How Donald Trump Corrupted The Republican Senate

Former Senator Bob Kerrey (D-NE) joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss what happened to the Senate and Mitch McConnell in the last 25 years: “It’s like watching a different human being.”

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    1. so then why did the DC mayor leave the south side of the capitol unmanned on january 6th?
      why did she deny help from federal troops?
      as white house documents show trump asking if she needed federal troops and the FBI said she needed more men
      but yet, somehow, that was an insurrection that these generals didnt plan for? 500k+ ppl at the capitol that day and only around 500 went inside

    2. @Cid Sapient not surprisingly your baseline assumption of 500k people at the capital is a fabrication. Reasonable estimates are roughly 10,000

  1. This man is on point we the American people Democrats and Republicans need to vote all these lying GOP officials out of office they are for themselves and to themselves not we the American people

    1. @Efrain Avelar when you say trump and the GOP are the worst of all in history You probably right but who put them there? Trump is still out and pulling the strings. What you [America] going to do?

    2. @Francois Bouvier No party is immune. No politician is completely honest. “if he/she says yes means may, if he/she say may means no and if he/she say no means they are not politician.” 🤔

    3. That’s the most honest statement we all should feel that way too bad Trump supporters are too dumb to realize that part

    4. I’m not democrat or Republican… Gotta do what’s right for AMERICANS… Help the USA BEFORE HELPING OTHER COUNTRIES But these politics only care about WAR AND MONEY INTO THERE POCKETS… That AMERICANS are working hard we have to pay taxes but billionaire and MILLIONAIRES get away with taxes in the stock market

  2. It would be really nice to see these Senator’s get back to basics and not focus so much on the money. The greed is showing it’s fangs.

    1. @Jeff Petrie I don’t really care about proper punctuation or grammar online my friend like at all. In fact I oft intentionally misspell and ad punctuation incorrectly when not writing thesis papers. Nice you noticed me. :*

    2. @Jeff Petrie I actually, am not totally uneducated. Why should I care in a comment section. Live your best life too my friend

    3. I disagree. It would be nice to see these senators behind bars. Those who support a traitor, ARE traitors.

  3. Well I think the explanation for why Mitch McConnell has become what he is today is because he’s been masking his true self all along.

    1. True it just brought everything out in the open for regular folk to really see what they had been doing all these years under McConnell. That cretin still has the balls to project what they are doing blatantly out in the open onto democrats and do it with a straight face.

    1. It’s human nature if you are making laws then automatically you will believe you are above it

    2. @Gobig Orange If that was true, NONE of the 40 odd associates of Donald Trump would have been charged.

    3. They shouldnt be but they are. Thats how the DNC and Hillary were allowed to fund foreign agent Christopher Steele to interfere in the 2016. Its also how Obamas hand picked FBI Director spied/placed under surveillance Obamas political enemies, the Trump campaign, using a dossier the DNC paid for through a foreign agent .

    4. @Gobig Orange No, the hard truth is many in Congress no matter the race. think they are above the law. Corporate money has corrupted the entire Congressional Black Caucus for example. Follow the money. Btw, I’m of Mexican origin, not that it matters.

    1. Rand Paul ??? The same doctor who recklessly refused to wear a mask and went swimming at the Senate while being infected ??? Some doctor. The same racist doctor that blocked the Emmit Till Lynching bill? Mengele was a doctor, too.

    2. @Juna Nougues – 😆 Your response is more damaging than if you said nothing at all.
      Why did they actually bring that bill to a vote?
      Show me the racism in this country. You can’t. But I can.

  4. McConnell was evil long before trump. What was he doing through the Obama years. Stone wall, stone wall and stone wall some more

    1. They can’t do no more than the votes let them do. Do nothing for the state they still vote for them…

    2. Obama and McConnell both evil! I don’t think Trump is! Trump is not a politician or a crook. I think the prerequisite for politicians is being an evil crook!

  5. outstanding show as always. F.S.Kerry spoke from his heart, and every word was the truth, never hear lies on this show.

    1. @BAWSE STATUS Nope but you may have been, if you filthy red hats don’t give up your lying ways you will end up in prison or a grave depends on your ignorance.

    1. @MAGAtards are fake patriots they do everything can to stop the poor and lesser educated to vote in Kentucky

    2. @doug purcell Problem is most of them are uneducated and also they breed their cousins for sake of the master race.

    3. McConnell has made the entire country a lot worse.
      The governor and the Kentucky state government is totally responsible for the welfare of their state.

    4. And the farmers around here ONLY WORK THEIR FIELDS, refuse to dig deeper when the news are being told, cling to fox news for their ONLY SOURCE of news. Farmers here Don’t question the status quo!😭

    5. u guys sure think highly of ur fellow americans lol
      no wonder democrats are the party of racism and bolshevism

    1. The decay of the senate has followed the decay of America’s middle class whose wealth has been declining since the 70’s. Lobbyists and big donors have skewed legislation in favour of themselves and at the expense of the middle and working classes.

  6. They were already like that before trump . Trump was just simply too dumb to used the code words republicans have been using over the years ..

  7. They were pretty corrupt before Trump got there. Trump didn’t block Merrick Garlands Supreme Court nominee. Trump wasn’t there to block every single bill Obama put forth. No. That was MITCH MCCONNELL

  8. “Canadianraven13”
    “Trump did not corrupt the Republican party. He simply allowed them to show their true colors.” This is a true fact, the colors of corruptions where in display, just never showed their true colors.

  9. there was a meeting years ago when President Obama was elected to Office, Mitch McConnell, Newt Gingrich, and John Boehner decided that they were going to do everything they could to make sure that Obama fails.The entire group of republican politicians joined in, no one was ever charged with sedition, and you can see that the activities of Mr McConnell has been blatantly illegal for a very long time.

  10. Don the Con has been collecting dirt and Blackmailing people including Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Don the Con has more dirt on the GOP members, so they are much easier to to Blackmail.

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