How Biden’s classified document discovery compares to Trump | JUST THE FAQs


    1. Incompetence? He’s accomplished more than many Presidents in two years. Back away from right wing anger, can’t be fun.

      Biden has cancelled more student debt than any president in history, Black vets were finally awarded medals for their service in World War one, by executive order cancelled trumps order that made it harder to become part of a union, food stamp recipients get 25% more benefits, signed the chip act which means more manufacturing jobs in the us, disabled people had student debt cancelled, lowest pay gap between men and women in federal jobs, opened California ports to alleviate supply chain delays, enacted suicide prevention strategies for vets, increased cost of living benefits for vets, increased supply of affordable housing, signed into law the American rescue plan, has the best economy and unemployment rate in history, he and Harris released their tax returns, increased the federal job minimum wage for contractor to $15 hr, provided 2.5 billion$ for mental illness and addiction problems, restored free lunch for poor kids, he signed a bill that would keep retirees from losing their benefits, released millions of barrels of oil to alleviate the oil companies from gouging us, he reunited the children with their parents separated by trump at the border, he enacted indigenous peoples day (no racist likes this), increased benefits for those returning from Afghanistan, passed an infrastructure plan, has the most diverse cabinet in history, and tried to lower the cost of insulin (blocked by retrumplicans), lowered the national debt and appointed a woman, a black woman to the Supreme Court. He, by executive order helped woman’s privacy laws. Do your research! If it weren’t for republicans voting no on everything even if it helps the working class things would be better. That’s the divided states of America. Has to be exhausting to maintain so much hate for no good reason. But many have been trained and they will not change no matter the facts. It’s also a plus that Dems are not trying to take away our social security.

  1. *I simply LOVE your childish rage and wacko delusions, MAGAfans! Makes me LAUGH!!! 🤣😆😅😂🤣😂🤣*

    1. You support Trump, you are a MAGA fan? That means if you support biden, you are a ped@phile. You make me laugh.

  2. *Donny Fail-Fail will never be in office again.*
    Too bad for you MAGAfans, huh?

  3. *Join the MAGA Party, where acting like a third-grader is not only okay—it’s expected!!!*

  4. *There’s nothing that you can do about any of this, MAGAfans!*
    Too bad for you, huh?

  5. *”My name is Donald J. Trump. The J stands for Jenius.”* 😅😂🤣😂🤣

    1. They are. And also good sources of cash for God/Emperor Dump. Those legal expenses are using up lots of cash.

    1. @jussBiden was not the president when he took the classified documents. He took them when he was VP which means he actually had them in his possession before President Trump was elected.

    2. And his home is much, much more secure than an abandoned office. Time for you to stop making me excuses.

    3. @Crispin Fornoff Not just any abandoned office, but an office to a political thank tank that take donations from CHINA!! O_o

  6. How about the fact this happened November 2 and nothing was said until after midterms. Just a coincidence.

    1. He used his clairvoyant powers to have George Washington declassify them with psychic powers. But then once he was elected he did it himself again with his mind. But it doesn’t matter because they were planted and they were his property to begin with.

    1. Yeah but he still has psychic powers as all presidents do. He did it with his mind but then he used his clairvoyant powers to chat with George Washington. Who then declassifed them again. So they were double declassifed. And they were planted and belong to him anyway.

    2. @Steve B He really wants to get him a “look” at that laptop. He can’t get enough naked Hunter pics…

    1. Presidents can declassify documents with their minds. They are also clairvoyant and George Washington himself declassifed them again just to be sure.

    1. There’s nothing that you can do about it, SweetCheeks.
      Too bad for you, huh?

  7. 45 had the right to declassify documents, where, as 46 as VP did not have the right to declassify so therefore 46 may have actually committed a crime.

    1. The intent is the more important factor in these issues according to the laws covering them. There, as of now, does not appear to be intent on Biden’s part. Considering trump continued to try to block, lie, and obfuscate whereas Biden notified NARA as soon as they were discovered, it would definitely be trump who has far more legal exposure. Considering the fact that there is no evidence whatsoever that trump declassified any of those documents, your point is moot.

    2. But they weren’t declassified. That was just one of the lines of BS Trump used to try and excuse himself. You know, once he got caught (after first having denied having any such documents). Good to see Bidens team immediately doing the right thing upon discovery though. Unlike Trump who denied having such documents, fought all requests for their return for months, and then eventually had to have them forcibly removed from him via a raid. Trump excuse makers like you make me laugh. Clearly some of these documents were of a highly sensitive/important nature. Yet you evidently think trump “declassifying” them would make everything alright, and it all ok for such documents to be out floating around in public domain.

  8. One was the president the other was VICE where is the picture here. What was a vice president doing with highly classified documents?

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