1. If a Democrat ever wins the White House and the Republican’s hold the house, they should start drawing up impeachment articles on inauguration day
    Welcome to the days of a Partisan Impeachment

  2. Don’t listen to the useless dems anymore….I mute them…the Republicans made nasty Nancy to send it R else…

  3. What a sham ! They , Pelosi and other main actors should pay back from their personal bank accounts for the waste of the Peoples money and and additional penalty for 3yrs of neglecting their real duty to the people in their districts.

  4. Biden on tape with holding US funds. He was investigated. When and by who? Where’s the results from the investigation? There isn’t none.

  5. If Trump is removed from office, the CIVIL WAR is just beginning! I swear there will be BLOODSHED!!!🇺🇸😡💣💥🗡🛡🔫🏹

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