How dangerous is Putin? Hear ex-Russian oligarch’s answer

Former oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who was once the richest man in Russia before spending 10 years in prison for going against Vladimir Putin, speaks with CNN's Erin Burnett about the Russian president's mindset and the state of the country's military a month into the war in Ukraine. #CNN #News


  1. frostbite is serious. Without medical attention, they could lose parts of their body. Serious infections can also happen (in fact probably will.)

    1. @HK Chan Frostbite requires painkillers surgery and often antibiotics. I don’t even know what NWALS is.

    2. @Kanna NLAWS are Swedish brand British made anti tank weapon, deep fries the Russian soldier in the tank or armoured vehicle

    3. Russia has never been really caring of their conscripts. Only reason he probably hasn’t called upon more conscripts is it would show the Russian people the war is going terrible.

    4. @Eric Cook seems the Russian approach to war since Stalin is to throw men at enemy machine guns until the enemy ran out of bullets. The Russian POWs in Ukraine said if they retreat and turn back their army will shoot them – just like the battle of Stalingrad

    1. Putrid kills and jails all opposition, and his choice of murder weapon is such a vile way to kill, “NOVICHOC”. lies to his own people and soldiers which means he is treating his own people and soldiers with utter contempt, ordered war and is committing war crimes on a daily basis and I don’t care what reason you give it just doesn’t hold up so don’t bother, has taken control of nuclear power plants, God knows what it! plans on doing with them?, has threatened the free world with nuclear war which of course involves you knuckle head, your part of the world aren’t you? Putrid is an absolute despicable man and will go into the history books for all the wrong reasons. now what was the crap you were throwing at Helenskyy? off the drugs and on your bike fool.

      I’m copying this to throw at you Putrid Bots, I’m over treating you as individuals for you are not, прощание…

    2. @Chewie Knievel yet he has done nothing to stop the neo nazis tho🤡Zelensky and people like you are the definition of a nazi white supremacist sympathizers💯🤡

  2. This Former oligarch probably makes a good point. Paranoia and some sort of psychological problem could explain why the leader of Russia has been so reckless, imbalanced, and without logic in his decisions.

    1. @Leah Gary You know very little to post any comments on this platform. USA owns the largest media networks in the world & they are the only ones who are experts in propaganda. Russia does not have the media networks to spread propaganda.
      So either you can’t think & you’re brain dead or you have been living in the caves.

  3. As a Marine combat veteran, I can’t tell you how disturbing it is to see Russia leaving their fallen scattered all over Ukraine. I don’t support Putin are Russia’s military in any way shape or form, but their fallen deserve better. Their parents, wives, and kids deserve better. It’s an utter disgrace.
    Semper Fi…
    Glory to Ukraine!!! 🇺🇦 🇺🇲

    1. Oh, this is the same man who was allegedly poisoned by the Russians. It was shown on all American TV channels. When, in turn, the United States has more than 300 biological laboratories around the world. SNN made me laugh again.

    2. It’s even worse than that. Belarus has agreed to allow dead Russian soldiers to be buried in mass unmarked graves in their country, and the Russian army is now carrying “mobile crematoriums” with them, to dispose of their dead by burning their bodies down to ashes. Look it up. It’s actually happening.
      Imagine knowing that if you were killed on the battlefield, you would be disposed of that way.

    3. @laura sarkaar
      Get over yourself, Petra.
      I want Putin to call off the attacks and withdraw his forces.
      If you call that “warmongering”, then you are a few cards short of a full deck.
      Who invaded who?
      It wasn’t Ukraine or NATO who invaded.
      Try again, Petra.

