How Democrats Plan To Pull Off 'Unprecedented' Two-Track Infrastructure Plan 1

How Democrats Plan To Pull Off ‘Unprecedented’ Two-Track Infrastructure Plan


Senator Ed Markey says Democrats need “almost unbreakable guarantees” from members to get both a bipartisan infrastructure bill and a reconciliation bill through the Senate. A bipartisan group of Senate negotiators reached an agreement on an infrastructure bill, as Democrats announce plans to vote on a reconciliation bill to cover the rest of their priorities – including green energy and childcare – in July.
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    1. This guy is blindly naive if he thinks republicans will agree to the first package, since the dems have now said they will ignore the Repubs in the second bill.

    2. @888strummer Why? what is the point of Republicans not at least voting for the first bill if they really believe in investing in infrastructure. They’ve been talking about waiting to pass an infrastructure bill for years. You think they care more about being anti-biden than doing their jobs?

    1. We’d have it passed already if repubs didn’t filibuster it. But the idea of voting rights is anathema to republicans so of course they would not want it to pass. The idea of Americans freely voting without suppression is something that republicans don’t want to happen.l

    2. @MIchael H you are clearly as ignorant as you sound. There is zero and I mean zero voter suppression in any of the red states laws. I’m sorry but ballot isn’t illegal in many states because it lends to corruption where a ballot can easily be thrown away by the collector or that person can influence the voter or intimidate. As well don’t get me start of voter ID, there isn’t a single legal voting age and legal citizen who can get an ID or already has one. I’m sorry the illegals and dead people can’t vote democrats in again but bribe man Biden and clueless Harris are doing an amazing job for the republicans. Both the house and senate will easily flip

    1. @Wanda Gray mad mad mad mad mad mad maddddd, go get cosmo for me wanda he’s gonna wanna see u seethe and cope in this thread

  1. Everyone knows bipartisan to this Administration is simply a low hurdle. If an agreement isn’t reached it’ll be passed in the middle if the night, clumped in with every Democrat preference.

  2. Where’s another stimulus check? Fill their own pockets and leave us desolate, ridiculous!!!…and yes I have a job!!!

    1. Really? And you are a perfect example of the common ignorance of the American people if you think those “stimulus checks” are/were actually free…the money had to come from somewhere and will continue to have to come from somewhere and odds are it will be a tax hike

    2. @richard grace where did the money come from when they was giving Big company trillions of dollars

    3. @Ranrrip Rich same place everything else comes from… loans from China (which will have to be paid back via taxes or other means) and taxes…. everything the government (gives) comes from the same places the government doesn’t have any actual money of its own

  3. *Executive Ordered Fed DoJ Prosecution of ALL Criminal DEPRIVATION OF RIGHTS Legislators, Judiciary +Law Enforcement* USC Title18 Section 242

  4. Now that everyone in the committee has a shell company in place to receive infrastructure money we can move forward with the bill

  5. I LOVE this plan, seems perfectly feasible to me, you have a bunch of politicians playing hardball on both sides for conservative agendas so why not put a stipulation like this into place, GET IT DONE DEMS

  6. All the single folks in low income brackets will REMEMBER Biden’s broken promise. He is going to regret it in 2022 and 2024! A promise is a promise and we promise to remember.

  7. While looking at the inflation that has happened in the last 2 years, we are wanting to throw out another 6 trillion dollars? wtf. Hello homeless, hello crime.

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