How Donald Trump won the White House | Special Report

How Trump won the White House: a documentary on how a bitterly divisive candidate rode to victory in a vote against established politicis and economic globalisation. Sky's Foreign Affairs Editor Sam Kiley reports.

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  1. He’s not deporting Muslims… He’s simply putting on hold on their
    immigration from parts of the world such as Syria and Libya, where ISIS is
    running rampant, it is an absolutely responsible action to take.
    He never said anything about Mexicans being kicked out of the country, or
    not being allowed into the country, he simply has said that we need to
    deport the illegal immigrants residing within the country, and put a stop
    to illegal immigration.
    Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt candidate to ever run for the U.S
    presidency. It is a fact. And luckily, thanks to Wikileaks, we no longer
    have to rely on the bought and owned mainstream media, we no longer have to
    rely on the corrupt FBI to decide whether or not someone is guilty, we can
    simply view the facts ourselves. And when we *do* look at these facts, it
    is plain to see that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, a compulsive liar, and
    an overall horrid human being.

  2. Unsubscribed. “Boasting of sexual assaults on women”, absolute dishonesty,
    disgraceful Sky News, absolutely disgusting. He was bragging about what
    WOMEN LET HIM DO because of his wealth. Funny how he’s never had a problem
    having a supermodel wife, hey? Since women are so pure and would NEVER let
    a thing like money influence them, oh no, never.
    There is *NO* evidence to suggest that any of these women’s accusations are
    truthful, no evidence whatsoever. Too bad innocent until proven guilty only
    applies to women these days.

  3. Trump was not divisive, the media coverage of Trump, done in soundbites was
    divisive. Not surprising considering the media was caught colluding with
    his opponent.

    1. emily….The American Constitution and how we elect a president is based on
      the problems the founding fathers saw in “all other types of electoral
      methods of the time”. The founding fathers did not trust a one person one
      vote as they feared the “Tyranny of the majority” and “tyrannical factions”
      that might enter the electoral process. The USA was never intended to be a
      pure Democracy, The USA is a representative “Republic” and the “electoral
      college” acts as a buffer between a democracy and a republic.

  4. Trump whooped the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the Washington
    regime & the media on his way to the Whitehouse

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