    4. @LoboKhan1 you seem to like putin more, why dont you call him up instead of wasting time on youtube . call petra as well , you metioned few times as well ;). and stop crying about ukraine , there are lots of places worse you can cry about .;)

    1. @Ken Bob So true! The MAGAS — all well hidden behind their multinational corportions — are the true rulers of the world economy and populations and the governments are at their boots… 👎🤬


      And God’s punishment will fall on the Moscow region for all the abuse it has inflicted on Ukraine for 350 years and other nations. Muscovy is facing disintegration and complete decline. It began with Vladimir and will end with Vladimir. Such is God’s will

      We Ukrainians must pass this terrible page of our history with dignity, always remember it, and have it as a lesson for the future, so that this devilish evil will never happen again on our earth. There is no freedom without struggle, but God is with us. And if God is with us, then who is against us ???

      P.S. Father Herman Budzinski (b. 1905 – b. 1995) – monk-
      Studit, a Greek Catholic priest who spent more than 20 years in prisons and Stalinist concentration camps.

    3. @malovina Not news, unfortunately… That is how dictators operate. Impostor Arf Trump did the same thing for too long and so are his so-called good friends (Kim Jong-un and Putin)

    1. @K X Of course you remember…
      *This is what Biden gave Putin*

      *Op-ed for the Washington Examiner on Biden and Harris’ capitulation to Putin over the Russian pipeline Nord Stream 2*
      “This decision is a total surrender to Putin. It is a multibillion-dollar gift that will keep on giving in perpetuity at the expense of the United States and our allies. It is a generational geopolitical mistake. Russian dictators, decades from now, will be reaping billions of dollars every year from President Joe Biden’s gift.”

      *CNN: President Biden gave Putin custom aviator sunglasses during summit*
      President Joe Biden gifted Russian President Vladimir Putin a pair of custom aviator sunglasses made by Randolph USA during their summit on Wednesday, according to a White House official.
      . . .
      Biden also gifted the Russian President a crystal sculpture of an American bison* — the national mammal of the US — made by Steuben Glass of New York, according to the official.

      *CTV: Biden gave Trudeau same aviator sunglasses as official summit gift, as Putin*
      _Biden gave Putin a pair of the 23-karat-framed aviator shades at a summit in Geneva, Switzerland, in June, the first time the two presidents met._

      CBS News JUN 2021 > *Biden says he gave Putin a list of 16 areas of critical infrastructure that “should be off-limits” for cyberattacks, including the energy sector and water supply*
      _He says they agreed to have experts in their countries “work on specific understandings about what’s off-limits”_
      ^ would only a traitor do this?

      *Biden’s handing Putin ‘checkbook’ to fund Ukraine*

  4. Mikhail Khodorkovsky is sadly absolutely correct. Indeed we repeat the same mistakes as when Hitler re-militarized Rheinland in 1936 or when Chamberlain and Daladier went to Munich in 1938 “Peace of our time!” Hitler was weak then but the western democracies were not willing to confront. In the end we confronted in a much worse way with the total destruction of continental Europe and over 20 million deaths.
    The key question for us now is: Will Putin start a nuclear war if facing a life emprisonnement? Again, parallel with Hitler. On April 29 1945, just before he committed suicide, Hitler would have started a nuclear war if he could. So our only chance of survival is to have a (military) coup from within Russia. The rest is Yakkedy Yak.

    1. The oligarch said that only when Putin “feels safe” will he use nuclear weapons. wWwhatever that means?

  5. Crappy way to treat your soldiers. Cannon fodder to start and then left to rot in Ukraine. Give them some dignity at least Mr Putin.

    1. @Eric Prestein Yeah, And Putty, scrawny old man body and all, just bench pressed 500 pounds. LOL!!!

  6. I suspect that even this gentleman may over estimate Putin’s rationality. The best estimate of that is that he expected that Ukraine would simply roll over at the advance of the Russian Army. That suggests that he is suffering from a mirror fallacy. He has accepted western estimates of Russian military strength, which are in part based on a rule that it is safer to never underestimate a foe. At the same time, it is best to deceive a foe into thinking the west thinks they are stronger than they really are. There is no gain to telling a potential belligerent just how weak we really suspect he is. So, we lie to him, his own people lie to him, and in all probability he lies to himself because he looks bigger in his own eyes. We also know he is so isolated that he inclines to shooting the messenger when there is bad news. That means that his “end game” psychology is uncertain and very unpredictable.

