‘How Dare You Say That We Are Not Interested In Families In The Black Community?’ | Andrea Mitchell

'How Dare You Say That We Are Not Interested In Families In The Black Community?' | Andrea Mitchell 1


  1. Racism has no place in our government what he said and implied is not right.he should be removed from office

    1. @Joseph ayala , How sooo. If he misspoke that’s one thing but he said..what he said. What else do you think he meant.

    2. @Joseph ayala , How sooo? If he misspoke that’s one thing but he said..what he said. What else do you think he meant.

    3. Who’s going to remove him the same bigots in power that cover for each other daily. Ask Amad Aubrey’s family.

    4. @Mike Steven Come on dude superior no one in the world see’s you the way you see your self. You can’t even control your hate you need a doctor to help you get well.

    5. @GiGi He was talkin about BLM. She started talking about “black families”. Simple and stupid as that.🤷‍♂️

    1. True! Plus 65 year old white men with no family off his own is suddenly an expert on black family? I’m not American and only half my family is black, but I have to tell you when you are being hugged but you Auntie who is your mother’s Uncles wife’s cousins daughter…. you get family!

    2. @Ts s The original context was the nuclear family structure. Not just any family. Which comes full circle back to the before mentioned points.

    1. He’s absolutely right, and all the mock offence of the lady and the media is ridiculous. You’re being played.

      He makes two points of substance, namely:

      1. If you’re in a family unit, you lose the relief, and
      2. The group BLM – not black peoples generally, but BLM – don’t believe in the family unit*.

      * on their website before they deleted it, in their stated aims: “To disrupt the western-prescribed nuclear family.”

      He said the opposite of what you think he said, but you’ve fallen for the lie, hook, line and sinker.

    2. @Bat Boy are you saying only white People are Republican. If not it isn’t racist. She is referring to Republicans. Technically Hillary didn’t say all were deplorable. She was also referring to Trump Supporters not Republicans. So where is the Racism.

    3. @Rhonda Goodrum – You assign me statements I never made, and you want me to argue them? That’s called a Strawman argument. No thanks. Pass. (Besides, your points are unclear. Try sticking to just one)

    4. @Bat Boy what statement are you responding to? Hillary was right they are all deplorable. You say that is racist. How is that racist? What race is she referring to? Or you think she is referring to?

    1. If you’re white and you don’t defend our black brethren from a$$hat remarks like that, then you are no better than them. There are plenty of poor & rich white single mothers btw


    2. @Drew Vanheistel … well if they are then they need to send some my way because I’m tried of having to choose between paying a bill or putting food in my belly 🤨

    3. Im.more shicked tgst a black woman is arm n arm with racusts and sge works hand in hand with the racist demicrats tgats hilarious

  2. He shouldn’t have removed his hood before he started speaking….then we wouldn’t know which of the reTrumplicans was making that stupid, insensitive, degrading, and trumpian remark.

    1. @Apdavis Davis We can only worry about our own actions! I’m not responsible for your actions you are & I am for myself! If others thought this way life would be great!

    2. @Tony Smith if you see someone do this action you should Step Up and put a stop to it, that is our responsibility to one another. To right the wrong that has been committed. We have a duty and responsibility to one another. It affects us all !
      The insurrectionist that attacked our capital, their action affected us all !

    3. @Apdavis Davis as Matthew 7:5 says I follow if I can help my fellow humans I do! I carry a firearm & if someone were doing evil with a gun against innocent people I will do the right thing! But as for others actions as Jesus says ” you shall reap what you have sown” those who broke the law should be punished no doubt!

    4. @Apdavis Davis As far as the vandalism at the Capitol no it does not affect me at all. My life is great & my perception is not affected by others actions!

    1. no place on the bell curve for that possibility except with the mean being decent, so republicans being gangsta!!

    2. I’m sure the Repubs are PROUD of themselves. If americans keep on voting for them…they can be proud forever…🧐

    3. @karms but if americans keep voting for republicans, they ain’t gonna be around for no forever!!

  3. I’m sick of these cloakless clansman talking in Congress acting like they know what’s best for minorities.

    1. @pakalolo420 If your going to complain about open boarders, learn how to spell border.
      Pretty sure if that’s your literacy level, your job probably is in danger from an illiterate Honduran…

    2. @Tsubadai Khan they used to have those type of statements on their website in their mission statement. They have since changed their language.. People in black media was talking about it so they took out that language!

    3. @oil_kingg That’s the stupidist thing I’ve heard this year. Like anyone with half a brain is going to advertise they’re anti-family. I’m worried about your mental state if you believe BS like that.

    4. @Tsubadai Khan these were very clear statements on their website, Dr. Boyce Watkins read it in plain ENGLISH from their website! He did a whole show about it. You just wasn’t paying attention! That have since removed all that language from their agenda!

    1. @Charles Hash Well, it depends on HOW old fashioned. SOMETIMES it includes multiple wives… but “old fashioned” is a dog whistle comment.

