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  1. The virus doesn’t know about holidays.

    • Michelle Passmore | November 25, 2020 at 3:20 PM | Reply

      Told you that President Trump is our President. How can you American Citizens vote for Communist agenda. Shame on you All these fake news actors will be going to Prison or executed! This is about America and President Trump always had our backs
      2020 could of been the year we were taken down. It is not happening I promise you that you will eventually see the truth

      Covid scamdemic I promise

    • I’ve been running wild and free for 10 months. Not a trace of covid anywhere.. Trump 20/20

    • Covid loves the holidays.

    • @Etheral101 My state doesn’t require masks

    • @MR FREEZE-98 If your state said you dont need seat belts, would you believe them? Some politicians will say and do what makes them popular, not what is right.

  2. #FreeAssange

  3. rona has gone full ninja. she strikes when your guard is down.

  4. I can’t believe people are so desperate they can not miss one Xmas in the middle of a world health pandemic.

    • Michelle Passmore | November 25, 2020 at 3:19 PM | Reply

      Told you that President Trump is our President. How can you American Citizens vote for Communist agenda. Shame on you All these fake news actors will be going to Prison or executed! This is about America and President Trump always had our backs
      2020 could of been the year we were taken down. It is not happening I promise you that you will eventually see the truth

      It never was a pandemic but a scamdemic I promise This was part of the steal of our freedom

    • Michelle Passmore | November 25, 2020 at 3:20 PM | Reply

      Told you that President Trump is our President. How can you American Citizens vote for Communist agenda. Shame on you All these fake news actors will be going to Prison or executed! This is about America and President Trump always had our backs
      2020 could of been the year we were taken down. It is not happening I promise you that you will eventually see the truth

      Covid scamdemic I promise

    • @Hannah Dyson 3 years..? Where did you get that from..?

    • I agree. In the US we have a surge after each holiday. I hope we don’t get the mother of all super spreader events for Thanksgiving.

    • asinloveyunz.link

  5. Petagaye Green | November 25, 2020 at 6:33 AM | Reply

    There are so many pressure on these leaders to contain the virus in each country but it all comes down to the people they are the one spreading it by not following the rules just wear a mask y’all etc

    • The leaders all work for the deep state except for trump he is the one who is trying to defeat the deep state #MAGA

    • We have been wearing masks. This is an information war.

    • 🐑🐑🐑

    • Can you stop the common cold?? How about the flu? Did the flu shot get rid of the flu? Did it even make a difference to number of hospitalizations? 99.8% survival rate people. This is about destroying the middle class so massive amounts of people are reliant on government. This is the greatest transfer of wealth in human history disguised as a common cold. The people have succumbed to propaganda. Do some research on who owns the mainstream media, who are their sponsors?

    • @Meesh Bono Exactly and these evil pricks want to destroy small businesses too leaving only the huge multinational companies.

  6. Michael Crouse | November 25, 2020 at 6:41 AM | Reply

    Want to know how they are actually dealing with the second wave? By actually having a second wave instead of us in the US where we are still counting a single wave

    • @Pants Up Dont Loot! Pretty stupid way of doing it then! The Chinese became aware of it in late December, early January. The WHO were notified and the Chinese genetically mapped the virus and distributed it free to research organisations to start working on a vaccine. Also Americans were embedded into the WHO system in China so that the USA could immediately be on the ground if something like this occurred. If it happens again you won’t be lucky America, you’ve left the WHO!

    • The US has a wave after riots and holidays.

    • @Darktolight 16,000! That many WOW! You do realise that every drug or vaccine has it drawbacks or side-affects? 16,000 is 0.026% of all the people vaccinated. The base upon which the University of Oxford vaccine has used has been around and used since the 1990’s. It should therefore be safe. No drug including aspirin or paracetamol is totally safe.

    • @Pants Up Dont Loot! that’s the most disgusting comment I’ve ever read

    • Because the US doesnt have a wave, it has a tsunami lolzzzzz

  7. as a german im not surprised, our restrictions were very loose

    • Physik Ökonomie | November 25, 2020 at 3:50 PM | Reply

      This is true. We should have had measurements like in spring time.

    • @Physik Ökonomie

      WHY IS everybody counted as https://youtu.be/rnzwnGDB3iE



      Covid fatality
      And where are all the hundreds of videos about people going to hospitals with their cell phones why did they get deleted
      Why do nurses like this below get deleted from YouTube in mass
      why do doctors like this below get threatened to lose their license if they don’t list covid as fatality

      What kind of testing is this?