    1. @Schaduw You want to consider your thought processes. They are not coherent. I am not claiming to know Putin. I am pointing out that we DON”T know Putin. We hope he’s rational. That’s about us, people who hope this war will end without Putin jumping off the cliff with rest of the planet. About us and how we like to think. Pay attention next time. Maybe you’ll learn what things written actually say.

    2. 1. Every war has its strong psychological aspect, especially in the era of social media, when info spreads at the speed of light. It’s enough to have just some bystanders with their smartphones around, let alone when this is all well-documented – by the Ukrainian (surely also by Russian) armies and all kinds of media.
      2. Ordinary Russian soldiers essentially have zero motivation to fight in this war for many reasons, unlike the Ukrainian ones, who have all the reasons to fight like lions. That’s a pretty miserable starting point for Russia to win the war conventionally.

      (Moreover, most of the world is on the Ukrainian side because many countries can imagine themselves in the Ukrainian shoes – almost everybody has a stronger neighbor potentially squinting after their territories. It’s far fewer countries they can imagine themselves being in the Russian shoes…)

      3. How rational Putin is…?
      From his viewpoint, he is very rational, though it doesn’t mean his rationality reflects reality; it rather seems it isn’t. But it doesn’t make him insane; it rather makes him callous, stubborn, selfish, and cruel.
      I think you are right on the part that we pretend we consider a bully strong enough to let him think he doesn’t need any additional “weight lifting” – that may be smart.

      4. Will he really use the weapon/s of mass destruction…?
      I believe he is capable of so, but since he is not insane (yet…?), I also think he will not use them until he is totally cornered. Also, here is a question – can he use them whatsoever…?
      Russia is utterly rotten from corruption from top to the bottom and vice versa and stolen from the east to the very west. It’s no reason to think that army is an exception.
      Thus, nobody can really know how this can work out and if even the nuc systems are performance capable; they may be and may be not. But his threats definitely are working and have a pretty strong psychological effect; I guess this is his most efficient weapon – causing stress, fear, anxiety, and insecurity to the whole world – he is very good in that one. Though it’s not rocket science – making this type of threat; however, he really has the nucs; therefore, that’s so efficient.

      5. It’s a stalemate situation – how can we even negotiate with the apparent war criminal…? It’s tough, and many variables are in the game.

    3. Putin is not isolated, he has China, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Brazil etc. etc. on Putin’s side. 😂😜😂

  7. From what I’ve learned listening to these people, Putin will escalate if the west escalates and will escalate if they do not.

    1. Lol don’t listen to propaganda, this is about Nato and showing them how serious they are against their expansion eastwards

    2. He is all in and he thought China has his back. India , Iran as cheerleaders ! With teammates like these, who need enemies !?

    3. @Yvonne Cheung putin is stupid if he is relying on india. if ever UK are in a war India always sides with UK. so putin better not go against UK.

  8. Erin: “He hasn’t even used tactical nuclear weapons yet!” According to a BBC report, tactical nuclear weapons generally range between 1 and 100 kilotons. The bomb that destroyed Hiroshima was 15 kilotons. Not exactly a minor weapon.

    1. @Jason Lovell “I have been paying close attention to this situation since December, when Roger Wicker said that the nuclear option of a first strike against Russia is under consideration” – And I am looking forward to it, because Putin needs to be given a moral reason – to “press the red button” (for this there must be a “first shot” from the United States at Russia) to close the problem of “the source of evil on the planet” – the USA..

    2. @C.K. Lee The United States must be stopped, because everything that is happening in Ukraine now is Russia’s response to creating a springboard for an attack on Russia with the help of Ukraine (even without NATO membership), which the United States has been pumping with weapons since 2014 and thousands of American and NATO instructors have been training the Ukrainian army. So either an international trial of American politicians who oversaw the “Ukraine-Anti-Russia” project, or the judgment of God (with the help of the Russian nuclear arsenal) is still inevitable….