  4. I’ve watched the Democrats roll over and fight for nothing for decades, so it’s really great to see them finally fighting back. Go Dems!

  5. CALL IT for what it is….a RACIST remark! BTW I’m white and I’m appalled at his comments. Good for Stacey P.

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith Everything you’ve said, especially your false claims about Stacey misquoting him.

    2. @Jack-of-all-trades
      You are clearly a liar.
      His very statement said “Black Lives Matter” and she went “How dare you! How dare you! How dare you say Black Lives Matter…uh…black people…don’t support the traditional family”

      You clearly have racist issues if you are denying her direct quote

    3. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith The only liar here is you and your clearly the only one here with racist issues since your trying to defend what was obviously a racist quote.

    4. @Jack-of-all-trades
      You would find the term “black cup of coffee” racist, so there is no reason to even argue.

      You, like her, are purposefully twisting his words and inserting your own racist opinions into it.

      My conclusion is made about you: you hate white people, you hate when people criticize BLM, and you support misquoting and creating strawmen.

  6. I’d put the intelligence of my three dogs against any republican in congress…. my dogs are capable of empathy

    1. Read my other comments on here, Sweger, and then ponder who is stupid.

      He makes two substantive points, namely:

      1. The relief is prejudicial to families, and
      2. BLM as a group are against the family unit*.

      * per their website before they deleted it: “We disrupt the western-prescribed nuclear family.”

      Is it sinking in yet?

    2. Listen again, read my words, then we’ll debate who’s stupid. He has two substantive points, Sweger, namely:

      1. You lose the benefit of you’re married, and
      2. The group BLM – not black people generally, but BLM – do not believe in the family unit*.

      * per their website before they deleted it: “We disrupt the western-prescribed nuclear family.

      Think about it. Think hard. And now interpret his words properly.

      Are you getting it yet?

    3. @Roshai Moore Democrat votes for anything, we have a president punch drunk.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith I will say it again sweetie….white people understand and know who is responsible for the demise of the family unit. So why are white people such as this senator and you looking for sound bytes and clips that you hide behind? That’s the definition of a strawman. If white people were not racist, if white people were not responsible for all of the problems that America is facing, we would not need a BLM. We would never ever need a Dr. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Colin Kaepernick, Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson and a slew of others. It would just be American people working for the common good.

    2. @L7 7 you would not know truth if it got you pregnant. Please stop typing my name because you are a demon.

    3. I’m afro Latina, a traditional family in my culture is very common, and family in general in the black community is a common thing. And it’s a passion we fight for. So for him to say that and have the balls to say it is mind blowing. And down right shameful.

    4. @FragDoll2006
      He said “BLM does not believe in the nuclear family”
      This is deliberately misquoting like if I said “Rep. Pressley believes in burning down cities because she said ‘there will be unrest in the streets”

    5. @Mister Mister no one believes your this stupid. You’re ignoring what Zaynab hint Al-Hadith is saying on purpose. Everyone knows that BLM said on their own website they wanted to destroy the nuclear family and that they were self admitted Marxists. This is not new news today.

  7. A 65 year old millionaire, never been married, no kids…that he claims. Sounds like he has his own personal little war on “old fashioned family” going on.

    1. It’s plainly obvious that BLM does not speak for the entire African American community. They’re a far left group, constantly expressing contempt for capitalism and the nuclear family. The Congressman denounced the far left group – NOT African American families or values. For example, a significant majority of African Americans want more police – not less, contrary to what BLM makes you think.

    2. @Ngawati marupohill There’s a such thing as thoughtful public black intellectuals who denounce BLM … search up Glenn Loury and John McWhorter.

    3. @Ngawati marupohill
      You already have a nice police force in Chicago that does the same thing the cops do w/o a badge

    1. Um no a lot of the black community does not believe in the nuclear family. A big part of that is the government many decades ago.

      Then you have the left claiming the nuclear family is a racist and bigoted patriarchy. However, I know how much the left hates statistics because the don’t care about feelings; statistically speaking children from a nuclear family commit less crime, have better jobs and are over all happier than those that come from a single parent or homosexual home.

      Facts may cause controversy but facts speak truth and your feelings don’t apply to the truth.


    2. @Matt Plamondon Sooner or later everyone sits down to the banquet of consequences……R.L. Stevenson

      Statistically how’s your family Matt?

    3. They have always shown us who they are and still 19% of black men voted for them.. quite frankly what does that say about black men because that insult was passed to them…

    4. @Enough is Enough statistically my family is successful. Of my father’s 9 children only one has not led a successful life and that is due to his choice to engage in criminal activity. Thank you for asking.

    5. Yeah I don’t know why she got so mad at that. Black people are racist to white people’s faces on television and in public and Amazon maybe winning the storm beating the living crap out of black people who call us whitey or racist or cracker or white mother fu@ker.
      Equal rights means I owe you nothing not good nor bad I don’t have to celebrate you I just have to tolerate your existence and that’s what I do I tolerate your existence and you guys just won’t shut the bleep up

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