      Fake Media



      How much protection does a mask give you and does it cause harm? See below

      I am not involved in politics I don’t vote. 200000 fatalities if the numbers are true which they can’t be the way they are counting them is still not much. 600000 people die each year of cancer
      800000 of heart attacks
      250000 of iatrogenic causes(death by medicine)
      we had SARS and MERS also highly    infectious  coronaviruses with a fatality rate from 9% all the way up to 35% and nobody wore a mask covid is a 0.1%.
      1.4 million people died globally of tuberculosis in 2018 and nobody wear a mask amongst those 250000 children you can find this on World Health Organization website.
      If the hospitals were overrun with frigerator trucks ect. how many fridgerator trucks would we need for all the cancer patients heart attacks and  patients that died  of iatrogenic causes . Cancer-causing herbicides, pesticides ,fungicides, insecticides and GMO all remaining on the market. The biggest contributor to heart attack , hydrogenated oil . allowing hydrogenated oil Crisco still on the market. I just gave your number of approximately 1.5 MILLION PEOPLE each year in the US alone dying of these above named . where are the refrigerator trucks for those people. And where are the overrun hospitals. if you do a little bit of History you can find out what happened to the Native Americans that are hardly to exist now. If I was you I would pay close intention.
      because people believe that this’outbreak’ is supposedly so bad I believe they going to force vaccinate all of us.They were trying to pass the Bill HR 6666 to come to people’s residence and remove the sick  rather they   children people’s pets anything grandmothers ect. They didn’t pass the bill this time but they going to keep trying.. see video
      Ammon Bundy already put out a video on what are they planning to do with our children just like they remove the children from the Native Americans and now got most of their land. This man had a 40-day standoff (at a wildlife resort )with the government he was facing a hundred years cause of one death getting farmers land back they won
      Check this out what are they planning to do with or children below
      THIS SHOWS YOU THE ELITE WANT OUR LAND . AND WANT US IN SO CALLED SMART CITIES CRAMPED UP SO THEY HAVE MORE FOR THEMSELFS.  this is just the beginning(I believe we will have more outbreaks of other very deadly diseases to come according to them if y’all keep going for this). And because of those there will be a whole bunch of new laws rules and regulations stricter than ever. we already had food shortages people already got killed in hospitals for being intubated too early overmedicated suicides went up domestic violence went up ,Pedophellia went up.  men sitting at home depressed not knowing how to feed their family and then alcohol was made an essential item only to than rape their wives and children not knowing what they did in their drunken mind committing suicide after .And all those doctors and nurses who speak out against this are  getting deleted WHY. The link below will raise some questions for you.  they took the children from Native Americans put on western clothing and put them in Catholic schools tought them Christianity which was not the original believe.
      What AUTHORITY they are acting on
      .So here I am to ask YOU ALL
      Children Quarantine Centers explained below
      because people believe this is supposedly so bad they going to work hard on  force vaccinate all of us.State by State country by country see video below


      Removing the sick (or CHILDREN?) from their families (home)
      Statement from Daycare Provider
      Former well respected Dr.s are now slandered on wikipedia since speaking out cov vid fraud below

      Gill Bates wanted for crimes against humanity below

      I need fresh AIR PLEASE
      Chicago Major wants NEW WORLD ORDER


    • @Pants Up Dont Loot!
      Sad truth
      It’s in the 2nd documentary. It’s long but its every minute of it is exciting to watch Better than any movie I have watched. Better than any movie I have watched. The others are good to hope you enjoy. Life changing documentaries for me
      I have more if I remember I send later

    • The country needs a curfew from 6 pm to 6 am.

    • @Pants Up Dont Loot! you’re responding to every damn comment, give it up man, trump is gone nobody cares about that conspiracy bullshit

  8. Nicolas Mendoula | November 25, 2020 at 7:08 AM | Reply

    President Macron added that we could start the vaccination campaign in mid January.

    I can’t wait.

    • Samantha Samuel | November 25, 2020 at 4:04 PM | Reply

      Joe Biden is your next President get over it ✌️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • santa fe, bantayan island life | November 25, 2020 at 5:14 PM | Reply

      4 hours of testimony of blatant fraud. STOP THE STEAL . Biden will not steal the election . https://youtu.be/DSDZkXxFVEU

    • Two months behind the US. Why?

    • mark of the beast

    • You should do some research on the vacc1n3 and the corrupt pharmaceutical industry. Pfizer sh0t will only reduce symptoms in MILD cases. It does not stop transmissibility or infection and will change your DNA. I suggest reading Pharma – Greed Lies and the Poisoning of America to understand how corrupt the industry really is. This was all by design, scare the public to such a point that they beg for something that will make them a hybrid. PCR tests are highly inaccurate. Do you know what the cycle threshold is for the test in your area? Do you even know why that is important? Even the creator of the test said they should not be used for diagnosis because you can find anything you want with them. Do you know what primer they are using for the tests?

  9. It would be so sad to see people lose their health and in some cases their lives, just when the solution appears to be just around the corner.

