How Hospitals Can Safely Reopen To Visitors As Restrictions Are Lifted 1

How Hospitals Can Safely Reopen To Visitors As Restrictions Are Lifted

As Covid-19 restrictions are lifted across the country, hospitals are navigating how to reopen to visitors, some limiting visitors entirely but others argue that visitation can positively impact a patient’s recovery, especially in cases of critical illness. NBC News medical contributor, Dr. Vin Gupta, spoke to doctors and patients about what steps hospitals are taking to reopen to visitors. 

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How Hospitals Can Safely Reopen To Visitors As Restrictions Are Lifted


  1. i would never go back to a hospital unless it’s for surgery… everything else… can be done outside of house…

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  4. We need secure vaccine passports, so caring family and friends can visit the ill. The unvaccinated can use Zoom.

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