1. Black history should be taught more, it should be considered normal history. Same with eastern cultures, we should be taught more about them in regular American schools.

  2. My question is, why can’t we just celebrate all races all year? Why does there have to be 1 month for black history, but no month for any other race?

    1. @duha othman I just don’t agree with limiting a race’s history into 1 month, which is kinda stupid as it’s like “Do we only acknowledge them in that particular month?” In general, it’s pretty stupid

    2. BLM looted and graffitied my small market, which is African American owned btw. Surveillance showed kids laughing “Black Lives Matter” as they were running away with stolen items. More like Burn Loot Murder/Marxism if you ask me. Can’t believe I used to support that violent movement….they’ve moved so far away from what I thought they’d be. Wish there was another movement to follow

  3. Proverbs 31:26 she opened her mouth with wisdom and her tongue is the law of kindness…the heart of her husband doth trust in her safely… Trent(77) July 27(77) 30th Sunday of 1986. 72786(30) Trent Donnel Montgomery (286) 21/3 7. Montgomery/Numerology. Eunuch brook. God brook.

  4. Black history month, humm , imagine if there was a white history month? Or even a brown history month. Why does everything have to be about color? Isn’t it we the people?

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