How January 6th Trutherism Puts A Target On Police 1

How January 6th Trutherism Puts A Target On Police


Editor-at-large at the Bulwark Charlie Sykes and former assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI Frank Figliuzzi on how Republican demands to know the identity of the officer who shot Ashli Babbit puts police in danger.
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    1. @N W she didn’t listen to the cop, isn’t that what you all say, listen to law enforcement if you don’t want anything bad to happen to you.

    2. I think they just wanted the certification halted until votes could be examining not overthrow the government

    3. @Wolverine Hoosier NOT hardly, the votes were already examined and re-examined then certified. Congress certifying them again was just ceremonial.

    4. @psycobleach46 tullis well considering the states certification has to go through a whole other process through the federal level with the end being Congress certifying the election, its not a show its literally the official process and what ultimately certifies the election. You don’t know much about what you are talking about at all. Also a real audit (forensic) not just a recount that they call an audit takes time, months, even years. Anybody with a hint of common sense would know that inspecteding millions of votes will take time.

    5. Let’s see, the door is barricaded, guards inside pointing weapons at the entrance; I know what, I’ll crawl through this smashed in window! I’ll impress my friends and get high praise!
      Well, under the circumstances, who – in their right mind would NOT take the shot! (especially, with her coming through the window with a book bag on her back)!

  1. “The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people.” — Mitch McConnell, actually telling the truth for a change

    1. He was so traumatized by telling the truth once that he almost immediately changed his story.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis Is it referencing our lord and savior Jesus Christ? Because Trump never tried to be a religious figure, right? And the ‘baby’ certainly doesn’t fit because baby Jesus was innocent and pure and Trump is anything but. And yeah, I very possibly AM stupid. There’s no shame in admitting you don’t understand something. And it’s beyond my understanding why a person would write ‘baby cheesus’ 20,000 times. Look, I’ll try to be smarter in the future, but the best way to become smarter I’ve learned is to ask questions. So I will continue to ask questions even in the face of bullies who will accuse me of being ‘stupid’ for not knowing something. I do not know! I admit that freely!

    3. @John Clarke you are still being stupid, you know exactly who it represents and why it is used that way. Yeah I can see it is beyond your understanding when you don’t get a slam.

    4. McConnell IS an enemy to this country, as are all the republicans in office. They should all be imprisoned. Our democracy is hanging on by a thread. VOTE them ALL OUT! IF YOU STILL ARE ALLOWED TO VOTE.

  2. I stopped when Sykes said: When gone so far it is difficult to go back.
    That is so true and that is the reason we need disqualification of McConnell and many other GOPs, Liz Cheney one remarkable exception, so there can be justice done.
    Did we hear about how cleaning of DOJ progresses?

    1. Still waiting on donnies indictment yall promised…
      Although michael avenatti is getting 2.5 years…makes my day knowing CA ‘trash is going away

    1. @Mike J breaking and entering is not a death sentence offence. If it was every leftist protester would be dead.

    2. Calling people who kneel for the national anthem and trash America patriots are pretty disgusting too.

    3. @Demetria Karnavas a major tenant of Christianity comes from a commandment John 13.34. Jesus said “love one another as I have loved you…” too bad Christians never got it right over all these years.

  3. I bet if Trump and GOP thought “Refund the Police” meant the money would be diverted to their accounts, Trump would be talking about nothing else.

  4. Next thing you know the American Taliban will be using martyr tactics like blowing themselves up for the cause. Trump can’t be put behind bars fast enough.

    1. @cx23 Well, the point of them taking themselves out that way is to take crowds of people with them, eh? And that’s not usually their buddies.

    2. Why would they blow themselves up? They can legally buy military grade firearms and go on sprees…

    1. @Jim Lincoln Ashlie didn’t go in peacefully, she didn’t obey police and stand back. So why is trump is defending her, while putting a target on the police who protected the Capitol?

    2. @Jim Lincoln peacefully my foot… first this orange fungus charged brains of his loyal orcs with hate and rage… it was a lengthy process to rot his “base”

    3. @Jim Lincoln if you really believe yourself , you really are out of your mind…
      you bsolutely cannot put peaceful and the name donald trump together in the same sentence
      you just cannot

      You need new glasses

  5. A good guy with a gun. Isn’t that something they are promoting. In this case, a good guy with a gun did what he was supposed to do. Protect the capital from an attack.

    1. They don’t get it and they don’t care speak from both sides of their mouths and think only about themselves and those in their ilk.

    2. Not just the Capitol, but the back up nuclear football, VP, Electoral College votes, Senators, and staffers. I’ve only heard the first point mentioned once in six months.

  6. I don’t believe that Trump has ever contacted the police officers who defended the Capitol who were victims of the violent mob after January 6th nor did he contacted their families.