    3. @Jason Lovell It looks like you (like the Ukrainian media) live in a parallel world! The Ukrainian media manage to post videos (with downed helicopters and airplanes) from computer video games (despite the fact that Russia completely controls the air space and constantly strikes). Do you have a thought – why yesterday Zelensky demanded at least 1% of tanks from NATO (this is about 200 units)?, if at the beginning of the conflict Ukraine, according to various sources, had 2200-2500 tanks (according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, 1860 tanks were destroyed) – this is for you to think about!

      Kiev is surrounded by 80%, the second largest city of Kharkiv is completely surrounded, in Mariupol (the stronghold of the most combat-ready Ukrainian fighters of the Ukronazists – the Azov regiment and there were 14,000 military there) is 70% liberated (they will be completely cleaned up within a week), Kherson, Melitopol, Izum, etc., under control. Basically, Russians do not enter the cities, but pass by surrounding them and occupy as much of the territory of Ukraine as possible, and then a full sweep will begin.

    4. @✙Nostro200✙ Have you seen the French fighting over vegetable oil? 🤣🤣🤣 There is enough sugar in Russia (Russia is one of the leading sugar producers) the hype is caused by psychological hysteria against the background of sanctions, but now everything has calmed down and all products are in sufficient quantities in stores..

    1. @David Aponte I’m more talking about the far right an authoritarian dictator type leaders that are appearing on the world stage. Someone invading a democratically independent country is very much connected to any democratically free country. You said you value democracy, so I would hope you don’t ignore what’s going on there. People in Russia ignore Putin and let him build steam just like Hitler did in the 1940’s.
      It’s all connected dude…especially in this day and age.
      It’s not like Putin hasn’t been waging a cyber war since 2014-present against Western countries right???

    2. @Jen Kem Right, he’s been waging cyber war, and so have we, so who are we to judge when we are worse, since as you say we are a democracy, and we are responsible for our elected officials who we put in office, that means we condoned cyber warfare and the massacre of hundreds of not thousands of civilians who’ve died because of our drones. Furthermore Ukraine is far from a democracy, jailing your political opposition and killing hundreds of your citizens because they are Russians is not an ideal democracy is it. Also Putin is far from sainthood, but you do realize by now I hope that it doesn’t matter who is president of Russia, Russia was bound to invade the Ukraine.

    3. @David Aponte – well, u won’t have anything to worry about when we’re vaporized…problem solved😊

  9. One of the most optimistic parts of this was the former Russian saying that Putin was insane but wasn’t “su*cidal” so that Putin would only use nuclear weapons if he was sure he could get away with it without being “punished.”

    Less optimistic, but still related, I think he advocated for a no fly zone and did another coomparison to H*tler. That stopping H*tler earlier rather than just hoping to placate him was the wrong choice.

    And that is indeed the issue with Ukraine–would it have been better for them to just agree to say that Ukraine was Russia and then just ignore Russia as much as possible until Ukraine could peacefull claim its indepence (what seems to work best for former Colonial powers) or if the situaiton is that if Ukraine had been easy it just means Putin would more quickly move on to other countries.

    So, at stake is why Putin is invading Ukraine. The way that Ukraine is being leveled is going to be outrageously expensive to repair. It would not make sense for Russia to want to rebuild the cities. So the next issue is whether this destruction is on purpose or unfortunate in Putin’s opinion. If Putin just wanted Ukraine for nationalist reasons, it doesn’t make sense that he would want to level it since leveling it would then be a problem for Russia–unless he were insane.

