1. @Rhetoric right! Pathetic. News used to be news. I feel so sorry for the young generation now. They have no idea how manipulated they are. They should be prosecuted for treason. They are mostly responsible for creating the caose.

  1. his campaign speech provoked the desperate amigos to abandon their existing livelihood and start marching north. don’t promise things on campaign stage if you can’t deliver it. now most will have to do the same march south

  2. MEXICO don’t let no central Americans stay in,pass through their country! (CRACK DOWN ON THE SMUGGLERS!)

    1. @Sonya Twiss why don’t we crack down on the poverty instead? Much more effective than a “War on Smuggling”.

    2. @The Occasional Video shouldn’t they deal with their own problems lol why should the U.S.A get involved

    3. It’s not like they really hurt us and like someone has stated the problem isn’t immigration. There are issues that are causing these people to flee and those are the problem.

      Also a closed board doesn’t stop people from coming in, it just stops them from going back home.

    4. @The Occasional Video How do you propose the United States cracks down on poverty in South and Central American countries? Any ideas, or just playing the blame game?

    1. @1st Cavalry, America really has screwed up Latin America for many many years on behalf of corporations like DOLE etc. This is the fruit of our labours (see what I did there?).

    2. @The Occasional Video : You’d think the 10’s of billions of dollars the US government has given Latin American countries over the years would be sufficient payment and restitution for what your referring to but based on your comment you obviously think it should be a never ending flow of cash. More…more..more!

    3. President Trump had the border under control. biden has a huge mess. biden is an embarrassment to the USA.

  3. Just finished watching CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester’s comments on your reporting of Trump and the coming pivot to climate change. Very interesting stuff!

    1. CNN has long been bought and paid for by those who bought the DNC. Just like MSNBC, ABC, CNBC, PBS, CBS, NowThisNews, and the other few dozen of DNC propoganda outlets.

  4. You guys at CNN should check out Project Veritas new video it’s awesome. You guys are the star of the show yet again. Well done. Keep up the good work and honest journalism.

    1. Unfortunately though after CNN
      gleefully lied about Trump Russian collusion for years and were shown to be frauds the veritas videos wont be enough to cure their brainwashed followers.

  5. Well if you don’t go there and don’t listen to what people working there have to say, and see the problems first hand it seems to me your not trying at all and could care less. But don’t worry I am sure they will eventually circle back to it.

  6. Their citizens of a government somewhere. The duty of that country is to care for and serve it’s citizens. Sending them home, will allow this to happen.

  7. They’re separating from their children because Joe says we won’t turn away any child so immediately what happened thousands and thousands of children start flooding the border…. I mean really!!

    1. @wily wascal Biden: $5Trillion in less than 6 months. Obama: bombed/invaded 7 countries. Obama also oversaw the slowest economic recovery since WW2. And that’s impressive when starting at the bottom.

      Democrats filibustered 300+ times in the past 4 years. To put that into perspective: every previous administration in history combined only had to deal with 240.

      Bunch of brainwashed CNN puppets.

    2. @ChanelNumba5 ~ You mean like how the U.S. supporting Israel is supporting the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Palestinians, Doc? Are those not even more serious crimes against humanity? But, anyway, just HOW do you propose stopping it right now? Should the U.S. NOT accept children migrants, leaving them with the child traffickers? Should the U.S. NOT accept asylum refugees facing persecution and death?

      You have an overly simplistic view of the complexities surrounding the immigration issue. The only reason parents take the drastic measure of entrusting their children to coyotes is because there is no future for those children where they lived. Would you leave all those children to just die? Is your concern genuinely humanitarian, or is it just more Republican partisan B.S., using the dire situation many immigrants face to score political hay against your political opponents? Frankly, it appears more the latter than the former.

    3. @ShadowBanned on FascisTube. ~ Gee, Doc, the best you got is Whataboutism, using grossly inflated and fabricated allegations? That’s only a tacit admission of defeat on your part, whether or not you’re intelligent enough to grasp that fact. It appears you’ve been too programmed by the fascist Republican cult and Reich-wing media to think independently and objectively, sadly.

      “As the filibuster has evolved from a rare practice that required holding the floor for extended periods into a routine 60-vote supermajority requirement, Senate leaders have increasingly used cloture motions as a regular tool to manage the flow of business, often even in the absence of a threatened filibuster. Thus, the presence or absence of cloture attempts is not necessarily a reliable indicator of the presence or absence of a threatened filibuster. Because filibustering does not depend on the use of any specific rules, whether a filibuster is present is always a matter of judgment.”

      “Use of the filibuster leveled off in the 1990s, then exploded in the final few years of George W. Bush’s presidency when Democrats regained control of the Senate. And following Obama’s election, Republicans kept right on filibustering again and again and again.”

      In fact, contrary to your bogus claim of only 240 filibusters until Toxic Trump, there were 248 filibuster / cloture motions due to Republicans in just Obama’s first term, alone. And, while Democrats did away with the filibuster for judicial and administrative appointments because of Senate Republicans gross obstruction efforts under Obama, it was Republicans themselves who did away with the filibuster on Supreme Court nominations.

  8. For one you guys have no clue how big that flows going to be this is just the beginning of the flow…. There will be no stop to it for 10 years…. What you guys are thinking is a joke…. And I’m literally writing this from Honduras right now

    1. YOu are right, but sadly there’s literally millions of people that still believe this propaganda disguised as news

    2. @Joe Casella Those should not be called Americans. Those should apply for Chinese citizenship.

  9. Well I think I have a good picture on it since I’m writing this from Honduras right now… I am literally sitting in my apartment in Honduras writeing this…. Like I said you guys have no clue

  10. Some of the numbers they are not mentioning is that the people are coming from at least 55 different countries

  11. Lord Jesus please give Biden the Wisdom Knowledge and Understanding to deal with this thing. I feel bad for the Children .

    1. I don’t think he cares ..if he did he would stop people from coming over…gov. Needs to fix their own countries

  12. Old Joey B has got him quite a zoo going at the border with all of his caged future constituents. And it only costs us 60 million a week. FOR NOW!

  13. Thanks for this today. I can’t imagine how we are going to house and feed 19,000 migrant kids. I was a daycare person. Ran a limited amount of clients as a licensed home business. It’s like supervising young kids and having fun. You send them home at night and… here in this case, we shelter them for weeks. How do we locate their parents?? (The written phone numbers are fading in the kids hats. Heartbreaking. ) It’s a lot of responsibility. It’s not easy. Are we prepared to adopt these migrant children… in case we have no other relatives available? It’s a simple question.

  14. 18:00 so those jail like facilities were called, cages. And she confessed that back then it was all criminals who entered. When Trump said it they called him racist.

    1. @ShadowBanned on FascisTube. it gets better than them being molested at recycled Walmarts and sleeping in their own feces

    2. You’re misrepresenting what Rosa Flores actually said, while also taking it out of context. Basically, you’re a deceitful bastard. Grow yourself some integrity and get a clue, not a fascist Republican cult of seditious terrorists, Doc!

    3. This jails or cages were done in the Obama administration and know said anything. Obama’s administration sent back more migrants then any other immigration. They never help any migrant Biden’s administration will do the same, they just lie about it and know says anything. Can’t believe these people go along with the lies the This administration is telling the American people. But this is CNN FAKE NEWS! https://youtu.be/d4R_p-qG0wQ

  15. Anyone notice that they are just repeating classic scares and social control strategies. Imagination, Spanish flue , yellow journalism, cold war scare , mccarthyism, looming wars , social unrest , its all the classic destabilization tactics

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