How COVID-19 has changed our society after two years | USA TODAY

How COVID-19 has changed our society after two years | USA TODAY 1


  1. Please pray for me and my children. I have been struggling to provide for my two autistic children both are non verbal. Taking care of my boys is my life but it’s overwhelming because they are special needs and require extra attention. I lost my job because I refused the vaccine. I refused due to my already failing health. Heart disease and lupus. I have been struggling since. My husband passed away unexpectedly three years ago so I’m all alone. We are facing eviction this month. WE HAVE NOWHERE TO GO! BUT! I have faith that God will provide for me and my children. FAITH OVER FEAR!

  2. COVID is far from over but since no more variants so far I may never get the vaccine I am hesitant over

    1. Lu the ruler
      It over and always was. There will be always new variants and viruses.
      I been sick several times during the years and didn’t get tested even once, been living just like before the pandemic. Now we can move forward until the next new virus, imagine believing can avoid illness whole life when there plenty of other viruses in nature, and a bat is supposed to be enough have to start all over again, hilarious.

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