    I wonder about extreme worst case scenarios (that make more sense if Putin is also the wealthiest person in the world on top of everything else) that would tie in climate change and soil collapse. If Putin is planning for climate change and soil collapse, he actually would want to depopulate Ukraine and free up more land for agriculture. But if this is what is going on, it is likely to be accompanied by gen*cide since the point would be to reduce and enslave other populations to reduce the competition for too scare resources. If this is the goal, setting off nuclear bombs in heavily populated cities wouldn’t be a bad ideal as long as Putin felt he could get away with since his goal would also be to drop population and instill fear in survivors that he should obeyed.

    On the other hand, master evil plans like the one I just described do NOT tend work out as planned in history.

    1. Putin is insane. He’s a paranoid, narcissistic, psychopath. We have Orange Putin Lite. Russia has the real deal. And, it wouldn’t be better for Ukraine to have capitulated. Would you capitulate in their situation? Not only is that cowardice and apathy, you need to look at the way Putin treats his own people. And, if Ukraine had surrendered, it would have only emboldened Putin to do this to the next country on his list.
      Ukraine would never have peacefully regained its independence. Putin wants the kind of power the Soviet Union used to have. And, if he can’t have Ukraine, he’ll level it. Ukraine has rich soil, and is a big producer. But, I don’t think this is about agricultural land, so much as it is about one man’s ego.

    2. I dunno If Putin uses nukes the Russian soldiers pushing the button need to understand they are signing the deaths of everyone and everything they know. He might get everyone but he and his country won’t be around either.

  10. A Tribute to Ukraine
    The Fight

    Where were you
    when the walls came crumbling down.
    Fearing for our lives
    In our home towns.

    Where children once played
    Laughter was everywhere
    We now find graves
    Seems like only we care.

    But now,
    We’re standing side by side
    Defending arm in arm
    Praying for our lives.

    And now,
    We’re standing toe to toe
    Fighting hand to hand
    Dying for our nation’s soul.

    If we lose.
    If this was your last fight.
    I promise you
    We wouldn’t run and hide.

    Only one way to live
    Head high, full of pride
    What we would give
    Our blood and tears we cried.

    But now,
    We’re standing side by side
    Defending arm in arm
    Praying for our lives.

    And now,
    We’re standing toe to toe
    Fighting hand to hand
    Dying for our nation’s soul.

    Instrumental 🎶

    A burst of lightning
    comes from the morning sky
    confuses all
    We will not run and hide.

    But now,
    We’re standing side by side
    Defending arm in arm
    Praying for our lives.

    And now,
    We’re standing toe to toe
    Fighting hand to hand
    Dying for our nation’s soul.

    And then,
    There’s one thing left to do.
    Fight until the death
    Fight until we’re through.

    But now,
    Our prayers were not met
    By those who stood by
    By those who could not cry.

    By Humble Driver

  11. What he said about Putin only likely to use nukes when he thinks he is completely safe is absolutely terrifying. It really does slam home how close we are to a point of no return.

    1. He can say whatever he wants to say. LoL he is just a butt hurt rich guy who lost alot of his riches so now all of a sudden they all have something to say about Putin. LoL nobody knows what Putin is capable of only Putin knows what he s capable of. Nobody can somehow guess what somebody thinks or is capable of doing that is a bunch of hogwash. This is like Ukrainians saying before the war happened “Russia is bluffing they aren’t going to invade” AND WHAT DO’YA KNOW! THEY INVADED LOL

    2. He will NEVER be safe. The case now is only choice of one of:
      1. Wait until the sanctions start biting seriously. The Russian nation and elites will form a front of the opposition. Give Germany 2-3 months to reestablish their army with available production, getting young people to the military so the experienced ones could be available. Put most current of the soldiers of the NATO forces in Europe into High Readiness state. Similar to agile and fast VJTF “spearhead” force.
      2. Beef up Ukraine’s offensive capabilities in secret but keep the “struggle drama” and discussion on escalating the conflict. At the same time pump all serious assets to 3 baltic States, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, etc. Give Poland anti-air missiles (already in progress) and support Scandinavian countries with all possible means (it’s also a work in progress).

    3. He cannot be safe in this sense.
      Or at all, ever.

      He knows it.

