How Adults Can Change Being Overfed And Underpowered

Dr. Steven R. Gundry joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book 'The Energy Paradox'.

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How Adults Can Change Being Overfed And Underpowered


    1. It is possible. Some people, and that includes me, are experiencing insatiable hunger, and incessible pain, nausea and vomiting when they don’t eat. That phenomenon is almost certainly not the cause of the rise of obesity, but it is a factor that can and does make people’s lives totally miserable.

  1. This guy has been refuted by many bon fide nutritionists. He’s a fraud and I had to threaten him with reporting to AMA to get him to stop emailing me. He is all about money, not health.

    1. Show me anyone doing anything significant that doesn’t have someone debunking and calling them frauds. Go ahead, name one.

    2. @Tony Igwe You have a point. That is why people need to learn about scientific, skeptical and critical thinking, three skills our educational system tends to ignore. That would also show you that the speaker in this segment is indeed a quack.

  2. I have been sticking to 8 hours of eat time. 10:30 to 6:30 and not a lick outside of that. Intermittent Fasting.

    1. @RealTalk Barca Nazis see politics in everything. Nazis who listen to QAnon and hate science and facts dare talking about understanding. Nazis have no shame, it’s well known. Look at Hitler he was convinced of his crazy ideologies and so were the confederate soldiers. Now nazis believe in MyPillow guy but hate science. Nazis have always been despicable creatures that’s why we will fight nazis no matter what.

    2. @Judith Rochin It’s ignorance, brainwashing and pure hate, not just division. Nazis just hate, it’s in their DNA.

    1. Starting every morning with sardine soup. BMI = 24. I usually still call it the Quételet index, the name used in the past to honour its creator.

  3. Sounds like meals are rushed. Lots of fun! But, seriously the best… we can do …is breakfast at 5-6 am and lunch outside on the patio with fresh air at 11:30 am and use …your best drawing stuff while you are enjoying the sunshine after we eat lunch…and iced strawberry drinks from the market for a pick me up. 🚜🚑Don’t over eat! Do this stuff regularly !! Thanks for the tips!!! Yup!

  4. So in other words your breakfast lunch and dinner need to be eaten in a 6 hr window and the Stop for the day.

  5. The devil and the black heart of his vamping queen machinery, how many parts of black heart have wee? Lets see, the trauma, the drama, the tragedy, of the persecuted royal Wee wee wee

  6. Americans just need to slow down,lay of the fast food and prepacked meals ,I only eat red meat no more than twice a weak ,I prefer more fruits and vegetables ,I’m in my fifty’s and I feel better now than when I was younger!

  7. If you’ve ever bought one of this guy’s “products” you have thrown your money away. He’s taking your money.

    1. I read his book and as a life long follower of healthy eating I really wasn’t impressed. I’m 63. I’ve followed a keto diet for years.

  8. I eat twice a day. No snacks. First meal at 12.30pm and then at 6pm. I also eat whole foods. No processed foods. Watch Dr. Fung!!!

  9. I eat a banana almost daily. It’s cheap. To get potassium and magnesium. I have a lot of other small things that i do. But I binge eat junk and run it off. So I’m still not well, I’m young so it’s not catching up

  10. Surely you’re joking. This guy is an obvious snake oil salesman I’ve seen countless times on Youtube ads for god-knows-what. “Don’t eat tomatoes”? Give us a break.

  11. Thankyou thankyou for educating us for being greedy guts and I am one of them so I’m going to try my best! As I don’t want to be diabetic

  12. Sounds like intermittent fasting to me, just with the idea of not skipping a meal, all done in a short window. However, does it work if you do it in reverse? Meaning, instead of pushing breakfast to a later hour, can you push dinner to an earlier hour? That is much, much easier for me to do, or even eliminating dinner all together.

  13. I thought the phrase was – “what to do when your get up and go has got up and went”? Can you trademark a snappy one liner? Is that why he couldn’t use it?

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