How campaign violence is affecting the election: Political strategists weigh in 1

How campaign violence is affecting the election: Political strategists weigh in

Political strategists Dan Moulton, Cam Holmstrom and Brayden Akers discuss how violence at campaign events is affecting the election.

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  1. My strong and independent ex wife divorced me due to my disability and stole my Toronto home and therapy dog, save yourself men and don’t cohabitate or get married unless you enjoy being falsely accused and automatically charged and put in jail.

  2. You brought 3 peds on to discuss this…. are they planning on fleeing the country when Trudeau loses? What kind of apologies and prizes have they been awarded by the crown???

  3. Liberals are causing this problems them selves I don’t agree with violence but you get what you ask for try being honest for a change take the target off your back

  4. Mostly peaceful protests. Lucky for the liberals, they can count on mail-in ballots from phantom Canadians. Way to lead the way Joe!!

  5. If dissatisfied Canadians are a violent angry mob, what do you call a PM who has blood on his hands due to poor handling of the pandemic?

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