‘How Did My Dad Get Hurt’: George Floyd's Daughter Speaks At Sentencing 1

‘How Did My Dad Get Hurt’: George Floyd’s Daughter Speaks At Sentencing


George Floyd's 7-year-old daughter Gianna Floyd delivered a victim impact statement during the sentencing hearing for Derek Chauvin.
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    1. She was manipulated to share her fantasy of the relationship she had with her father. He left her behind in Houston in 2014. They didn’t have dinner together every night and he didn’t help her brush her teeth. The judge should be outraged that this was meant to influence his decision about sentencing Chauvin. And the ignorant public.

    2. Yeah, sucks how her daddy couldn’t stop railing lines of fentanyl and holding pregnant women hostage.

  1. Yooooooo, if I’m that cop I don’t know man, where I will even put my face, I can’t even look at this, is like we have to stop taking other people’s life just for fun wtf man this world is just disgusting

    1. I mean… she’ll have to grow up without her father because he was murdered… but yeah… funny…

  2. What will you do When you see your dad again one day? That’s kind of a messed up question.shes too young to even comprehend death.

    1. I know I thought the line of questioning was not appropriate for the age of that child. If she’s a therapist I don’t think she’s really good at questioning kids. There’s ways to ask them questions that are more appropriate to their age level

    2. @Magnolia Orleans I agree!! I feel sorry for her. She’s so little still and probably so confused about it all.

    1. Momma always said, “Liiiofe is lioke a box of choco lates. You never knooow wat you gonna ghet.”

  3. Tom Hanks played Forrest a grown man acting childlike. Get a grip people. His Southern draw was not real.

  4. This little girl is gonna eventually have a breakdown on missing her father. I can see little small episodes of sadness in her face, but she is a small child and still doesn’t fully understand yet. As she grows and starts to fully understand, she will breakdown and have a very long cry and sadness. Losing a parent when your a child has this affect on you when you start to understand that you will never see your parent again, because they are deceased. Sometimes you start to act out in a negative way because you feel the world isn’t fair. I hope they will get her a Counselor or someone to talk too, so she has someone to express her true emotions too. It’s a roller coaster ride you go through, and sometimes you become angry at the world. At least it was my experience, until you adjust and time helps you move on and heal.

    1. She hadn’t seen “her daddy” for several months prior to his death, and if you can’t see that this child was very deeply coached your deaf & blind

  5. I’m sorry “Forest Gump” came to my mind… but this little ladies life is not a movie. It was how she spoke that melted my heart and soul.

    1. She was VERY VERY HEAVILY coached, OBVIOUSLY!!!
      It had been almost a year since she had seen Floyd prior to his OD death, her mother stopped the visits when he held a gun to her stomach while pregnant!!

    1. Louisiana, that’s where she lives NOT in Minnesota, Floyd hadn’t seen her for close to a year

    1. She lived down south, prior to Floyd’s overdose death he hadn’t seen her for several months, and hadn’t seen her unsupervised since he held a gun to her mother’s belly while she was pregnant with this young ladies sibling. This is sickening how coaches she is.

    2. @Vsetko Umiera with all of that background information, how does that explain what that man’s knee was doing on someone’s neck for 9 minutes? Are you saying he deserved it for his past mistakes?

    3. She just turned seven, and she was born inTexas, if I’m not mistaken. She was also nervous. George left Texas to get away from his criminal past and was trying to get a fresh start in Minneapolis. The seven year old didn’t really understand death, and the family sheltered her and didn’t let her see how her father died.

  6. Omg…this is heartbreaking…wish her all the strength and love form the other side of the pond….stay safe little girl, we won’t forget….!!!

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