How A ‘Mini-Trump’ Is Running Florida Into The Ground Amidst Covid-19 Deaths

Florida's Covid-19 caseload and hospitalizations are breaking the state's own all-time records, and experts say Governor DeSantis' policies against proven safety measures are making the crisis worse. In a detailed, objective report, MSNBC’s Ari Melber documents the virus in Florida, how DeSantis' policies are faring, and how the governor has pursued partisan measures and political fundraising through the humanitarian crisis. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. In reality, he is not aware that this is blowing up in his face! He wasn’t even aware that equipment was being sent to his State!

    1. Hopefully the actual people who withhold salaries from teachers and school superintendents will have more conscience and intestinal fortitude to refuse Desantis’ wishes.

    2. @UCUPW7MiRoSFVfLl-XjytgAQ in all honesty the guy is extremely intelligent. He is also just about the opposite of what a leader should be. If he used his brains to help people he would be about the best.

      Instead he chooses to benefit himself and screws everyone else. He is very simply about the worst out there.

    1. @Jersey Belle I wasn’t aware that the American Constitution grants citizens the right to infect others.

      And does the Constitution of the United States empower and encourage Americans to pursue self-destructive behaviours?

      In a health crisis–a phrase that seems a case of wild understatement–the common good must–and does–legally supercede assumed individual rights. In a pandemic responsible, compassionate members of society put aside their petty, selfish concerns in respect for the greater good.

    2. @Steve Copper Getting repetitive, mate. And doling out more of the same gibberish does not lead to enlightenment.

    3. @Jersey Belle • I don’t believe death equals freedom. If you do, don’t get vaccinated. When you get sick, don’t take up space at the hospital. After all, you were willing to die for “freedom.”

  2. This will end Ron Santis career like it did for Trump remember what he told people too get Lysol remember that clown.

    1. @cortezyvonne I called Lysol ( as a joke ) and I ask them can I inject Lysol to cure covid, the the guy who I was talking to want to sh** bricks 😂😂😂
      I could tell he wanted to scream at me but he acted professional as possible.

    2. How could America forget? And still some of Trumps believers are still..,For that low life .

    3. @Judi Christophersen why don’t you leave?? I hear CA is open! Maybe CA is better fitted for you. DeSantis is doing a GREAT job. Vaccine “passports” are a VERY bad idea. Can’t wait until you all start supporting the “retraining” camps like China has. Just because the vaccine didn’t impact YOU negatively doesn’t mean that is the case for all. Try losing someone over the vaccine and then come back and tell me what a great idea this all is. Selfish is all I can say!

  3. He really does seem like a mini trump, the way he dodges questions and blames others, even his mannerisms. I can’t believe it is 2021 and this is still happening.

    1. You must not even pay attention to his live feeds. Watching these edited soundbites is designed just for people like you. He is probably more straightforward than anyone..NOT on MSNBC.

  4. When your child is forced to attend in-school learning without vaccination, who picks up the costs for CoViD recovery if you child needs an organ transplant? Who picks up the tab if your child gets COPD and requires an oxygen machine for life? Who picks up the tab for the years of pain related to cardiovascular damage caused by the virus? Parents need to demand emergency vaccine use for their children. They need to keep them from attending in-school learning until the states fight for their children over business pocketbooks.

    1. Even if they did, these same people fighting make will fight getting their kids vaccinated. At some point the vaccine isn’t going to help at all due to all the variants and who knows when or if we’ll get a new vaccine. My husband and I can’t have kids, but if we did, I would be scared for them. I love in a red country on a red state and people won’t wear masks. They still fly their Trump flags high. It’s the long term effects that people who are lucky enough to recover will have to deal with. Why would anyone subject an innocent child to a possible lifetime of health problems? Why would anyone take medical advice from a politician? I don’t understand. Where’s the proof in their claims that the vaccine kills, that their injecting people trackers? If it was created and released on purpose, then how about we deal with the virus now and then we can dream with those that did the alleged crime?

    2. @Janie Sanchez this is THE thing, not even HIV/Aids was as politicized as Covid, and this lays square at the feet of Trump and gop cult.

  5. Well he is paying no penalty so why should he stop.

    His constituency are not shouting loudly maybe there will be a figure of death that will wake them up not to mention Long Covid effect, which we are just learning about and don’t know how this will affect children.
    Stupid man.

    1. We can’t close the beach, that shark will leave when the weather gets warmer… body parts wash ashore. Jaws de Santis.

    2. DeSatan and Abbott are delusional, ignorant and putting their own selfish ambition above lives of children and adults. Their behavior is pure evil.

  6. I don’t understand how parents can put politics ahead of their childrens’ lives. It makes no sense.

    1. @J :
      The purpose of a mask is to retain the virus within the person that may have it; not the other way around.
      The original virus statistics are:
      If both people don’t have a mask – 95% contracting it.
      If the person who is carrying the virus doesn’t wear a mask – 75% contracting it.
      If the person who is carrying it wears a mask – 15% of contracting it..
      If both are wearing a mask – 5% of contracting it.

      I may have the numbers slightly off because I cannot recall exactly what was on my doctors wall, but I hope you get the point; the delta variant is much more contagious.

      That said, those who don’t do preventative measures allow the virus to continue to mutate; the majority of people getting seriously sick and dying are now the 30 to forty year olds, and is moving towards the twenty year olds, babies, and small children.

