Housing Development Concerns in Jamaica | Part 3 | TVJ News – Nov 24 2021

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  1. There are 4 high risers in my area. 1 completed, 1 in completion state, and 2 just getting starting. The lots are not large enough for parking above ground, so underground parking is the alternative. The loaded trucks driving through the area literally shake my house. The windows vibrate as the trucks pass by. Recently all the tiles in my dining room just started popping and they all broke up. In other rooms, the tiles are coming loose day by day. I’m upset, but whom do I complain to? These developers and their cronies look scary. A real estate agent attached a sign to my fence with not a word to the occupants. The sign has fallen out and the frame is still attached to my fence. I’m never late paying my taxes. Who protects me?

  2. I like the way they talk. I’m in strong prayer in Jesus name for all them Holy ghost filled saints in Jamaica. And Jamaica in Jesus name.

  3. What about those encroachment on the sidewalk and road ways..TEAR THEM DOWN with Heavy fines…ratio washrooms to landspace Sewage???

    1. Look at what they did to the owners of Barón Plaza. Tear down the mans Plaza and wanted him to pay and have the rubble removed over $200,000.00 and look at it now !! Its the office of the Minister of Justice. Thanks to Desmond Mckenzie. They don’t care because all of them are under the table deals.

  4. A)= The laws of Building Compliance and enforcement only applies to the middle lower income citizens of Jamaica 🇯🇲.

    B)= As we start to build, by the next morning you are confronted with Notices read “Discist” or else., on the walls of your premises.

    C)= To which you are forced to attend to Paris councils office, where you are literally tried at their leasure.

    D)= is Jamaica heading to enter the Guinness book of record .,
    As the most Political Organized Corrupt, Connist, Criminal network in the
    Caribbean ?
    25th Nov.2021 pm

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