1. @It is, in fact Paul you need to visit San Francisco, just don’t forget to download the app that lets you know which path has the most human feces on the sidewalk.

    2. @doughesson Autopsies cost! It’s up to the pathologist in each each city or town to make the decision to do an autopsy. The majority of homeless are simply declared deceased, issued with a death certificate, and buried.

    3. Name six homeless people that you personally know that are absolutely living on the streets and then tell me which one of those have died or simply just contracted covid and maybe just got better oblivious that they were infected… My point being, how do we know that homeless people aren’t contracting covid? If they don’t have access to hospitals and aren’t on record for any type of medical care, how do we know that they aren’t dying on the streets simply not being noticed or getting sick from covid at all on any level of gravity? Symptoms can range from asymptomatic to fatal.

    4. Ah most likely have stronger immune systems living in such a dirty life style, playing in the dirt, builds immunity, just like introducing your self to venom can Strengthen your immunity too, many creatures including humans adapt pretty well, other than the most venerable.

      Only the strong survive in this world.

    1. If you believe diseases are caused by ghosts and evil wind then you’re unlikely to have an accurate gauge of the impact of covid.

    2. @Michael Behanna .03% is hundreds of thousands of people. don’t think a small percent means a small amount of people

  1. How about a video on how the body reacts if they already had covid vs someone who just has the vaccination vs someone who has both? Or do we not care about science?

    1. @Waya Vlogs I mean the vaccine would be a safer way of getting COVID. Without the exposure. It helps introverted people like me. I haven’t gotten COVID at all. Just like the flu though we can’t really keep fighting every strain that it evolves into. Viruses work because they duplicate themselves inside of us. The flu has many variations as well

    2. @Ferdi It sounds very scientific to compare the 120 million + Americans with natural immunity, to the millions that have had the vaccine, to the millions that have neither.

    3. @Ferdi I was an early adopter and got it back in March of 2020. I got hit hard and couldn’t really function for almost a week. I was fully isolated from my girlfriend and she didn’t get it. I basically lived in the basement with a fan blowing the air outside and only went upstairs for the bathroom and food. Fast forward to May of 2021. She is working in a daycare where everyone is wearing masks, plastic face shields and strict handwashing requirements. Every single worker that didn’t previously have Covid, got it at the same time (16 people total). Each one of them had fever, coughing, issues breathing and some had loss of taste. No one (out of those 16) ended up with mild symptoms. We came home and I took no steps to protect myself more than any other time. We both slept in the same bed still, I brought her food and water and stayed with her when she was awake. Day 3 I got a little bit of a sore throat that went away the following day. The odds of me not being exposed at that time are non existent. We are seeing the vaccine wear off after only a few months but I was fine after over a year.

  2. Peter Doocy to Psaki: So employers have to require the vaccine for its workers but migrants are not required? Psaki: Yes, next question.
    They’re not even afraid to hide that now.

    1. @Frank Phillips the rest of the world is more conditioned to bring told what to do and not question the government than the USA

    2. Didn’t the Delta variant get its foothold in South America? Overloading the border should be a pretty good idea, no issues there I’d think.

    3. @Meeklo G immigrants flooding the border are not mostly Mexican, it’s largely south and lower Central Americans with immigrants from Africa and the Middle East sprinkled in.

  3. Imagine a disease so deadly you have to be tested to know if you had it !
    And a vaccine you had to be threatened to take it ??

    1. Oh did you? Must be legit then. Hey everyone- some guy in the YouTube comments “heard” the Taliban is doing fine. I guess it’s all fake then! We just need to convert to Islam, join the Taliban, and this will all disappear.

    2. @Third Star you know the dems/military industrial simplex supply taliban. Case in point leaving all their stuff there(afghanistan)a month ago

  4. The vaccine is so good that a large portion of those who administer it are willing to lose their jobs before taking it. That is all I need to know.

    1. @Bofa? What’s Bofa? well this guy is trying to spread information saying that 98% of Dr’s are vaccinated. Spreading crap just like CNN

  5. It’s weird how I haven’t been to the doctors in years and definitely haven’t gotten the covid vaccine yet I’ve been perfectly fine this whole time. I rarely wear my mask or “socially distance” and yet somehow, IM FINE! Magic isn’t it?

    1. By golly, you must have “SUPER IMMUNITY”, you should go volunteer at a hospital in the covid ward. You’ll have nothing to worry about and shouldn’t need some silly mask either.

    2. @Phreakwar PC Custom Builds . Great response. As a matter of facts I volunteer at St. Anthony’s and I know the situation.

  6. So before symptoms become severe, are there any early ways to make symptoms less deadly? Pretty sure that would help our medical system a lot. Even the vaccinated can still get covid, though a smaller fraction

  7. You might as well tell everyone that the Boogeyman is coming to get them at this point… What won’t the Public Believe…

  8. I think the more important question is how COVID attacks those who’ve been fully vaccinated? Or do we treat scientists like we treat cops… good not great (but they try their best)

  9. Immunity is key but not the message from these core rotten networks. It all really depends how strong your defenses are and, underlying health issues, and your geographic sector. HECK the Sentinelese islanders have been isolated from the rest of the world for decades now. They are kept this way to avoid contracting foreign disease which their immune systems will probably not be able to fend itself.

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