How American CEOs In The Sixties Reacted Against The New Deal | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

How American CEOs In The Sixties Reacted Against The New Deal | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Writer Kurt Andersen joins Morning Joe for an in-depth discussion on his new book 'Evil Geniuses: The Unmaking of America.' Aired on 1/12/2021.
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How American CEOs In The Sixties Reacted Against The New Deal | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Lilian and the White people who can’t pay themselves because they are starting a business that possibly got looted and Burnt down in the summer riots.

  1. American CEOs are the true, evil power brokers of American politics and it’s time their influence on American politicians come to an end.

  2. These who fail to learn from history are DESTINED to repeat mccarthyism, evict kevin mccarthy and doug lamalfa from eligibility to US HoR, send them to maralago? With kneepads

  3. Hayek, milton Friedman and his nobel price winning , social economic theory turned ideology. The privatisation of all public services and assets, self-regulation, deregulation, war on the so-called welfare state, casualisation of labor and eliminating unions, workers rights, consumer and environmental protection and creating an unprecedented inequality, more incarceration than ever before. Demagogues like foxy murkdog grasping the opportunity without realising it’s all done before

  4. Reminder: Corporations were created to shield individuals from being personally accountable for their actions, and their only objective is to maximize shareholder value.
    This is why Perdue Pharma can cause widespread oxy addiction and deaths and still walk around as free people.

    1. . All democrats are lucifers army, serpent demon people posing as human gutting humanity from the inside and all their AI and bots killing the very fabrics of life itself.

    2. No, in actuality, incorporation has great tax advantages, and that is why most corporations are formed.

    3. @Deborah Freedman Also true. There’s a great documentary about Corporations which has stuck with me even years later.

    4. @Deborah Freedman Ever tried to put a corporation in jail? And those tax advantages need to be re-examined.

    1. Hagg Bisquette yeah I’m thinking GITMO for Traitor-in-Chief. I guess you were looking at yourself in the mirror when you typed “you’re going to be crispy in your eternal pitt”

    2. @everything irie
      As I move this mountain in the name of Christ and as Christ turns water into wine now all the wicked, all the serpent backstabbers evil will turn into cancer straight into brimstone eternal immediately..
      Now you do every grain of sand on every beach on every planet In every universe to infinity..
      In the name of Christ I move this mountain for all the innocent children and everything real and holy, in the name of Christ.
      All your evil turns into cancer now. Now you’re finished.

    3. @everything irie
      Na, i was trying to find that fluorescent vibrator you left in the park urinal where you spank that Snookie balloon

  5. We’ve lived with trickle down economics for 40-50 years and it doesn’t work; it only benefits the top 0.1%. Don’t vote for anyone who promotes trickle down Econ.

    1. Agreed. We’ve seen it with both major socioeconomic systems, communism failing due to greed, and capitalism is on shaky ground for the majority of the world.

    2. @Johnny Erickson We’ve never seen communism and never will. What you mean is called state capitalism.

    3. I use to believe in “trickle down” and I now regret it. I took businesses classes in HS but didn’t take economics or accounting so I had and still have a bare bones understanding of economics but I know that a lot of people bought in to the whole “Billionaires should be seen as a symbol of national pride because it means anyone can make here if they work hard enough” nonsense.

  6. South carolina you picked a winner in graham just got on af1 with trump Jamie Harris would never have let you down like this sad for ya all that gave this your vote

  7. One thing that happened is that the definition of “Liberal” got re-written, reversed and turned on it’s head in the United States. It no longer has the same meaning that it does wherever else English is spoken. Liberalism is about laissez faire and freedom of thought in the outside world.

    1. Liberal is only a symbol of sin in the United States and perhaps, in some of the dodgy places of say, South America that slip in and out of dictatorship and Juntas. The American Evangelical version of “Christianity” has found no end of reasons to hate

    2. @Lisa Peral Who did the evangelicals support in 2016 and 2020? Trump. They have questions to answer about how their Christianity backed a very horrible wannabe dictator. Is that what Jesus would do?

  8. Corporations have become responsible for the overwhelming majority of strife that exists within America today.

    1. @Hagg Bisquette like I said, your words bare the fruit of satan. Period. That your only measure is to spout the spoiled hatred born forth from satan, all the more shows the truth of what you are.

    2. @Hagg Bisquette those who claim to have the authority to take judgment into their own hands, have already fallen from the favor of the Creator, and through their own willful ignorance have taken up arms WITH the serpent. Judge not lest ye be judged.

  9. The overreaction to the New Deal and the success of FDR has driven right wing politics for close to a century now. They loathed his policies but he is the primary reason we have a successful middle class for so long.

    1. @Deborah Freedman No, it was the combination. Social Security, 8 hour working day, right of workers to form effective unions, Truman actually investigating defense companies that were trying to rip off the government, economic support for farmers, TVA which helped take impoverished sections of the country and get them out of the mire they were stuck in, making the rich pay high taxes in order to help pay for the programs and much much more. The two you mentioned were just the end pieces on what was a revolution in economic thinking and government efforts to support the average citizen.

    2. Had*. We had* a successful middle class for so long. The middle class was doing best in the 1950s which led to so-called great “family values” the Right loves to idolize. Now you have a middle class where both parents need to work just to scrounge by (& sometimes still go bankrupt when there is some health issue or emergency) – the idea that the middle class is still doing well is an illusion, an illusion reinforced by women entering the workforce so we think things haven’t gotten worse, but barely no middle class family can survive off of just one parent’s income anymore. This is why returning to the politics of FDR & New Deal economics is so vital for the working class of our country, otherwise this country will eventually tear itself apart when it can’t take it anymore & the income inequality becomes too colossal to muster.

  10. I like the poster behind him. It is so accurate: “Forsicht Kunst!” means :” Be careful, it’s Art! That’s the reality of American education and understanding of art and culture.

  11. Milton Friedman needs to be recognized for what he was – probably *the* most harmful ideologue of the 20th century, and that’s really saying something.

    1. From Ancient Greece until now. Lots of so called experts have been elevated simply for protecting the heirarchy with updated language or ideas

  12. I still have a problem with the word ”geniuses”…as if they’re super human, not just con artists. Give me a break.

  13. Trump promoting Coal and having zero interest in renewables.Biden not looking into the next eclipse would be a good start to an enviromental policy that makes sense.

    1. now that is a charity that would draw some big bucks. Donate to the Trump Mental Hospital to make sure it stays open and he stays inside.

    2. Biden is a dog faced pony soldier. And the only white man on earth to make you more black if you vote for him. Talk about a fkin clown.

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