How Black Lives Matter Effectively Pushed Trump On Policing Reform | MSNBC

President Donald Trump signed a new executive order outlining several police reform measures, showing the impact of protests and Black Lives Matter activists. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on the role of public pressure in this growing movement. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 6/16/2020.
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How Black Lives Matter Effectively Pushed Trump On Policing Reform | MSNBC


    1. @grow forit they came from asia across the frozen bering strait. Eskimos, american and canadian first nations, mexicans, central and south americans- from asia.

    2. South Korea had to help the Navajo because trump stalled and stalled. South Koreans sent thousands of thoughtful messages thanking the Navajo for the help of code talkers in the Korean war. Thank you South Korea.

    1. And yet the Republicans continue to chip away at that power, disenfranchising millions of former voters, year after year after year. – And no one can seemingly stop it.

  1. On the 16th of April, Donald Trump said the US was past the peak of coronavirus. At the time the US had 592,000 active cases of covid-19.
    Today the US has 1,175,000 active cases and climbing!

    Meanwhile countries like New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand and Croatia all have less than 10 active cases!

    1. You’re on the wrong comment board. Try one that’s about Covid, instead of a police shooting.

    2. @Tito Actually all of SE Asia was better prepared thanks to mistakes made during the SARS pandemic. Everyone else screwed up the Covid response including Russia, Europe and the US.

    1. J Groovy enlighten me please. You’re being too general. Be specific. What wrongs has he done. How has he screwed up. I’m not saying he hasn’t screwed up, but I’m asking you since you seem to know so much

    2. J Groovy you’re the one with the claims, let’s see how you back them up. And I hope they’re good sources too. Speculation is not evidence btw

    3. @J Groovy You realize this “systemic brutality” derived from the Crime Bill passed by Bill Clinton and Joe Biden?

    4. That must be why jobs are being created, the treasury is growing and other countrys are pulling their weight finally. Do some research before you show people how dumb you are

    5. Shrimp Smoothies oh, are you referring to the Tough on Crime bill. which militarized police and gave them more power to use force? That bill? Oh yes, Biden not only supported it; he helped write it. Shhhhh…. you don’t wanna let that info out.

    1. It would be a lot more helpful to reform police to perform like the NYPD . Over the last generation they reduced homicides by a thousand a year. That’s 30K mostly black lives saved by good policing. And yet they fired their weapons at suspects only 17 times in 2018. That’s out of 9.5 million population. But the group known as “BLM” will never say a word about those black lives saved or the 7K annual black on black murder victims. Apparently the only black lives that matter to the ironically named “BLM” are those that can be exploited to pressure white people into supporting their agenda without ever running a candidate or winning an election.

    1. I think a lot of people forget that he actually endorsed police brutality. He said cops should slam suspect’s heads into squad cars. Funny, but when Trump is credibly accused of something, he starts whining about how suspects are innocent until proven guilty, (as if even the guilty forfeit their civil right to not get beaten down by the cops).

  2. This is actually education to the world I don’t mean Just in the USA 🇺🇸 I mean whole world 🌎🌏🌍

  3. Notice he like men in uniform stand in photos with him. Just like KIm (little Rocket Man)as nickname by POTUS

  4. Donald once said about a restaurant
    Dirty on the outside Dirty on the inside..
    This sounds like a Freudian slip about what he was taught
    by Fred (the slum land lord) on Race..

  5. Amazing only 1 person of color in that group and all you see is the person’s arm /side of their body.

    He’s the absolute biggest racist there is and it continually is shown.

    1. Trump doesn’t pander to POC like the left does. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t like them he just doesn’t pander and apologize for being born white.

    2. I guess the only black men in his administration, that photo was also shot like that..😏 Trump is racist! That one black officer was not a mistake. ” My African American ” Trump’s words.

  6. Someone has to ask trump if he still thinks cops should let people hit there head otw into the back of yje cruiser

    1. Thank you. I think a lot of people forget that he actually endorsed police brutality. Funny, but when Trump is credibly accused of something, he starts whining about how suspects are innocent until proven guilty, (as if even the guilty forfeit their civil right to not get beaten down by the cops).

  7. Now let’s see a bill move past Moscow Mitch’s desk to put teeth in it by being signed into law.

    1. Thank You, people keep Forgetting, McConnell is the Master Puppeteer
      I’m the first to say we Need to honor, respect and support our local Police department, and surprisingly many people in the US communities would love to be able to honor and respect their local Police, if More of the Good Respectable policemen and women would step forward and truly protect the people of the communities they patrol.

      When little children are visibly scared of Policemen, not because of what they’re always told, They also See and many children have been violated by no knock warrant searches, so yes many things should be Changed for the health and safety of Everyone in our communities especially the children.

      We need to Know what is in that Executive Order of Reform he signed today in Agreement with Law Enforcement and the Police Unions, and the promise of even Military force of the Natl Guard, doesn’t sound very good to me
      Lord Jesus, have Mercy!!!

  8. This could be over in no time if someone would simply tell trump that Obama could hold his breath for 20 mins.


  9. He did it only because surely he was pressured by his advisors to do it as a calculated manoeuvre as it would look good in election year. He couldn’t care less for the people. Specially blacks. He’s super racist.

  10. Trump is still struggling to move, look how he uses lectern for support while moving. He is physically unwell but doesn’t want to look weak. I hear they have good physios in jail Don

    1. Shrimp Smoothies when he said you “ain’t black,” it’s voter intimidation. And you notice he only says “ain’t” when speaking at the brothers. He’s such a racist piece of trash!

  11. POTUS thought cloud =💭 “‘MAGA Lives Matter! look Base, Trump is the WH Rose Garden with lots of old white male Cops 💭.” [ yep, Trump thinks in the 3rd-Person. ]

  12. Don’t be fooled. A BLACK FEMALE Police Officer just got FIRED
    WHY. She intervened in a choke hold !!

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