How a NY special grand jury could impact Donald Trump 1

How a NY special grand jury could impact Donald Trump


Manhattan's top prosecutor has convened a grand jury that is expected to decide whether to indict former President Donald Trump should prosecutors present criminal charges in their probe of the Trump Organization, two people familiar with the matter told The Washington Post. CNN's Elie Honig and Laura Coates break down what all this means moving forward.
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    1. @Common Sense that’s one of the big differences between us. It doesn’t matter what we believe because reality doesn’t care about our feelings. So regardless of how we want it to be, reality always wins. You think your beliefs matter.

    2. @Steve Hall that’s mean. Calling Trump a Queen like that. If he wants to choose that life style, I wouldn’t judge. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

    3. @IHC Terra You obviously don’t know your history, everyone knows that antifa and Black Lives Matter are doing exactly what the brown shirts did ,you don’t agree with them they’ll burn your city down ,haven’t seen any Trump supporters burning cities down ,Come up with some more material besides some damn talking point or crap you’ve heard of the lame Stream media you damn fool

    4. @Mike Duncan no. They aren’t. The Proud Boys are actually doing that.

      You are mistaking AntiFascists with Anarchists.

    1. @Fook Republicans Ok …enlighten us with your knowledge of the subject………didn’t think so….. I was hoping to learn something not just uncover another blowhard.

    2. @Fay Maye Trying to spread conspiracy theories about America and Americans will be more credible if you learn English first–and learn what to capitalize. Back to Central Robots-R-Us Programming for you.

    3. @Emile Rose Oh, excuse my typo…you are perfect for a debate….let’s see how smart you are. So which part of what I said is a conspiracy theory? Now your turn..

    4. @carl armstrong doubt it. I would strongly suspect dems and most elected reps want him gone up the river. If the feds do it then there will be screams of Biden and the dems did it. If a state does it then Biden and company can truthfully say they had nothing to do with it.

  1. Treat him like any other citizen suspected of tax evasion and falsifying loan paperwork. Do not let him get away with blaming his employees when Trump is the one who would benefit from business fraud.

    1. @Suru Dog If anyone needs go to jail it needs to be Beijing Biden for the quid pro Ukraine and for taking 1.5 billion from China will his crackhead son

    1. @Yusuf Ginnah lots of people are saying words. Words like, like no one ever heard before. Those were the bigliest and greatliest in history.

    2. @Nettie Standiford How is President Biden destroying the country as you so ignorantly put it? Has Bidens adminstration negatively impacted your life or freedoms? Also do research before a grand jury indicts someone, they always have overwhelming cases of evidence for prosecution. The 23 members of the grand jury will review trumpys tax records, and business records for fraud, and probably have no trouble finding illegal entries, along with sworn witness testimony under oath, of his cheating,and his infamous political behavior.

    3. @Jehovah Witness Where did you get your facts from, Fox Fake news I bet. Or did you graduated from fake trumpy university, you probably failed mathmetics. Say your prayers, the trump train has derailed.

    4. @Steve Hall I do not know if that was meant for me, but thank you anyway. When I hear the left try to call someone a racist that they have never known, then I feel as if I am on the playgrounds of the third grade listening to a bully.

  2. if Cyrus Vance had fulfilled the Office he was first elected to serve instead of schmoozing megadonors and NY society wankfests, the Trump Crime Organisation (and Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein) would have been jailed before 2015 and this world would be very different indeed.

    1. It was US attorney Alexander Acosta that let Epstein go in 2008 a republican in Florida, so the republicans have had their heads in the sand as far as the law and order party for years

    2. @joyce roberts yes, Acosta let Epstein get away with hosting men like Bill Clinton on his island 26 times via Florida airports, but Vance did nothing on the many crimes such as Weinstein, Democrat megadonor, even when his prosecutors gave him tapes of Weinstein confessing to physical assault. Apathetic corrupt boys clubs aren’t exclusive to any political persuasion.

    3. @MAMADUCK Harvey Weinstein was convicted by justice James Burke because Cy Vance brought the case to him. It was the victims involved who told untrue stories that got the case derailed, not Cy Vance. They got John Gotti on tax evasion, Leona Helms and Martha Stewart , so yes you are right political persuasion doesn’t mean you can’t be a criminal

    1. @IHC Terra you called jan.6 “insurrection ” . Can’t you tell the difference between insurrection and riot?

    2. @IHC Terra Also, about the wall…Trump did better. Biden is taking lands from Texans and use them for illegal immigrants facilities.

  3. Cohen really had insurance!!!! Go Mike!!!!! Pay him with the same coin he paid you with…..

    1. Yeah, watch how great he is going to do it. Isn’t he the one for Stormy? How did that situation go?

    2. @Fay Maye Yah he’s the one who mortgaged his house to PAY stormy on Dumps behalf and in turn Dump through him under the bus. Lets see if one good turn deserves another and hopefully Michael and Weiselberg throws Cheetos under the bus

  4. “I never lie to any man because I don’t fear anyone. The only time you lie is when you are afraid” ~ John Gotti

    1. @James Mitchell and nothing changed on that scenario in the 4 years he was “president”!!

    2. Shameful Democrats Funding Terrorism. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN Hamas rear ?

  5. “Everywhere there’s lots of piggies, Living piggy lives, You can see them out for dinner, With their piggy wives, Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon.”

  6. The thing about karma is its patients will sit and wait for the perfect time to stand up and testify against you.

    1. @Fay Maye I don’t know why you ask. I’m educating you. Galatians 6. You reap what you sow. You receive the same problems that you create for others. Karma is reincarnation. You make no sense in the question that you ask about Christianity or republican or democrat.

  7. Having been on a Grand Jury, you cannot indict for just anything. The amount of evidence presented by the gov’t was immense for the special cases we heard.

  8. Remember the “lock her up” chant? Well, now that Hillary Clinton has been cleared of any wrong doing, looks like like Trump actually might be locked up.

    1. @Beverly LaFleur Michael Flynn is the actual person who coined the phrase “Lock her Up” at a rally. He and his brother will be locked up for the storming of the Capital so we then can say “Lock THEM up”

    1. The art of the deal lol. Ask stormy about her art for the deal. 130k isn’t bus fare.

    2. Yup the Art of the Deal is all about screwing people over without a care in the world

  9. It’s like Christmas: We do not know who gets what, but we do know, somebody will get something!

  10. The ham sandwich thing got me hungry, I’m gonna prepare my self a ham sandwich, since I’m a poor man but at least am free and have not legal issues…

  11. Man, I never expected that the season debut of The Apprentice: Jailhouse Edition to be so good

  12. Trump seeking his loans: “I need a loan, my properties are worth 600 billion!”
    Trump “paying” taxes: “My properties are only worth 100 million”

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