      Biden is pushing people to get vaccinated; trump was pushing people to think it was nothing.

    2. @J That’s not what this is about at all, and I think you know that. DeSantis decision regarding schools is what this is all about. Children, packed in relatively small rooms on a daily basis, not required to wear masks when they can carry the virus back to their families and infect adults in their homes, then businesses, then entire communities, is what this is about. It certainly doesn’t help stop the spread of the virus to go without masks with a highly contagious virus and where infections are exploding. It doesn’t help the hundreds of children who WILL become infected and end up in the hospital or dead. That is a given. It’s a promise. Clearly you do not have children because if you did, the idea that there could be a preventable but deadly virus infecting your child because some other people decided their kid didn’t need a mask and could sneeze in everybody’s eyeballs if he wanted, is terrifying. You expect your child to be safe in school. Why wouldn’t you expect the school to mandate as much safety as possible during an extraordinary time? It’s not like it’s forever. It’s just until the virus can be eradicated, and it could be if people were just responsible instead of allowing a virus to spread. Not to mention, allowing the virus to mutate into possibly something that masks and vaccines won’t protect against.

    3. I don’t understand why done parents believe everything that mainstream media and the government tells them and puts their kids in danger by getting the shot.

      You liberals are so gullible

    1. @Toni Gather Back under your bridge you silly troll. Mask up and get the vaccine that your Demi god ttump took all the praise for. People are dying because of bad management. What don’t you believe?

  7. FL and TX governors message to their constituents is this: You are on your own, there is NOTHING we will do to help you. Good luck.

    1. Trump got the world 3 vaccines and saved millions in the process. Who has Biden saved? Name one person.

    2. @wwwaimiecapricecom

      You obviously have serious issues; you sound angry, & not able to just move forward; it’s a shame for you wasting your life on earth and not using it wisely and joyfully-
      Not to mention puluting everything & everyone til you die!

    3. @R. Albanese Your original statement is your example of living life wisely and joyfully? Mmmm ok. Maybe you are the one who has the issues that need to be fixed before trying to micromanage others? Just a thought. Codependency is not a virtue it is a form of dysfunction.

    4. @wwwaimiecapricecom That was actually a well thoughtout response. It’s a shame you don’t use that intellect for the betterment of our country instead of its downfall.

  8. “Russian” Ron DeSantis is like serial killer Ted Bundy trapped in a body of a Florida Governor. He should never get reelected as Florida Governor in 2022 and never run for president in 2024.

    1. @J C He said “ I just had a meeting with my very close friend Vladimir Putin.” about two or three weeks ago do you want to try again? Look it up wise guy,genius.😂

    2. @John Fields Biden was being sarcastic. I thought everyone knew that cuz American Presidents don’t make friends with Dictators. Oh, except for the Dictator wannabe Drumph.

    3. @John Fields • You are full of it! Your hero Trumpie is Putin’s buddy. Trumpie was the one who looks like it’s Christmas morning everytime he looks at Putin. He’s the one who believed Putin over our own intelligence. Yeah, try it with your gullible right wingers.

  9. This is why we need a Federal Government, to step in when the State government is purposefully endangering it’s citizens.

    1. And,…since Florida could be described as a federal disaster area, I suggest FEMA, and all hands on deck. Floridians need a lot more than ventilators to survive this “political” pandemic, as well as the covid19 pandemic.

  10. He’s so anti government that he’s put Florida’s hospitals in the position of asking the Federal Government for aid. Good going, Governor Who.

    1. He’s so anti government that he (the government) is telling schools and businesses what to do. He’s a hypocrite and a trump wannabe.

    2. @wwwaimiecapricecom That has been proven as BS many times already… otherwise Fauci would have been lynched already by BOTH sides of the political spectrum.

    3. @Meghan A Yes, we here in Florida love that anti-Marxist quality about our beloved Governo Ron DeSantis. We celebrate it and, as you say, his Trump-like qualities. And I assure you people from your state flew into Florida to get their vaccination in Governor Ron DeSantis’s state because he was so successful in distributing them. I know that because I live in Florida and honey we have people from all over the country taking flights into our state to get vaccinated here because he was so good at getting that vaccination out. He and Trump have saved millions worldwide. The world got the vaccine because Trump got it for them before he left office. Trump and DeSantis have saved millions of people worldwide. Who has Biden, Faui, or Obama saved. Can you name one person? That’s what I thought, now take a seat.

    4. @wwwaimiecapricecom
      Man you people are so cultists and deluded holy sht
      Trump had nothing to do with the vaccine, the scientists who you creatures demonize ware the ones who created the vaccines and saved lives
      You cult leader was saying in public that the virus was no big deal but he was literally caught on tape admitting that the virus was far more dangerous than the flu but he “didn’t want to panic people”, and did you criticize him for spreading this lie that actually killed people ? NO you instead criticize the guy who release the tape, your hypocrisy is unbelievable
      And if your stupid state is soo good at distributing the vaccine then why do you have some many conspiracy nuts who refuse to get vaccinated !
      Anti-marxist? :))) You have literally no clue what marxism means, your species just use that word on everything they don’t like or agree with

  11. Whilst the folks of Floridan are struggling to breathe DeSantis is standing on their throats posturing for the MAGA Cult!

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