House To Vote On 'Unprecedented' Trump Second Impeachment | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

House To Vote On ‘Unprecedented’ Trump Second Impeachment | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NBC's Hallie Jackson discusses the historical context of President Trump's second impeachment. Aired on 01/13/2021.
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House To Vote On 'Unprecedented' Trump Second Impeachment | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. Lock up the MAGA cult members still inciting insurrection and spreading their QAnon and MAGA lies. As long as they remain unchecked, democracy will remain on peril.

    1. @TrTwanderer _ he’s a MAGA cult slime, which means he’s some irrelevant alpha male dudebro that probably has mommy issues

  1. Trump to Pence:
    – “Mike, I’m a bit worried about this impeachment thing.”
    – “Don’t you worry sir. We do what we both do best and it’ll be just fine!”
    – “And what is that Mike?”
    – “You bribe enough people in the senate to block the voting.”
    – “And what will you do Mike?”
    – “I’ll stand behind you sir and do nothing.”

    1. I believed mike Pence soul had already left him since the fly was laying eggs on his head. I’m sure his soul his lost in the darkness forever. When you worship Trump and have no faith, Soon his body will be magically despaired forever.

    1. Season 46 ends abruptly and then season 47 begins. It will be very much like a place we all wanted to be all along while we were used as pawns in the battle of Good & Evil, so season 47 will bore you for about ten long years, but that should give you some time to go get your degree, raise some children, start a nice life for yourself.

    1. Randy Couch And 8 million MORE real Americans voted for Biden, because Trump is the most loathed and despised “president” in history.

    2. @T. St. because anything can happen, quick update on what will happen, the Supreme Court will get into this situation sometime this month or early-mid next month, and they’ll figure out all biden did wrong, and Trump will win, period!

    1. @Wally Censorship April 9, 2020 Wall Street Journal
      The reason, say human smugglers, migrant advocates and analysts is the global health crisis that has knocked the world economy flat, led the U.S. to close its southern border to migrants and forced countries around the world—including the Central American nations many of the migrants are coming from—to close borders and implement draconian domestic curfews, making movement near impossible.

    2. @Wally Censorship
      By the way, you are okay that Trump took military money to build a wall, not Mexico? Promise made, promise kept? REALLY?
      Walls will not stop drug smugglers, PEOPLE DO! Why not fund drug treatment centers and provide mental health treatments.

    3. Justice Justice. You pansy butt liberals are too funny. But not really. 2 things, out of all the crap you pinheads spread. 1, 3 semi trucks in Detroit, loaded & sitting for 2 months. Fair & not rigged election. BS. 2, butthurt liberals want to change the cute lil raccoons name. Because it racial. I’m not playing my fiddle, while America burns. I’m getting my marshmallows ready. Bring it on, & let the cockroaches have it.

    4. @Bill Burgess There are many ways drugs smuggle into the USA- water, sea, land, and other Americans. Since your White privilege children are addicted to drugs, your blind racist attitudes have to blame someone- Mexico.
      Trump is using military budgets to pay for the wall, not Mexico. Where’s the OUTCRY?
      Use taxpayers money to build treatment centers for mental health and drugs.

    1. @Fragile Crystal Incorrect. His pardons of people associated with his own suspected criminal activity are null and void. That is not why the founders gave the president the pardoning power. It was given for the president to pardon those who are completely separate from any crimes the president may have committed.

    2. @JAMES NELSON according to most of the legal analysts that I’ve seen on msnbc the power of the president to pardon is not limited and is not open to review by any government body. It’s possible that a pardon could be viewed as a corrupt act but that would be a crime in itself and would not nullify the pardon. Just repeating what I’ve been told.

    3. @Fragile Crystal Oh but it’s not! The constitution makes no mention of correupt pardons and it has never been challenged in the courts.

  2. Poor poor baby bone Spur is crying and whining and holding his trumpy bear tight tonight.

    Lol Sad so sad love

    1. @Singkil Filipinas I totally agree. Charge anyone and everyone who has tried to overthrow the constitution.


    2. @ProshOt HERO thanks for that witty and not at all juvenile and immature remark, we’re all really impressed

    1. Followed very quickly by New York cancelling their contacts with trump’s companies and his last bank refusing to do anymore business it’s him. His golden parachute was not packed properly or else it has very large holes it.

  3. When Republican politicians think Trump has been neutralized, they will jump aboard the impeachment and conviction.

    Right now they are still afraid of Trump.

    1. Welp you’ll know the truth by about January 20th or later, the News has no choice but to tell the truth, the truth that they didn’t say is, Trump was achully the president-elect.

  4. He’s not getting due process? This is the process used in the the Constitution. He’s a repeat offender so he gets no leniency.

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