How Anti-Semitic Rhetoric In The GOP Empowers Extremist Groups 1

How Anti-Semitic Rhetoric In The GOP Empowers Extremist Groups


Founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Paul Rieckhoff, writer at large for the Bulwark Tim Miller, and Washington Post columnist react to the rise of anti-Semitic statements in the GOP and how they fuel the rise in extremism

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  1. 45’s response is confirmation that these reports are accurate. He is so stupidly transparent, and that will lead to his ruin. Thank God!

  2. Well it’s not like 45 said tiki torch carrying Nazis that were chanting “Jews will not replace us!”, and running down women in the streets were “fine people”….

  3. I don’t want to buy a book from anyone who was there and didn’t speak out the instant they realized he was dangerous. Why the silence? Do they not think it would be smart to unite amongst themselves and make an unequivocal statement as to their position.

    1. Read the book and you will find out why. Generals can’t go around attacking the President, only an insurrectionist would do that…

    2. @Gustavo Jacobo Maybe where you’re from that’s true.
      In America, a General in the US Military, pledges his oath to defend the Constitution, not the President, from threats both foreign and domestic. The President falls under the domestic part.
      But that doesn’t matter, because he was retired. Even if he was still Trump’s Cheif of Staff, and Trump was still President, he still would have the right to criticize him. It’s that First Amendment in the Constitution. After you get your foot out of your mouth, but before you think to speak about the rights of US citizens again, you should give it a read.

  4. While we know Donald Trump is generally ignorant of history, one thing I am sure of that he does know is that Hitler failed in his first attempt at insurrection, yet came back to take over Germany.

    1. @F M Whatever……. You are stuck on MSNBC, you are already lost to Propaganda.
      The not only tell you what is happening in the world,woven into their preferred narrative, they tell you what you are supposed to think and believe.
      I guess for the non-thinkers in the crowd, that is the easy way out.

    2. @crxess that’s a lie. A police officer died. Republicans support police only out of convenience. Name your source.

    3. @Trevor McKenna-Williams Part 2:
      As for the, or your/medias claim, as to cause – that is irrelevant, and not the first time an attempt was made to stop a certification.
      In fact, a multitude of Electors received Death threats before the 2016 election was certified, Suits were filed attempting to from doing their duty, Democrat Representatives in the House tried their damnedest to have the Electoral Votes decertified/Not counted/VOID(even from states Trump Swept) – All based on the LIE of Trump/Russia Collusion, created by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC.(exposed through years of investigations – i.e. they knew it was a lie)
      and on inauguration day Downtown DC was all but destroyed by Rioters who were unable to reach the Proceedings.
      Also the Kavenaugh Hearings saw Rioters literally at the Doors attempting to gain entry.
      So, lets not play like one side is innocent of any similar wrong doing as that would truly be hypocritical.
      **….. and to think, I didn’t even have to include the attacks on Government buildings and Federal Employees across the nation in 2020 Rioting.

    4. @crxess You really need to stop drinking the kool-aid because your full of it. Not one word of the above is corroborated by any evidence. Its a fever dream fantasy. There was no riot or rioters on the days of the Kavanagh hearings just normal demonstrations. No one forced they way into the hearings and the arrests where for either disorderly conduct or obstruction garnering $50 fines. As to the the Russian Collusion try reading the Mueller report before making easily refutable statements and by the way the Russian Report was originally for one of Trumps GOP Presidential opponents. Bottomline no Democrat attempted to storm Congress and prevent Certification by force.

  5. Trump maybe starting his dementia like his father and his filter is falling away and he is speaking his true self he’s like his father or worse his own mother they were both bad.

  6. The President praising Hitler is a valid defense for the general at his assassination trial.

    1. @Carlos Carlos …and yet the guy who loves to sue everyone, never attempts to sue all these people speaking out. Go ahead and start your mental gymnastic warm up to defend that.

    2. You’re aware that if he said it on Air Force 1, there’s a recording of it. Anytime the president has a meeting with a senior member of staff, someone documented it.

      So this will be an easy one. Either the White House will verify it, or they will release a statement saying they have no record of it.

      In my mind, it could go either way. Its not like either one of them have a reputation for complete honesty.

    3. @David Gray cant defend what I can’t comprehend although English isn’t my mother tongue I believe your comment is pointless . Nice you gave yourself a thumbs up

    4. Waist of time the whole topic . biden is friend with ukranian petro poroshenko and helped the Azov battalion pro nazism, the got some israelí rifles. Now tell me about von braun and operation paper clip .

    1. @Robert Hylton
      If you think basement Biden got over 80 million legal votes you’re well beyond stupid.

    2. AGREE! This annoys the sh!t out of me. Always always always use the term “FORMER president”, never “president”. There can be only one president at a time. Or, you can just use the term that she likes to use “the former guy”… 0:04

  7. Exactly what you would expect a wanna-be neo-fascist dictator to say. Not surprising in the least.

    1. Waist of time . biden is friend with ukranian petro poroshenko and helped the Azov battalion pro nazism, the got some israelí rifles.

  8. The military has been coopted for a long long time. They are not coming out because of fear it’ll expose past behavior.

  9. Given that Trump can’t tell the difference between what’s right/wrong or truth/false, one can surmise that his narcissistic persona drives him to praise his idol A.Hitler.

    1. Well usa hired nazis like von braun and many . operation paper clip . so is not new .usa love for nazis .

    2. Jkf loved nazis . in fact the whole topic is a Waist of time . biden is friend with ukranian petro poroshenko and helped the Azov battalion ,pro nazism, the got some israelí rifles.

  10. He denies saying everything ,but you will NEVER, EVER see him bringing a lawsuit against anyone for writing this stuff. Why? Because in court the truth would come out.

    1. like latinos for trump..well venezuela’s president still has his hardcore supporters even while eating from the garbage truck ..literally

  11. And right in time for this story, Margerine Green just compared anti-vaxxers to Jews in the Holocaust AGAIN! They just can’t help themselves.

    1. Can we just get REAL and deal with the GOP as what they ARE??? They’re a fascist conspiracy, bent on ENDING democracy!

  12. How insulting for a U.S President to say such a thing when millions of lives were lost to save the from this monster.

  13. Those who do not call out “This kind of talk” are benefiting from those who are talking this talk. Their silence is complicit, and for their own purposes. In addition, none of this would have mattered before the election and it doesn’t matter now because those who support the ex-pres do not care that he says these things, either because they agree with it, or they think there is some higher purpose to him being in power. They are delusional and while it may ease the conscience of those who do (finally) speak out, the sad part is that it just doesn’t matter to his supporters, or to those who gain money and/or power by aligning themselves with him, his lies, and his abhorrent beliefs and behavior.

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