Housing affordability the top issue with GTA voters in the 2021 election | TREND LINE #shorts 1

Housing affordability the top issue with GTA voters in the 2021 election | TREND LINE #shorts

As affordability becomes a key topic during the federal election campaign for all major parties, the news that the Canadian economy contracted in the second quarter is bad for both the Liberals and the Conservatives, according to pollster Nik Nanos.

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  1. Housing and affordability in general became a bigger issue the last 6 years. Inviting tens of thousands and increasing immigration levels maybe a factor. Everyone gets dumped in the GTA.

  2. What if I told you voting for a corrupt system and masters every 4 years doesn’t make you fee!

  3. The economy contracted? How is that bad news for the conservatives? LOL. All brought on by the Liberals, but somehow these “news” stations claim it is bad for Cons.

    1. This video’s purpose is to pretend most of the public doesn’t care about their human rights, the destruction of their businesses and of the economy, ethics violations and having a punchable faced insulting drama teacher as a leader during a difficult time.

  4. Ya you guys got no hope. Nothing can change it. Try and get kicked out of office. Home owners won’t allow it and without giant property taxes you can’t pay for anything.

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