1. Nobody wants to breathe in Republicans’ saliva droplets, it may contain enough Trump-Aid residue to render a person senseless for a few minutes.

  2. I live in New York City and I said it from the beginning of the first shut-downs: “Long after the covid-19 pandemic has been managed, we’ll remember how people behaved, during it.”

    1. @muuuuuud G.O. P. leaders in politics and media have ALL gotten their vaccinations. They just can’t tell the masses that “now” it’s ok to get the vaccine,.. and they don’t mind if that comes with a body count.

    2. @Helux Helux I agree, even since the Sandy hook massacre, its been a long moral desiccation of the GOP that culminated on an attack on the Capital last January. The trump party must be stopped at all costs. I’m really in favor of the GOP splitting up so people can vote for a center right party with morals and spoil the chances of the GOP under trump to be reelected.

    3. @clayton bartels
      I don’t doubt that…
      it’ll be protecting ones life, from dangerous ppl like you…

  3. McCarthy as his name suggests has mastered the art of McCarthyism to a new level. He’s combined McCarthyism with trumpism making him the biggest fool in America!

  4. I’m a mechanic. There’s some math and science involved in being a mechanic. I work with some of these anti-vax guys. You don’t want them working on your stuff. They just guess.

    1. @Boss Hog special kind of stupidity in that statement. Ps why go through the trouble of inserting a tech we don’t have with no way to power it when you willingly carry a device in your pocket with which you post your thoughts,fears, finances, and exact gps position.

    2. @Boss Hog
      Stick a magnet up your nose and catch all those little demons of stupidity that are attacking your brain.😏

  5. People don’t seem to remember that we were getting measles outbreaks because parents didn’t think their kids needed them anymore.
    I always keep in mind my friend’s child who can’t get vaccinated because of health issues and relies on others to be vaccinated and not expose her to diseases that could do her serious harm. Have some empathy, see past the end of your own nose.

    1. It is the opinion of many that those are false equivalence, since those vaccines were developed over time and met all the Government/FDA approvals unlike what we are witnessing today. In fact, the FDA has posted disclaimers all over the testing and inoculation materials. Quote-“This vaccine is UNAPPROVED by the FDA, and MAY BE EFFECTIVE in treating Covid-19” To allot of people there’s a big different in the approval process between the Measles, Mumps; Polio vaccines of the 1950’s and 60’s and Covid which was released under the EUA- or Emergency Use Authorization

    2. @Joyce Woodruff The medical profession quickly learn which blood was tainted with HIV, throughout history every new recovery posed a risk, but does the benefits outweigh the risks, polio vaccinations certainly did.

    3. @Joyce Woodruff The vaccine has only been in use for 4 months, wait until 6 months from now and then judge.

  6. The Orange One has been vaccinated since January. He’s dumb, but not that dumb. He quietly got vaccinated together with his mail-in bride.

    1. @Ray Bin still is a billionaire. Want me to post proof? I can. You won’t read it or admit it though

    2. @Steven Mccullough the chubby one trying to insult a billionaire buy calling him orange. Lol. You have a negative net worth 🤣

    3. @Danger Close Sure I’ll read it – matter of fact gonna research again on internet for Trump’s net worth.

    4. @Danger Close
      Forbes estimates his net worth ~ $2.3 – 2.4 billion. (Down from $3.5 billion in 2018).

  7. Republicans: Don’t politicize the pandemic
    Also Republicans: *continues to politicize the pandemic*

  8. McCarthy is proposing permanently removing JAN 6 from the calendar, that way it can’t be revisited

    1. @Loner Stoner He is so stupid I really do not know how he finds his way to the right chamber!

    1. McCarthy and the others actually climb into bed with Trump on a nightly basis, this is why they go out of their way to protect Trump, if not they know they will be in the doghouse.

    2. Cheer up! Soon everyone will have to be prepared to exhibit proof of the required but plug.

    3. Trump has McCarthy’s balls in his hands and rolling them around like those stress balls,saying come on McCarthy lie for me.🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  9. I wonder how Michael feels now that he knows that Moscow Mitch and Kevin McCarthy and all those other Republicans were calling him the n-word behind his back

  10. Before the coronavirus there were people who refused to cover their face when they cough or sneeze. There will always be selfish, inconsiderate people in the world.

    1. Fair enough, but our elected lawmakers shouldn’t be among the rude. I think I see some orange strings on these spineless puppets.

  11. “Madam Speaker, please ask Mr. McCarthy, the congress gentleman from California, where his manhood is?” — Oh, sure. Rosario, the illegal immigrant who tends to housekeeping in Mar-a-Lago says it’s in a jar with vinegar on top of a side table. She calls it “the huevos of señor Kevin.”

  12. Joe I can remember standing in line at my grade school to get the Smallpox vaccine and never remember people yelling it’s against my personal freedom to do so! My family, community and others cared enough about my safety and other children that it was never political!! It was about health and the love of others! What has happened to these Republicans?? When did they sell their souls for a vote and power over the health and well being of their own constituents?? I just don’t get it!!

  13. I don’t have the freedom to watch a movie, dine indoors, sit at a cozy cafe, without fear, until everyone is vaccinated.

  14. “we need two Democratic party’s in reality and Republicans your not one of them” ..love that, so true

  15. I am from England ,I have been fortunate to have had both of my Jabs ,So Technically I am fully covered ,THAT DOES NOT STOP ME WEARING MY MASK WHEN OUTSIDE Due to the fact that NOT EVERYONE has BEEN inoculated AGAINST COVID 19 and until that happens I will continue to wear my mask TO PROTECT OTHERS

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