How a Ukrainian-led sting operation went wrong 1

How a Ukrainian-led sting operation went wrong


Former high-ranking Ukrainian military intelligence officials described exclusively to CNN how they orchestrated the operation aimed at luring suspected war criminals out of Russia to face prosecution for atrocities committed in eastern Ukraine where separatists backed by Moscow have been fighting for years. CNN's Matthew Chance reports on how the mission was foiled.

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  1. I love how these comment sections have become havens for people to just scream into the ether and not about the contents of the video. Wonder how many people actually watched the piece…

    1. @dave mitchell More stupid is voting for the Orange Taliban…
      Just send in the Marines, MIF (= Tom Cruise and Jason Strathham, etc..), The Terminator (= Arnold) to keep this comedy/ action comedy going on for Don the Con, aka Charlatan with no degree from his own defunct University … ;=)

  2. Ah yes more addiction to Ukraine (like its the only country in Eastern Europe) and no coverage of how Russia treats Ukraine. Putin is so proud.

    This is why I took away the Media.

  3. I’m waiting to see on how prepared the Capitol police are on Sept.18 and how they’re going to deal with those domestic terrorists this time.

  4. I guess we know that you don’t have to wear seatbelts wherever this reporter was. In the front passenger seat and no seatbelt? Shameful.

    1. Scammer talking to himself again using multiple fake accounts lol so fake it’s unbelievable. Got to be real stupid fall for this scammer .

  5. Somebody forgot to tell Oscar Dela Hoya’s body that the president said that if you take the vaccine you won’t end up in the hospital with the virus😳

  6. See, the Russian intelligence knew. So when these guys landed in Belarus they were arrested and sent back to Russia

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