House Votes To Condemn President Trump’s Statements – The Day That Was | MSNBC


    1. Joseph Kasten If he cares about American citizens, why is he telling American citizens doing their job in government to go away?

    2. Mark Bodder When you make statements that general, someone only needs to find one Democrat that doesn’t support it to prove you wrong.

    3. @Pontus Ekholm problem is you won’t find one Democrat that won’t support it. They would be attacked just like any conservative


  2. 187 GOTP *cowards* , who *will* be *condemned* by both the civilised world *and* history alike.
    ‘Deservedly so’, we might add.
    So embarrassing for America… 😒

    1. #45, sweaty, pouty and crying… 😭
      Definitely the ‘greatest’…at *losing in court* and whining about it. 👎😂👋

    2. @CynAnne1 That’s hilarious!! Because you know, in the long run, he’s not going to lose at all. But you’re too distracted to even notice 😆

  3. In the military, officers are expected to behave like ladies and gentlemen. Conduct unbecoming is an Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) rule: “Any commissioned officer, cadet, or midshipman who is convicted of conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.”

    What must those Marines be thinking when they have to salute Trump, and stand post near him? I would say they feel disgust saluting a crass five time draft dodger.

    1. @Pontus Ekholm Speaking for myself, I’d respect anyone who refuses to fight out of principle. I would never have gone to fight in Vietnam, or Iraq or Afghanistan, because they were all imperialist wars of aggression that had absolutely nothing to do with protecting your country or values or way of life, but everything to do with making already rich greedy men even richer. To me, “patriotism” is just a package that the lies are sold in.

    2. @Mark Bodder It’s the job of elected representatives to criticise and complain, on behalf of the people they represent. If all they ever did was “praise America”, nothing would change and nothing would ever be accomplished!

      Donald Trump started his political career by criticising President Obama, and then went on to criticise everything that he thought was wrong with America. “Make America Great Again” is a declaration that there is something wrong with America. Now that Trump is president, after just three years everything is hunky-dorky? And he and his government are totally above criticism? And any criticism of them or him is an attack on America?

      This is how dictators behave. If any Democrat president acted this way, I expect you’d be the first to condemn him!

    1. @Dicky Jones You will be returned here, to live one if not all of their lives. So it is written, so let it be done.

  4. No racist bones? Obviously, because no spine, no bones.
    Except those spurry ones in the feet…

    1. @Karl Renner first off,thanks for your service to this country.second I served under and was equally critical of Obama. Did I vote for Obama no,but did that prevent me from allowing him to be my commander,no.but us trump voters are all racist.

      Yes you are correct that constitution instructions are that the government is to PROTECT your GOD GIVEN right to express yourself.

      The space you and the left are being overtly critical on trump is completely subjective rather than objectively

      The left constantly accuses whites as racist and evil.that’s a problem for democrats trying to win elections when as a whole over 55% of eligible voters are white and I will guarantee that MSN will tell you trump won again by being a white supremacist when its the rhetoric of the democrats who are calling them racist and evil to vote for it’s not hard to figure out the correlation between the two but then again many think with emotions rather than objective logic.

      We can debate on policies and their merits but subjective matters are less than objective ones

    2. @Trumprules Clintondrools Getting a college education, working an entry level job, political activism, getting elected to Congress and working to change the country are among the things that are “screwed up” with her generation? Interesting standards you have there.

    1. Trump can’t use Russian salad dressing without them condemning it. and he’s dead right if somebody doesn’t like living in America get the f*** out.

  5. Party of Lincoln? Not since 1960. Party of Reagan? No more. Party of lying Trump? YES. The GOP is a Fascist party since Fox News came into being.

    1. @nathan mckenzie Who cares? My point is that Snopes is biased. Period. No one should rely on them as they are not what they claim to be. That’s all.

  6. When is the Sargent at Arms going to handcuff Kellyanne Conway and drag her before the committee?

    1. You do understand that Parliamentary rules of conduct only apply to official functions that take place within the halls of government, right? Of course you don’t. Because you are liberals, I really don’t expect too much, but this is low-IQ even for you losers.

    2. In the REALM of HOLLYWOOD FICTION… stay tuned… the movie comes out 2032 (about the time IVANKA runs for the PRESIDENCY)…

    1. Mitch became known as “Cocaine Mitch” after drinking all that cocaine-tainted, swampy sewage water after being rejected as a ninja turtle wannabe…perhaps it’s time to “drain the swamp-y” drain. See what I did there? 😎👍😃

  7. First time in around a century. If there was a name for a white man that was as bad as the “N” word or the “C” word, that’s what the Orange Sphincter would be. Turtle McConnell too, now that I think about it. And let’s not be suckers and bite on the “socialism” distraction, which isn’t even the issue.

  8. In 2020 America will remember those who stood with a party and not the citizens of the United States!!!!!!

    1. @nofirethanks recent elections in Australia the UK France Belgium all show conservative rising. Canada and Ireland conservatives are standing up, speaking out.
      Sweden took in a lot of immigrants and it’s caused a lot of problems has it not?

    2. @nofirethanks these are all facts I have links if you ask.
      22 million illegal immigrants in America today.
      144000 illegal immigrants crossed our Southern border last month.
      We are on par to have close to two million illegals cross our Southern border this year.
      Illegal immigrants from the Congo crossed our Southern border into Texas. Republic of the Congo currently experiencing outbreak of Ebola.

    3. @nofirethanks illegal immigrants cost American taxpayers 250 billion dollars a year.
      All Democrat potential presidents want free medical to all illegal immigrants.
      We are currently 22 trillion dollars in debt

    4. @nofirethanks this isn’t about hating brown people or black people or green people. This is about the sovereignty of this country.

  9. If this was Australian prime minister he would have been fired within his first week by his own party

    1. Hello Matey! Well This isn’t Australia Were You and Your Mommy Killed The Blacks oN That Continent.!

  10. If you all want to get rid of these republicans, we need to vote them out! Mitch McTurtle is already gearing up to protect his party by placing republican judges everywhere!!! VOTE THEM OUT!!

    1. The Right will accept a Dictator Trump before allowing the Left to regain power. Remember that, because this is the path the United States is on. And it is being facilitated by powerful forces within and without the country.

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