people agree with me, while a few of you wanna argue a paper thin point of ” listen to what he said.” Well that doesn’t matter cause we have compiled pages of his racist tantrums and have seen him go after athletes, women, lgbt community and minorities. What does he say about the white supremacists in Charlottesville? ” There are some nice people there too.” So keep on touting your Trumpian horn and stop saying that we don’t love our country and telling people to leave when you run out of things to say to defend your idol Donald Trump

    2. Gata Iamanu
      If you don’t like this country then you can leave. Welcome to America, home of brave land of the free. If you can’t handle it, pack your bags. Racism is fake news. Wake up

    3. Gata Iamanu
      Trust me, you aren’t the majority. Productive, responsible, patriotic Americans see right through this propaganda and spin. 100+ million strong 💪🏻 no matter what bubble you subscribe to that tries to convince you otherwise. Step outside and see for yourself in the real world. Those still stuck in TDS world at this point must love to be wrong, what’s it been 3 years now of unabated failings and falsehoods. Deranged Losers

    1. @Dave Schultz the only losers at this most embarrassing president is the american taxpayers when we are paying for his golf trips, his family taking vacations on our dime and all the rich friends get richer and trump starts a race war to distract us from all his crimes, rapes,

    1. @Dave Schultz No, that is entirely wrong , If you don’t like America the way it is, then you need to work by legals methods to change it. You don’t go rouge.

    2. @CynAnne1 Correction: That’s *Sweet Daddy Vladdy* 😘
      🇺🇸 🤦🏽‍♂️

    3. @CynAnne1 Good point.🧐
      Republicans… GOP 🐘💩
      THEY are ALL on the payroll
      of Sweet Daddy Vladdy. 😍
      *Essentially The Republican Party & The NRA* got Bank Rolled by *Russia*. All of the Top Brass officials went to Russia with Congressional *Republican* members who were all lead around by the young Russian –Agent– woman that is currently in an American jail cell for espionage based on a Guilty Plea that she admitted to on US🇺🇸 soil after she was caught in the act of spying & reporting to The Kremlin. 😲😕🤯
      Photos of the Russian trip with all of the NRA + GOP officials can be easily found in Google images. 🤫
      It’s ALL –F*cked– CRAZY! 😕😵
      #MariaButinaNRA 🤦🏽‍♂️

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