How Jamaicans May Boost Their Immune System Against Covid-19 | TVJ News - March 24 2021 1

How Jamaicans May Boost Their Immune System Against Covid-19 | TVJ News – March 24 2021


In this evening's edition of the health report we look at ways in which people can boost their immune system against covid-19.

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  1. Make sure Jamaican taking the zinc this thing is the remedy for Covid please buy zinc people I prove it over on over

  2. People can also get vitamin D from supplements. So if one is not able to get enough from the food you eat, take over the counter supplements.

  3. Why are we mentioning vitamin D in a tropical country where we have an abundance of sunshine all year round?

    Let’s focus on what’s lacking specific to our Jamaican context

  4. ganja is the best for this. one smoke and no any troubles. carrot? what a carrot? for donkey? no, no, no! i am only smoking my ganja ))

  5. Jamaican never learn,they dont listen to whats important,they complain and most importantly they dont care.

    1. I’m jamaican. I eat really healthy. I eat a lot of vegetables, fruits exercise. So not all people dont care.

  6. Jamaican need to eat more healthier. They need to cut down on the process foods flour & Rice Instead eat more Fish, fruits & vegetables.

  7. The yogurt is a no no, dairy produces mucus, but appreciate the fact that jamaican doctors are now informing the public about the importance of health and nutrition in the fight against diseases.

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