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  1. Praying for the unfortunate family 🙏 once there’s life there’s hope life is the greatest thing on earth ❤️

  2. Every time I c these things I cry knowing my parents and sister were buried at the Browns Town. Cemetery in St Ann and they were dug up by the parish councle and someone else buried at the spot and i did get the spot free they always have abackhoe there digging up the old dead and were all have headstone not only my dead but many more it is greasing

  3. Government of Jamaica and Opposition did you hear Lorenzo’s request? He is willing to pay for the land. Why can’t these people be met half way?

  4. GOD if am ever ungrateful forgive me.🙏 watching this my heart cries 😢 knowing from there’s life there’s hope makes you keep pushing for better days.


  5. This message is for Kivette Silvera….. it has been years, some 4 years that I have been burnt out n has been applying n nothing. It has been 7 years applying too for another house for someone in St. Catherine for a sick elderly man n still nothing

  6. Am really proud of you… because of your determination…you could build your home… May God see all your needs and continue to bless you richly

  7. How can there “not” be a housing crisis in Jamaica when gangsters and wicked men are burning people’s houses down and fighting over shanty shacks?

  8. These people are very humble, despite the challenges they face they are still smiling. I pray they get the help they need 🙏 .

  9. This brings tears to my eyes. Could not hold back when I remember what happened in Shooter’s Hill.

  10. Thank you Miss. Janell & TV.J for bringing these people to the light. I applaud 👏 you guys.

  11. The government needs to exterminate the criminals instead of housing and feeding them. Use the funds instead to help these humble struggling Jamaicans.

    1. With that state sanctioned mass murder that you propose, how would our biggest foreign exchange earner – tourism, fare?

  12. The Jamaican government is the worst government I’ve ever seen. Even when relatives abroad try to send a barrel for there family they tax them so much. This government dnt put anything in place for the poor and it’s just wicked how they treat the Jamaican ppl and that is why so many Jamaicans ran away or turn to illegal activities to survive.

  13. The government needs to donate the land to food for the poor for the to build houses for the poor and later the land shud be passed down to the home owner. The land dnt have to be alot just enough for a 3 bedroom house and enough so they can plant some food items to feed the family.

  14. This breaks my heart to see this elderly man has to walk like that to get into his house. This is how the Jamaican government treat its ppl

  15. NHT can do better I was working at a charitable organization and got my house through NHT I went back to them to get an additional home improvement loan and they told me that my pay could all me to get any more money from them. I migrate work on my owe and able to improvement on my house al by myself ..I keep telling myself that the system fails me.

  16. I feel it to my heart because I would love to own a home for myself but it’s not looking very promising…

    1. Don’t give up or be afraid to start one once it starts it have to finish believe me I being there done that with the help of my father god am thankful …hope u get urs soon

  17. Who knows it feels it, it’s so sad to see a man of 78 living in that type of condition let alone anyone else smh

  18. Totally agree…so much land what is so hard in divinding up the land and sell to citizens at an affordable cost…where are our leaders to hear and answer the cry of our brothers…all you hear is that the government don’t have the infrastructure to subdivide the lands…God have mercy on those leading our country…

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