House Votes To Table Trump Impeachment | Hardball | MSNBC

The House voted on Wednesday to table a resolution from Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, to impeach President Donald Trump over racist comments he made about four Democratic congresswomen of color, effectively killing the measure.
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House Votes To Table Trump Impeachment | Hardball | MSNBC


  1. What does Predator Trump have to do to get in trouble molest more kids? Praise Hitler?Shoot someone on 5th ave????

    1. @Sonya Moffatt

      Exactly. Boot the socialists out, return the Democratic party back to stability and viability.

    2. @Welcome to ClownWorld everybody BUT the Rich and Rich Companies and Churches need to pay their fair share of taxes AND stop wasting so much money on wars

    1. No. They’re idiots who suffer from emotional incontinence, and nobody is listening to them anymore.

    2. @_

      Well yeah! They’re comedic fodder, grist for the laughter mill. They’re an outright dumpster fire right now.

    3. @_ popular for having mental illness, and they are kind of a joke, but more like the pathetic and sad kind.

  2. Impeachment = dollar devaluation & investors braking contracts bad times from 2 year to 3 years only.
    No impeachment = tampering with evidence cover up of the president criminal behavior & corruption.

    1. So your saying the republican party hasn’t got any talent to replace trump. What do you think will happen after his second term finishes? Stop scaremongering.

  3. What makes people’s afraid of Trump. Do they fear him that must. Do they fear what history will say about a American president who is racist, being impeach.

  4. That is Insane and he did it anyway.The Cosequences have not been Hammered enough.He gave the Conservatives the Court for decades. It would have been 5-4 liberal. When Scalia died they just would replace. You would own the Supreme the most Partisan part of our Govt.Noone else goes by Conservative – Liberal,

    1. Impeachment int the will of the American people? We told you to impeach him in 2018. That’s how you took the house

    2. J Hitchcock A lot of good it does to take the House when 137 Democrats just gave YOU the finger. 332-95, not even close……and the House is controlled by DEMs. Hmmm!

    3. @Country Before Party He also had Obama calling him unfit, he had all the media laughing at him, he had the tape released, he had every single republican telling him to drop out and YES, he still won.

  5. Pelosi is so wrong!!! Trump will never spend a day in prison for any crime, even though he is guilty of multiple crimes. Impeachment proceedings are the only way to at least bring information out before the public of his crimes, to honor the Constitution and to force the Repugnicans to stand up and sign on the dotted lines Owning their Corruption and Treason. Then let the public vote in 2020!

    1. Welcome to ClownWorld There is evidence of corruption, obstruction of justice. Fraud is something trump has had to deal with already. Close associates in jail, waiting trial or waiting sentencing….. he is going to get it eventually. I’m sure you believe that unless you live in another reality

    2. @Guy deeee luuusss iiioooonnnn aaaallllll, wait, maybe you’re posting about the dems, are you?, because Trump has spent the last 3 years under investigation by the FBI trying desperately to get dirt on him, so do you know something that they don’t?, or are you just ignorant?

    3. He’s ignorant and a lefty, so yes he’s really delusional. Waking up is going to be hard for some.

  6. Tabling Trump’s impeachment vote is a very big mistake. This racist creep dishonors the office and this country on a daily basis and must be removed post haste.

    1. In order to be racist, one must say, act, or do something racist, and must also be a racial identitarian. None of which were acted upon.

    2. Go back where you came from and fix your country, it’s far worse off then our GREAT ONE, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

  7. Members of Congress are more interested in getting re-elected than doing what’s right.

  8. If Trump was impeached now, there is no doubt that the People’s Representatives would declare Trump’s behaviour to be legal and moral. It is the end of the argument; the people have spoken and Trump has successfully redefined what the expectations of a president should be now and in the future. … It’s not always a good idea to take the fight for the sake of taking the fight.

  9. Hey house do you know if the other people earlier this year that tried to impeach trump. Are them few people still alive or did they somehow die in a freak accident?

  10. I think the main reason why most Democrats didn`t support Al Green Impeachment resolution is because it doesn´t include or mention the obstruction of justice outlined in the Mueller report..
    And he also failed to mention how Trump administration continue to neglect congressional oversight and defy legitimate subpoenas.

  11. All this foot stomping. The spoiled children of the democatic party still cant accept HRC isnt their president. Join the fun MAGA!

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