1. She is doing something that your government should have been doing. That’s how we do it in Africa. But the only difference is that the governments in Africa initiate this kind of community outreach! Come on USA, you are already a great country why do you lower yourselves like this? Don’t politicize disease!

    1. @Lotta Sunshine You *really* should get some help regarding *your lack* of reading comprehension, there’s noting to be embarrassed about. Good Luck!

    2. I wish more Americans in my area could see your comment… & the many others urging us to stop letting a handful of corrupt politicians & money hungry “news” outlets make money spreading fear & doubt about the vaccine. Its so sad to witness

    3. @Lotta Sunshine read the post again, “the governments” with an s on the end…implying more than one. And that was not, of course, the whole point of the post at all.

  2. I bet Dorothy’s convenience store is the only store in town. If you forget something on your last grocery store trip, you go to Dorothy’s. Location, location location.

  3. Lawrence thank you for reporting a positive post on this concern. It takes looking them in the eye and present it to them.
    You also presented an outstanding understanding of the Afghanistan pull out.
    Most pundits and others lack the vision.

  4. This is the sort of person who SHOULD be in office. Someone who will fight for the American people and do what needs to be done.

  5. This is what was done during the Tuberculosis outbreak when I was a child, Health department with a sheriff’s deputy went door to door in Florida. Hopefully, once the Covid-19 vaccination is approved by the FDA this is something that will happen worldwide

  6. That is so wonderful Ms. Oliver you should be proud of yourself. You have saved their lives and the lives of the people they have been in contact with and so on. So thank you from little ol’ me.

    1. She’s a blessing to her community. She really cares. She’s doing an excellent job than DiSatan and Abbott.

  7. Ms. Oliver should at least be hired to teach others to do what she has done. Thank you, dear lady and thanks to the people who brought her storey for all of us to know.

    1. This isn’t about politics not should it ever be. If anyone wants to give out kudos for a state’s excellent response, you will find no more deserving than Phil Scott from Vermont. This should be a full on team effort, everyone working together.

  8. The white house should hire her to get others to get this message out in their community. Sometimes it takes a personal story with a clip board to get you the vaccine.

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