      The actual insane use of nuclear weapon upon Humanity and Planetary Biosphere as 1st user (initiator) would bring a resulting counterstrike
      (to prevent the initiator from any *further* launching).

      He would author armageddon upon the Russian People and Russia, the Land (the Biosphere; the Environment).

      He himself would ultimately, horribly die from radiation or be obliterated by detonation of the same kind.

      However, those around him will kill him before he attempted it.

      Putin also, knows,
      That it would be *POINTLESS*

  12. My wife, who is Russian and observed her own mothers cognitive decline, made the same point regarding Putin…that he is exhibiting signs of senility.

    1. @Bryan Dimery Ya. here’s an observation for your imaginary friend. He’s twice your age and twice as smart.


      Journalist Lara Logan: Ukraine’s ‘Puppet’ President was ‘Selected’, ‘We are Being Lied to On An Epic Scale’ (Video)
      Amy Mek
      March 18, 2022
      4 min read

      NATO and the US must accept that they made a mistake, stop their aggression in Europe and honor the non-expansion obligation that they treacherously violated in 1998.

      Logan reports that the United States and its intelligence agencies have been funding and arming the Nazis in Ukraine for a long time.
      On Tuesday, Journalist Lara Logan appeared on America’s Voice AM and denounced Ukraine’s ‘puppet’ President Volodymyr Zelensky who was “selected” and called much of the news about Ukraine “misinformation.”
      The former Fox News Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry, who was the host, explained the current state of Ukraine. Henry said Putin “caused a lot of destruction, don’t want to minimize the fact there are over two million refugees. But this has not gone as well as Vladimir Putin expected.”
      Logan, the former 60 Minutes correspondent, responded,
      “I don’t buy it for a second, and I’ll be honest with you. I really think that there’s so much misinformation. We’ve never really seen anything like it. I mean, I’ve been covering wars now for 35 years.” She continued, “And there’s so much more going on in Ukraine that nobody is talking about.”
      ‘Crimea Wanted to Belong to Russia’
      Logan slammed the Ukrainian Nazi group Azov Battalion, which she claims is funded by the United States and NATO. She explained that the Azov Battalion is leaving a trail of death and destruction in eastern Ukraine. “This is why Crimea wanted to belong to Russia.” According to our leaders, only a few troops are involved. That is not true, claims Logan.
      Logan pointed out that Ukraine used to be a headquarters for the SS, and revealed more about the Azov-Battalion’s Nazi connections:
      I mean, you can find pictures of them online holding up the NATO flag and the swastika. And at the same time, their own emblem contains the black sun of the occult, which was a Nazi SS emblem.”
      Logan went on to link the Ukrainian military to the Azov Battalion, stating,
      throughout the Ukrainian military you can see that black sun of the occult on their body armor, even on the female soldiers who are paraded in front of the world as being, you know, such an example of Ukraine’s independence and spirit and nobility.”
      Logan reports that the United States and its various intelligence agencies have been funding and arming the Nazis in Ukraine for a long time. She explains that the CIA gave Nazis immunity from prosecution after World War II,
      The CIA under Allen Dulles actually gave immunity from prosecution to the Nazis of Ukraine from the Nuremberg trials. So there’s a long history of the United States and our intelligence agencies funding and arming Nazis in Ukraine. These are not, like, new neo-Nazi groups that sprung up. These are the actual Nazis.”
      Many Suffered in WWII
      “What troubles me about the moment that we’re in is that we have such a selective and a narrow reading of history. President Zelenskyy may be Jewish, but he’s not the only one in this who suffered during the second world war, whose ancestors suffered, right?” Logan asked.
      “I mean, look at Putin, how many relatives did he lose in the siege of St. Petersburg? People don’t know their history,” she said before noting, “I’m am not defending him. I don’t need to defend Vladimir Putin. My job as a journalist is to try to understand, what is the truth here?”
      President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a ‘Selected’ ‘Puppet’
      She continued, “I don’t like being lied to. And we’re being lied to on an epic scale. When we’re told your only choices, you have to be a hundred percent with Zelensky, who’s a puppet who you can find on the internet in black stilettos and leather pants, you know, shirtless, doing a spoof Dancing With The Stars kind of entertainment video that’s a mock of a Ukrainian group that does this kind of satanic, occult type of music video.”
      “And I mean, Zelensky was selected, like so many of our leaders. And honestly, with big tech and with election fraud these days, we don’t know how many leaders all around the world have been selected for us and weren’t actually voted in,”
      Putin knew exactly what he was doing when he invaded Ukraine, Logan explained. He did not go directly to Kiev. Instead, Russia went to all those Biolabs in the country. So we should not just believe our leaders. After all, they lied about corona.

