Houston Doctor Succumbs To Covid After Months Of Saving Patients | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Houston Doctor Succumbs To Covid After Months Of Saving Patients | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1


    1. @Richard Jones

      You don’t need to punch them.

      When sane people are vaccinated theyvare the ones left to fill up the ICUs.
      Staff dying and getting overworked will lead to worse care in 6 months than now

    2. @Locked And Loaded Entertainment if you really believe that your special in the head I truly hope you get yours💩

    1. Trump is crying over that one. REPUBLICANS PLEASE STAY OUT OF America’s hospitals you deserve to stay at home or move to Moscow

    1. To get the specialized monoclonal antibody treatment that the rest of us cannot get. He’s not even a government employee. Just a dirty lawyer.

    1. Acvording to most texan troll the hospitals are empty and half of the staff wont take a vaccine.

      Can you do me a favour?
      When the texan deniers start to ask questions try to explain without condesending them.
      I encountered some of the ohian deniers onluine and they are scared s… less bc they didn’t get any imformation.
      I know it was their choice to watch FoxNews but everyone of them who search information from MSM is one less on ultra right media.

    1. @Zsuzsanna Bak Such a tragic conclusion to a generous life. Unlike the celebrities who are afforded cadillac care.

    2. And that’s the sad 😢 part, a doctor not having access to that standard of care. How could that possibly be?

  1. Shame that the treatment that pos Trump and crazy Rudy received could not be given to real heroes instead of zeros .

    1. From Australia.. but did Trump really get it…recovered rather quick and at time I thought he was after sympathy votes

    1. Great American hero… Our prayers go to his family. It is so sad that the good people die and those who are fighting wearing masks go free.

    1. Trump’s entire body will be stained with the blood of 300,000 victims……. He could care less though, all he cares about is his bruised ego…. Not one mention of Covid victims for months!

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