Houston, TX Doctor Says He Recently Has Had ‘More And More’ Covid Admissions | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Houston, TX Doctor Says He Recently Has Had ‘More And More’ Covid Admissions | Deadline | MSNBC


Dr. Joseph Varon, Chief of Critical Care Services and the Covid-19 Unit at United Memorial Medical Center who has worked 407 consecutive days since the start of the pandemic, speaks to Nicolle Wallace about the patients he is caring for now and how he has been urging them to get vaccinated.
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  1. Despite the vaccinations, my county with 14 others jumped 2 risk categories today. We are back at Extreme Risk, no more indoor dining. Had our first person in yoga class on Wed and now it’s shut again. Sick of selfish and stupid people. Thank God for doctors like this.

    1. A nurse in Ontario, Canada said this week that they are no longer the first line of defense. They are the the last. Mask up people and get the vaccine!!

    2. @Bri 033 The overall vaccine hesitancy is 43% made up of mostly Republican men. Every time I checked the news, that hesitancy has been shrinking. I am cautiously optimistic that the trend will continue.

    1. @Adam Parisi Your crazy is really showing, you might want to tuck that in; while you’re at readjust for tinfoil hat!

    2. @Theda B Gatlin the crazies are the ones who come up with conspiracy theories like systemic racism.

    3. @Adam Parisi You’ve obviously never owned a business, pal. I did over 10 years before taking a day off, so thinking this guy did 407 days straight is no stretch whatsoever. Don’t assume everyone lacks the drive and motivation that you do.

    4. @Adam Parisi You can be forgiven for not understanding self-sacrifice. Your predilection for baseball cards shows you must have better things to do then weigh in on the human condition since the concept is so difficult for you to comprehend. But keep on watching the main stream media that triggers you so much. Who knows, maybe even you can learn something.

  2. All those who work on the front line should be given awards not those who work in the film industry.

    1. The film industry gives itself awards. If folks weren’t so celebrity obsessed, no body would care even a little bit.

  3. Who says real live Angels don’t walk among us?!? WOW – 407 days without time off – THANK YOU Dr. Joseph Varon [and your staff] for your dedication to caring. And, thank you Nicolle Wallace for all you’ve done covering this pandemic!

  4. Immigrant Doc working non stop to help EVERYONE who needs him, without judgement or bias on their beliefs reg the vaccines

  5. Thank you sir for your service and all you have done during this pandemic.
    God bless you and take care of yourself as well.

  6. Salute to Doctor Varon . Bless your heart and THANK YOU for going above and beyond to help others .

  7. Greg Abbot made a radical move to remove statewide mask mandate when 50% of Texans Elderly hadn’t recieved both vaccines. Thank you for all the wonderful Healthcare staff who continue to serve and help us Thank You Dr. Joseph Varon.

    1. When he dropped the mask mandate Biden put in place to save lives he Abbott put population control as sick as it sounds it fits him just like it fits the ex President trump forever he made death optional when he knew making it mandatory would have saved a lot of misery God thank you for the president Joe Biden and his family and vice president Kamala Harris fighting FOR ALL OF US dems republicans and Independents

  8. Everyone, please be careful this virus isn’t under control yet. Make wise decisions the one you make just may save your life or a loved one. This isn’t about one person, we are all on the same boat sinking together and it only takes a leak to drown us all.

  9. This, this, is a true patriot. Thank you Dr. Varon, and may God bless, and protect you.

  10. Thank you for all you do. I appreciate you more than anything right now. God has an Angel among us.

  11. Nicole is wonderful. Good for her for having him on and asking him to bring his former patients on.

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