How Do You Stop A Covid Spike When You're In The Middle Of It? | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

How Do You Stop A Covid Spike When You’re In The Middle Of It? | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Dr. Vin Gupta, pulmonologist and global health policy expert, talks with Rachel Maddow about therapies, including monoclonal antibody treatments, that can protect high risk patients from bad Covid outcomes in a shorter timeframe than it takes for vaccines to be effective. Aired on 04/13/2021.
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How Do You Stop A Covid Spike When You're In The Middle Of It? | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. State Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional the 70 year old law under which the Governor made her declarations. State Legislature has no interest in curtailing the virus, they only want to curtail Whitmer.

    2. In a statewide poll 46% of self identified Republicans will get the vaccine, while 90% of Democrats say they will get vaccinated.
      That leaves a lot of unvaccinated people.
      Closing down won’t work.

    1. and at no point did it bother you that there’s been more than 300 people that have died and also another 300 that have had more adverse reactions to it than anything? yeah well good for you

      And more people in USA have died from Covid19 in 1 year then all Americans died in World War 2.
      That is probably way over your head.
      Do u even know who USA was fighting in WW 2?

  1. The big stopping point for monoclonal antibodies is getting test soon enough and then getting the results soon enough. If those two criteria are not met, the availability of the drug is moot.

  2. Dr Walensky is right. You stop the surge by closing down. You don’t even have to be a genius to come to that conclusion.

    1. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH That’s what a government is for. Some haven’t figured this out yet. Especially those who are for small government and ”pull yourself up by the bootstraps”.
      It is impossible to pay the rent if you’re dead.
      Thanks for your participation in a difficult time. Be safe and well.

    2. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH And that’s the main problem. It’s easy to say shut down, but almost impossible to do Financially. The Rich can afford to hide but the average person cannot sustain themselves by staying home. There may not be an answer to this nightmare but it is what it is.

    3. ‘Closing down’ won’t stop the surge, either. Idiots will still be out with their friends, screwing each other, and spreading the disease. They don’t care about anyone else. It’s why venereal disease is at epidemic proportions as well; young and irresponsible people just want to have a good time, they don’t care about any consequences that might come later on.

    4. @George Petersen Nobody is saying they should shut down permanently. Just shut down for two weeks until cases go down to a reasonable level then reopen with masks and SD.

  3. Should the states that opened up too soon be taking the vaccines away from other states? Florida and Texas next, so they can open up beaches and nail salons, and refuse to wear masks?

    1. I live in Florida and have stayed on my property since the end of January 2020! People here are wreckless tRumpers that refuse to wear masks. I have had to take care of bringing food to my parents with online delivery because they have never been online. I don’t know how families make it here if they have to work. Between unemployment and EBT is how I have. But my point is your right if these states don’t want to comply why should they get extra vaccine When this is over I will continue wearing a mask btw. I haven’t had my allergies or a cold since I started!

  4. Didn’t get mentioned but you need 2 shots to be completely vaccinated. The 1st shot barely does something so people still have to be careful instead of just waiting for the vaccines.

    1. The first shots of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines actually do provide most of the protection two doses do (it’s something like 80% single dose, versus 94% two doses). Great Britain has had very good success by choosing to inoculate everyone they could once and then think about going back for second doses once they can secure more vaccine. From a health policy point of view, it’s better to have twice as many people protected at the 80% level than having fewer at the 94% level. The reason vaccines won’t save Michigan is that even if one elects to adopt the Great Britain strategy, any vaccine doesn’t act until 4 weeks after the vaccine. 4 weeks is a long time for the virus to be left free to spread. It has to be stopped by measures that start acting immediately.

  5. You don’t stop it you’re beyond that point especially here in Michigan you can’t vaccinate your way out of it it’s too far gone

    1. you cant huh? so please explain measles, small pox, and the others that we no longer need to worry about

    2. @Maja-Danmark is measles a thing we worry about? so it can be vaccinated out. it didnt go away by social distancing and lockdowns

    3. @Paul Wilson It took many years of consistent vaccination to get them under control. Unfortunately It’s never been a quick fix. During those years serious outbreaks were dealt with by mandatory quarantines.

    4. Looks like you are stuck with your opening the economy policy. There is the price to pay for life & death powers.

  6. This video really shows how professional Rachel is! She’s done so much research before presenting the matter in her show, and it just makes so much sense for the host to be as prepared as a professional in a particular field. I’m rooting hard for you, Rachel!

    1. Yet she failed to report the Hunter Biden laptop was real and not Russian disinformation. The entire media knew the Fbi had the hard drive and it had been verified. Yet the prepared Maddow somehow presented the democrat lie like it was the truth. Maddow is a liberal pundit, not a reporter.

    2. Jim Berton if Maddow had time she may have given backgrounds on who signed the Constitution. Revisited the history of the 1920’s flappers. Or showed the movie, “Dances With Wolves”.

  7. oh no since when is NOT a doctors responsibility to know about and prescribe a known working medicine ? This is not a challenge for the victim I mean the sick person. This is actually medical malpractice on the part of the doctors and hospitals. Here we have a helpful drug but we will just ignore it. What doesn’t pay enough? Your Porsche isn’t shiny enough. Come on lawyers here’s a chance to make a lot of bucks now all we got to do is scare a few of them and they’ll start behaving like oh I don’t know doctors

  8. The virus spreads faster than the immunity created by the vaccine. Stronger public health measures of distancing, masking and washing hands have an immediate affect. Vaccines will take 14 to 28 days to have a similar effect.

  9. With so many red states beginning to report a surplus why don’t we send the next batches of vaccines to states that want them?

  10. Hi Rachel Anne..
    Rachel, you’re starting to figure it out..
    Me to Rachel, i am impressed..
    Rachel, “they’ve been shown.”.

  11. 10 points to Regeneron for using common sense in naming their monoclonal antibody drug, as opposed to Lilly’s boneheaded move of naming their drug something absolutely unpronounceable-bamlanivamawhatever

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