How Big Money Is Working To Crack Down On Voting Rights

The New Yorker's Jane Mayer discusses new reporting on the dark money behind state laws making it harder to vote.

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How Big Money Is Working To Crack Down On Voting Rights


  1. Our Enemies foreign and “Domestic” (republicans) aren’t hiding their disdain for the constitution and Democracy anymore .

    1. @East End Long Island Girl l Tell us where to go for news, help us poor ignorant fools where to find the real news. LMAO

    2. @LG Roots NO, Biden is NOT very close to dementia, I can define it , because I have worked with dementia patients.

    3. @Bud Fudlacker Biden’s dementia of medicated treatment is constantly bouncing back and forth in real-time. And the substantial issue is we should all be asking ourselves why is this chronic disorder patient still operating as the president of this nation?

    1. @Zennbubba What, the constitution you guys wanted to hang Mike Pence for abiding by? That cosntitution?

    2. @Eve Again wow you are all over the map EVE it goes from me saying I take things at face value to I understand little because of that. To Jan6 I think you and I have a problem communicating therefore good day.

    3. they said they would be done the end of August, so doing this is stopping / blocking information. They also removed them from twitter. The results of the audit shared in a hearing Thursday found 74,243 mail-in ballots without clear record of delivery, 168,000 ballots were incorrectly printed, 11,000 voters were added to the voter rolls AFTER the election, duplicate ballots without the original attached, and much more.
      What they don’t want them to find even more.

      But Maricopa County officials took to Twitter on Friday to defend their refusal to turn over data they had already promised they would deliver to the Senate under subpoena.

  2. It’s a shame that people don’t want representatives who make and keep promises to help them as opposed to those who support liars and frauds like Donald Trump; I don’t know why there are still audits going on, there was no fraud or rigging in this last election and Donald Trump lost…

    1. @anony 02130 this is enough reasonable result to vote third party and change positions with these conned one-party systems.

      There’s no awful thing as red vs blue, it’s constantly has stood red and blue vs the elites. It’s the slickest hoax game had played against the American voters. 😬 😷

    2. @Lee, I saw it back in the late 90’s. It was a bad movie that did nothing but stroke Howard’s ego. It was made back in 97, not really relevant in anyway.

      But your account is newish and you’re spamming posts all over multiple news videos that you clearly didn’t watch so you’re more likely a troll getting payed in Rubels. Tell Putin he’s a giant coward for me.

    3. Let’s not forget he was calling the previous election a fraud and rigged before he was even elected, and then suddenly it wasn’t rigged anymore.

  3. If they have this much money being to donate to a frayd audit then they can pay for replacing new voting machines.

    1. @Kim Brooks Yeah, not like the Dems right? Dems all about America, all about freedom and rights, right? Except Open borders and the illegals can get sanctuary. Don’t go against what Dems say or you get banned and labeled racist. No say you support 2nd amendment, then you’re a white supremist.

    2. @Wisconsin Man 🥱 go back to fox with your ignorant crap. Borders were never closed and the crisis down there was worse in 19.

  4. The Heritage Foundation and The Bradley Foundation. That’s truly disturbing. Now we’re seeing the true evil behind the system, all the while portraying themselves as morally justice and righteous.

    1. @AwesomeBlackDude sure Q-Tard because Trump never did that 🙄, also Biden has been president for less than a year so he still has time to get that done but he can’t when we have Republicans like Manchin and Senima pretending to be dems blocking Bidens agenda.

    2. @Jason M They’re definitely a paid Russian troll, none of their responses have anything to do with anything.

  5. It’s not that the heritage foundation opposed Russia’s and China’s form of government. It’s that they weren’t theocracies. That is what they are pushing here.

    1. The heritage foundation spreads Russian propaganda. I’ve watched it, it condemns the US actions of the cold war even. It’s oligarch misinformation using Russian thinking of there’s no truth, and opinions are just as good as truth.

  6. Instead of Companies, and lobbyists giving money to LAWMAKERS THEY COULD HELP SUPPORT AMERICANS IN NEED.

  7. Fascism is a manifestation of late capitalism; it comes from within the capitalist state power to retain power, not from outside it.

    1. And the USA is an end-stage capitalism society. Deprived of societal understanding and solidarity in >40% of a hateful and stupid population having a substantial racism problem

  8. That’s why people need to start going after “dark money”…identify where this money is coming from…call them out…put a spotlight on them….I’m sure all this info is availible on the web if you know where to look…

  9. Cyber Ninjas….that these people willingly call themselves that with any degree of pride shows you how little they care about being embarrassing.

    1. @William Lowery People being re-admitted to nursing homes were tested. Now it has been shown that, worldwide, COVID was mainly being brought into nursing homes by staff.

    2. The troll vibes are super strong today. Just remember everyone don’t respond to nonsense. Arguing with idiots makes you one too.

    3. Actually you are blind to the law those voting machines are not government property they are controlled by the states, this is how false narratives starts on social media…just because you say it don’t make it true..I did fact check, your wrong.

  10. Say what you will about Biden, he has lived a life with ups and downs and learned from it, he’s what a leader should be. (Please compare to baby Dump). Freedom of speech is one thing, but, a democratic society has to be hard of fascistical ideas, history teaches us that.

  11. Cyber ninjas are such fumblers that they haven’t even succeeded in conjuring up fake frauds, which they are clearly paid to do.

    1. I think former Congressman Wriggleman has these people in mind with the comments he made about QAnon. ” They Probably Think Lord of The Rings” is a documentary. Jane Mayer wrote a great book ” Dark Money”. Koch brothers. Tried to dig up dirt on her to try and prevent her book from being published. She’s absolutely right. No clowns and certainly not funny

    1. Everyone who worked with trump is corrupt and needs to be jailed for the safety of the people and country.

    2. The Heritage Foundation is funded by the Koch Corporation.
      They’d happily give you new voting machines.
      Those machines would have the added benefit you didn’t actually have to vote for the result the Kochs wanted to come out…

    3. @Jim McLoughlin Perhaps, but that’s not what they want to spend their money on. It’s for Orange Clown’s lifestyle and legal expenses, and backing loser extreme right candidates.

    4. @The Patriot no Gov is perfect including my own but to put the vote’s of millions of American’s & their info in the hands of a company called Cyber Ninja’s is mind blowing !!! All the best moving forward 🙂 Zoe , Canadian neighbor

  12. I’m afraid were going to go on re-counting the votes for eternity. Oh well, nothing more fun than beating Trump, one time, two times, three times, four times, etc. Every time they count, Trump losses again.

  13. Why aren’t they recounting votes for Mitch McConnell, Jordan, Cruz. De Santos, Lindsay graham, it wouldn’t hurt to recheck all Republicans states.

    1. that AND check on the way the republicans gerrymander and suppress votes in order to game the system

  14. “Southern Strategy” Conservatives such as Joe Scarborough are responsible for this mess when they employed dog whistle racism in the 80’s. The fascistic Reagan era that inspired moaning’ Joe to get into politics in the first place.

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