      Biden before and after a rigged election…

      More recently, in a military operation under the leadership of then-Vice President Joe Biden, a US airstrike on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan on 3 October 2015, killed 30 medical staff and patients. A subsequent Doctors Without Borders inquiry found the “US knew site was safe from Taliban* but bombed it anyway”, as one headline from The Independent put it.
      The deadly attack on health workers was closely followed up by the bombing of the Abs Rural Hospital in Yemen on 15 August 2016, when US-manufactured Paveway-series aerial bombs were dropped by the Saudi-led, US/UK-backed coalition in what Amnesty international called “the fourth attack in 10 months on a [Doctors Without Borders] facility in Yemen”.
      US and UK involvement in the ongoing Saudi siege of Yemen, which UN experts estimate has killed 377,000 civilians — 70% under the age of five — has largely gone unmentioned amid widespread Western allegations of Russian “war crimes”.
      But the Biden administration’s insistence that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “war criminal” faces another serious hurdle internationally – Biden’s own complicity in the bloody US war in Iraq that saw millions of Iraqis killed over the course of two decades
      “Joe Biden did so much more than vote for the war”, according to University of Illinois–Chicago history professor Dr Barbara Ransby, in a recent mini-documentary narrated by Danny Glover, “Worth the Price? Joe Biden and the Launch of the Iraq War”.
      “He was chairman of the powerful Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Senate Committee. He really used his control over that committee to make sure that a majority of the US Senate voted to authorise the war”.
      “It’s questionable whether the authorisation to start the war could have even passed Congress without all that Biden did to get it approved”, she explained. “He really did play a major role in bringing us into the Iraq War… He bears much more responsibility than many other senators who simply voted for it”.

  13. “Hasn’t even used tactical nuclear weapons”….. disgusting to use this phrase after the murders happening in Ukraine.

  14. It’s absolutely amazing with nearly 8 billion people in the world and we still allow “one person” to dictate and cause so much mayhem, humanity at it’s best (worst).

    1. The world fucked up when they allowed America to dictate everything. America is the worlds problem, everyone knows.

    2. @Don Schutte Where are the pics of the bombed out US cities and starving civilians huddled in basements? I’ll wait…

    3. @Steve Yep, blame it on IT technology, media misinformation power and self-inflated egos (Trump was an ace at that)

  15. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

    Since military options are limited, better economic tools are needed.

    We first need to ask – Why are punitive sanctions so impotent? – Basic human nature? North Korea hasn’t budged in nearly 70 years.

    What does motivate people? – Discounts, bonuses, prizes and competitions.

    The solution – Instead of inconsistent punitive sanctions, TAX ALL IMPORTS EQUALLY HIGH, then give discounts for democratic and human rights reforms. Make the discount a bonus and/or prize, (competition for best country to live in?) and people will fall all-over themselves to beat the other guy. Add trophies and it will be an unstoppable force.

    Economically this is no different. Psychologically, it is game changing. Get the civilized world to do this in solidarity, and the status quo will change.

    Are incentives perfect? No, just 90%+ more effective than sanctions. Don’t allow perfection to be the enemy of better.

    Call or write your representative today, and tell them to switch to an incentive-reward based policy.

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