1. Martin Gugino, the victim the police shoved to the ground, is a long time civil rights activist, who is a Catholic church goer, from the very wealthy Buffalo suburb of Amherst, NY. He’s definitely not Antifa and he clearly was shoved hard enough, when he was flat footed to fall backwards. You can hear his head crack on the sidewalk, if you listen for it.

    He was moved from the Intensive Care Unit, just yesterday.

    1. @Madness Records The whole world is laughing at Trump and the people who voted him in. But I don’t imagine you watch any news from overseas huh? 🤣

    2. Prayer for speedy recovery. Hope cop loses hos job and his freedom. Long jail time for assult on a person of risk.
      All his buddies need fired for walkong past him lying and bleeding on the street. 57 bad cops in a row. Do not deserve their badges.
      No rehire as police.
      They can work at kmart or target as a security guards with NO authority or weapons. Minimum wage instead of $70,000 to $100,000
      a year.

    3. @Penny Liqueur that is sad and shouldn’t have happened – it is condemnable. It’s even more sad that you’re out here rooting for people to be killed.

    4. He’s better than agitator an instigator for years. Sorry decades. Because his own injury. Over exaggerating. I’m glad he got whacked. That’s what he gets.

    1. @charles allan he never would’ve come close to being President… someone still would’ve executed him… know your history..

    2. Because those were type of terms used back in that time. Also Malcom X was also was NOT the President of the USA who has control of the US and other countries.

    3. @Melanie Swan “the President of the USA who has control of the US and other countries.” Other countries? Maybe in Trump’s egotistical mind.

    4. @The Shaving Chronicles He hated whites at first because he was brainwashed. He realized that whites were helping the blacks and that without white people helping, black people will never overcome. He realized this when he went to Mecca. He was killed because he turned away from the hatred and falsehood he was fed.

  2. When is this game playing Roberts Republican Supreme Court going to make Trump turn over the last 6 years of his 1040 TAX RETURNS to Congress as required by our Constitution ?

    1. Not really much to see. From the bankruptcies if he shows a significant income, he could be forced to pay creditors. So likely they show write offs equal to income and no tax liability.

    2. @NDFOOTBALL Are you an expert in racial relations? Are you a white punk commenting on racism?
      Resources – Library of Congress

      Black voters were systematically turned away from state polling places. To combat this problem, Congress passed the Fifteenth Amendment. Not all countries have had legalized slavery. But is was legal in the US.
      If you had a history of using drugs, but stopped for years. Someone accusing you of being involved with drugs would never be a ridiculous accusation, given your history. Dumb troll.

    3. @I’m here for entertainment only pd maybe the better question is what has the black community done for themselves? Sharpton, Jackson, Young (Detroit) , they’re helpful

    1. Captain Dove he should be removed… but he’s so awful. let’s hope that since it’s officially presidential statements they can be used against him to prosecute him harder!


    1. @Killroy was here C’mon, Dr Lysol is WAY smarter than all the epidemiologists, doctors and scientists. He said so. 😁

    2. @p g Are you really saying that your God supported the lying, cheating, womanizing, con artist Trump? No wonder Christianity is going to hell in a hand cart. BTW are Hillary or Joe people you would love as yourself?

  3. Trump wants to put a putting green in his favorite #BUNKER Trump has Bunkers, and tests for covid 19, you got ?

    1. Stop, please stop. You leftists just eat lies. Trump wasn’t in a bunker. Now your making it a hashtag and meme? You leftists can’t meme 😆. Your lies weren’t even close to the truth. Stop watching CNN 👍

    1. @Jacob Calham OMG. Know sentence structure much? How about grammar?
      That’s why we laugh AT you.

    2. It was a conspiracy for some when smolette said he was attacked by Trump supporters but turned out Jesse tried to hang himself and faked it.

    3. The left tried this in 2019 with what 4 mass shootings in a row. Didn’t get response they wanted. So they did 4 black killings in a row. Notice not one mass shooting since or this year at all. Democrats organized to kill George Floyd infront of camera. With all the news about cop brutality you think 4 cops would do this if it wasn’t on purpose for a cause. People have layed on there sword for way less.

    4. @Khaver 25 yeah trump and Netanyahu for prison 2020. Will be a joy to watch you trolls cry once they’re removed from office and their names become the barometer for abject immorality.

  4. The 75-year-old-man should sue Chump for defamation and demand that he debunks his own tweet in a press conference for the eyes of the world, or otherwise be indicted.

    1. @The Shaving Chronicles the president with the record lowest average approval rating in history. You’ve been conned. Imagine having the highest economy and still having the worst approval ratings in history. That’s how bad he is. Money cant buy approval. For the right it can.

    2. @The Shaving Chronicles R U a Russian troll in defense of your planted mole in government? Just asking, you know… just asking.

    3. @The Shaving Chronicles Yeah, maybe Trump can run on this great economy. Somebody must be paying attention his poll numbers are close to Jimmy Carter levels. Time to go back to being an on again, off again successful real estate developer. With travel at record lows maybe he can turn Mara logo into a home for displaced Republican politicians. Come next January there will be big demand for housing.

    4. I totally agree with you because the police was wrong for pushing that man in the first place. He was a peaceful protester! Not armed, just exercising his right to peacefully protest. Those officers should be ashamed of themselves. You don’t treat anyone like that but especially not elderly people. Those officers are cowards!

  5. Remember back in the Macarthy era, when people where accused of being communist and then had there lives destroyed, incorrectly and with no evidence, ya, where there know again…

    1. @R Thomas – Agreed! Because they can’t be _that_ stupid, or they wouldn’t be able to function from day to day.

    2. Troller – fool police caused him to fall, go f yourself. Shame …you will bring nasty Trump karma into your bubble world.

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