    1. Why is dt , this very unwell man allowed to keep talking and spewing the lies, the hatred , the insane misinformation…..beyond time to get rid
      Prison is waiting

    2. @MrLobo1776 she didn’t say “I don’t know” she said, “I believe”. Which is what a person says when they are certain about something. Not questioning it. You’re lack of understanding concerning basic, straightforward, factual communication leads me to believe that *YOU* likey voted for Trump.

    3. What’s worse is his fellow republicans refused to shake hands and honor these police offers for fear of offending him.. cowards

    4. @Minute Meditations Lo siento Senor. I don’t have the benefit of white privilege like you. The word believe doesn’t make it a fact or truth. It’s obvious that you don’t understand the English language and this is your first language…

  7. Truthfully, the Republican Party and this conman could care less about law enforcement officers and their safety.January 6th and every comment by republicans in congress since then regarding this insurrection prove that point.

  8. The dude didn’t even know the lady! Plays interested because she was in his army. This guy is redicolus! Enough! He cares nothing about those people who went along with him!

    1. She was a part of the violent mob attempting to gain access to Congress to physically stop the peaceful transfer of power, hang the VP and do god-knows what to the rest of the people in there. You do understand Congress is people and that mob was attempting to seize the Capitol, right??

    2. @Kevin Maguire
      She was at the head of a violent mob that had already injured dozens of cops and was saying they were there to hang the VP. She was the first to break though this nearly last line of defense, being held by just a few police – with hundreds more ready to follow. It did not matter WHO breached the perimeter first – they were going to get shot, and they had been TOLD they would get shot.

    3. @Kevin Maguire what was she doing? Watch the latest visual investigation NYT insurrection video, it’s all there. Mob enraged at the sight of lawmakers escaping, start smashing door windows, Babbitt starts climbing in through a window, gets shot.

    4. @Kevin Maguire aww you poor poor triggered snowflake. Buck up Buttercup, maybe you can finally destroy American democracy in four years.

  9. If it wasn’t for trump, Babbit would still be alive. She knew what she signed up for and also knew a gun was trained on her but chose to try go through a broken window. How many trump supporters would allow someone to break into their house??

    1. Yes but if Babbit were alive that would also mean one more Q-believer who would vote for the destruction on the country, I prefer the status quo myself thank you very much. God forbid she survived the shooting and ran for congress.

    2. @norm simpson it’s a shame she ,and others didn’t get air their grievances face to face with Mike Pence.

    3. @Radagast Brown “air their grievances”???? Is that how you plan to deny the reality of the attack on the Capital, by pretending the mob just wanted to air their many, many, imagined grievances? Is that what the gallows was for? Is that what you call a mob chanting to hang the Vice President? Just some people who want to talk about their feelings?

      Were they “airing their grievances” when they defecated and urinated in the halls of the Capital?

      It’s amazing how willing you liars are to gaslight so brazenly. No one is convinced by your bs

    1. @MK Self the whole recount scam was so they could data mine the voters of Arizona. They’ve probably already sold voter information to foreign governments and businesses. I suspect the people of Arizona will be targeting by all kinds of scammers soon.

    2. @Kenny Hill now their pumping up a Civil War! However, they’re pumping it up like only one side will get hurt!

  10. So now trump says the terrorists are hero’s, funny all the money is raising is not going towards their legal fees, whist he’s still grafting his supporters with yet another scam. London

  11. And yet these so called heroes are being arrested and the instigator is enjoying his freedom. Ok I think he’s quite worried at the moment.

    1. Oh he’s more than worried my friend. He’s in line for the guillotine and he knows it. This is why he’s doing misinformation rallies and why he’s now praising the poor trash he exploited to raid the capitol on the 6th.

  12. The fact that Trump sent this woman to her death, and then uses her death for his own personal benefit, is beyond reprehensible. He is truly a malevolent being.

    1. @Jim Lincoln your willful ignorance of the glaring reality of this situation is absolutely stunningly mind-blowingly tragic. And I mean that. It’s *very* sad.

    2. @Jim Lincoln that’s some gaslighting bs.

      Trump incited the violence. I know how much you cultists love canceling whatever doesn’t fit your fantasies, but you don’t get to cancel the fact that Trump is responsible. He spent over a year whining that he would be cheated because he knew he couldn’t win, telling his supporters to fight to stop the steal

      You can’t wish that away

      Trump is evil, and he is responsible for hundreds of thousands of American deaths, and for the only attack on our Capital in American history.

      Only traitors support that. And traitors deserve a traitor’s fate

    3. @shadows221 self serving to the degree that millions of other innocent people suffered & died in some cases & still suffer today, & only for a complete lack of concern about how one’s own actions & deeds affect other human beings or humanity at large, is the *exact* definition *OF* the word Malevolent. If ever there were a walking talking embodiment of Evil incarnate, Donald J. Trump is it.

  13. Oh, now he’s “grieving” her death? He wasn’t doing that when her body was still warm.

    1. Donnie doesn’t grieve. Donnie can’t grieve. Donnie has no capacity for emotions. He is only a vessel, full to the brim with greed, formed of ignorance and cruelty.

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