    • ❤️ God can help. This helps. No cost. For coronavirus help, Speak quietly out loud or in normal voice “God, please make health perfect and eliminate harmful virus. Thank you.” This prayer must be repeated throughout the day to help. Repeat every 1-2 hours (8-16 times a day) as long as the pandemic lasts and until a safe vaccine or cure is available. https://www.howtocallongodforhelp.com Please follow CDC guidelines. https://www.cdc.gov/. Please share. Thank you ❤

    • Coronavirus will never go away thats the idea….

    • @John Adams We just have to hope it just mutates in a less lethal form or we develop some form of immunity.

    • @Opera Singer yeah that is always what happens just like every other flu or virus… This stripping your rights and freedoms nonsense has nothing to do with it and everyone knows it bro….

  10. Thanks from Europe for including other countries besides England.

  11. Don’t tell the Donald the stock market rallied because he caved in.

  12. Members from 3 households…huh? hahaha… in my country the ‘bubble’ is just ONE household, 3 households is A LOT! But it’s never enough for some

  13. We just hit record 480 cases a day in Finland. Compared to USA, we doing good.

    • @Thomas Jones you think that with covid you live or you die, that’s it? Up ton20% of those infected will be left with short term to permanent health issues ranging from nerve damage, to needing a double lung transplant. What you pro-covid people don’t understand. The fact that over 250,000 people have died from covid is only the top of the iceberg. In Florida up to190,000 people will be left with post covid issues. In the US that’s up to 2.56 million people. Even if you get covid under control (which won’t happen anytime soon guaranteed). You will still have up to 2.56 million people nation wide putting a strain on your 3rd rate healthcare system.

    • @Opera Singer Agreed. God is love. However, Yeshua Ha Massiach Is comming back with a sword. 😉

    • @Thomas Jones you forget This disease likes to destroy the heart, kings, liver nervous system, circulatory system, etc. It makes Swiss cheese out organs. Just ask Carl Werden & Mayra Ramirez how covid was no big deal. Here’s link to a page of a woman’s lung after covid. I’m sure you people will get a laugh an joy out the pic.

    • @Big Mike Wow. I smell fear. First, nobody believes the death totals on the TV are even close. Inflated numbers that are fake. How bout real numbers? 250k dead from medical malpractice or errors. 38k auto accidents. 69k will OD and die. %83 of Covid19 deaths in FL are those over 65 years of age. Covid19 – %98 survival rate. No free American man should curtail his pursuits because othets are weak or infirmed. Nor should he curb his speech because the stupid may be offended good sir.

    • @Thomas Jones no ins saying speech should be curtailed with covid. Only thing actually being curtailed is any attempt to slow the spread of this disease by you pro-covid people. Btw, did you get a good laughseeing what covid did to that persons lung?

  14. “You cant police it” Sure you can. It would just not be taken that great.

  15. At some point, they give hospitals the power to just say “NO MORE.” You don’t listen, now you take care of yourself.

  16. I personally don’t know anyone who has or died from Covid-19 but I also don’t know anyone who died of small pox, measles, rabies, aids, polio or ebola but I know it all happened.

    • The difference with COVID is your chance of dying without a comorbidity and under 55 isn’t even 1%. COVID is listed as the only cause of death in 6% of deaths, people under 55 are less than 10% of total deaths. Cardiovascular diseases have been killing half a million a year, my uncle and grandfather died from it, but they don’t shut down McDonalds and liquor stores, instead they close down gyms and fitness centers.

  17. We will definitely see a surge of COVID 19 cases after Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is too bad.

    • go watch the senate hearing for the truth

    • James N W Corlett | November 25, 2020 at 1:32 PM | Reply

      : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSDZkXxFVEU&pbjreload=101

    • @James N W Corlett I am watching it… it’s cnn brainwashed crackpots who need to watch it

    • Cases mean nothing without the cycle threshold number. PCR tests were never meant to diagnose. This is all manipulation. At 40 cycles over 95% of cases are false positives. But don’t take my word for it, look it up yourself!! It’s all out there, but you won’t hear anything about it on the corrupt MSM.

    • @Meesh Bono people with a brain already know this… covid is a smokescreen for removing President Trump from office and to push towards global reset. I have said from day dot NOvid is bullshit. no worse than the flu.. infact the flu is worse. But you can’t cure stupid. The cnn bots are completely brain dead.

  18. Schuster Glenna | November 25, 2020 at 1:52 PM | Reply

    Am always sad whenever I’m hearing about this virus

  19. Pants Up Dont Loot! | November 25, 2020 at 1:54 PM | Reply

    We’d all be safer if the government just put us in cages.

  20. I can’t believe people are so desperate they can not miss one Xmas in the middle of a world health pandemic.

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