How Manchin & A Broken Senate Squandered U.S. Will For Gun Reform After Sandy Hook | Rachel Maddow 1

How Manchin & A Broken Senate Squandered U.S. Will For Gun Reform After Sandy Hook | Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow looks back on how Joe Manchin, with Pat Toomey, in the wake of the Sandy Hook gun massacre, supplanted President Obama's call for universal background checks for gun purchases with their own weakened version which they then failed to pass, leaving the broken U.S. Senate with nothing to show for the gun slaughter of young children and teachers at school. Aired on 03/24/2021.
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How Manchin & A Broken Senate Squandered U.S. Will For Gun Reform After Sandy Hook | Rachel Maddow


  1. If Americans can put up with children as young as 5 or 6 being gunned down in school then nothing is going to change and never will

    1. @Soleil M voters do have power at their local level but most don’t know how to access it. Imagine what would happen IF ONLY voters would make calls AND SEND EMAILS to their LOCAL representatives and senators. They should THREATEN THEM with non re-election!
      It ONLY takes a minute now to look up the number email address. WHY WON’T AMERICAN PEOPLE USE THEIR LEVERAGE
      & TAKE 5 MINUTES — instead of WHINING on social media?

    2. Criminals do not register their guns so taking guns away from the law abiding citizens will do nothing but further endanger the public.
      Do you think home invaders will let you call 9-1-1 after they show up?

    3. @jade No one supports ‘senseless killings.’ We also know that they will increase, not go down, when only the criminals have guns.

    4. @Augie Rockero Nonsense. All people need our Second Amendment rights unless they are mentally deranged or criminals and they are also not allowed to have guns legally.
      Do you think criminals will take advantage of the fact they will know the law abiding citizens have no ready defense against their criminally owned guns?

    5. @Augie Rockero There are no daily gun massacres of children. We need our guns against criminals and the government plans for a police state.

  2. I am struggling to understand what Manchin really stands for. I don’t have a problem with a Senator disagreeing with his Party once in a while, but when it becomes regular, one has to really wonder, what is his agenda?

    1. @Rver SoCal —No but his voting record and confirmation hearing track record indicates he doesn’t give a $hit about the people of this country

    1. While I would love to see Manchin gone, hes the only reason we have a senate seat in West Virginia and our majority, so we kind of have to have him if we want to keep the majority sadly

    2. Daa3, Manchin is not up for re-election til 2024. If WV didn’t have him as a moderate/conservative Democrat, there would definitely be a registered Republican in his place who was a Trump loyalist. WV is Trump country. Manchin narrowly won in 2018. We have him to thank for providing a majority in passing the COVID RESCUE BILL. On various sites, people write that they want him to be a Republican and go to that side. Then the Republicans would have the majority and Mitch McConnell would be in charge of the Senate. You may not like all his decisions. But because he is a Democrat, the DEMS have the majority.

    3. @Diane Bannister If he keeps acting like a Republican… Then what? (It is men like that which hurts the nation)

    4. @Alex 202 The only reason he is there is because the DNC and the Democratic party as a whole hasn’t decided to run and get behind someone better than him. If they went all in on someone better with money, resources, and organizing they can do it. But they are comfortable with him there.

    1. His latest pictures show a shinning orange tan. I wonder if he bought it at the Trump hotel gift shop.

  3. Why is he a democrat when his views are clearly in line with the GOPs. All I can say is 2022 is around the corner Manchin and others.

    1. @Blue StatesRule this shooter went though a background check, he brought the gun legally. More gun control isn’t gonna stop mass shooting

  4. Manchin has got to go. He has no problem with Terrorists purchasing guns without background checks.

    1. Manchin is not a Democrat he’s a Republican disguising as a Dem away with him vote him out he is in the party to get rich as all of them on both sides

    2. @Errol Currie That’s the same question I ask the left wing of the party: can a more progressive candidate win Manchin’s seat? The issue here is not Manchin but his constituents. I don’t like the fact that so many Americans are white supremacist, xenophobic and anarchist, but they are, so how are you going to keep the current number of seats and increase them? If the Dems think a more progressive person can win Manchin’s seat, I’m glad if that happens. But maybe Manchin knows his constituents well enough to think that he’s going to lose his seat if he doesn’t show how conservative he is.

    3. @Ja Loux Licensed dealers are not the only way to purchase guns is the point. Atlanta shooter purchased the gun on the same day great background checking Not.

    1. @Jerry Cole The ones enabling the murderous system we have now would be a decent start. Don’t fall into the trap of having to tolerate intolerance from the GQP simply because they are the “other ‘half’ ” of our body politic

    2. @schwig44 Seems to me that the ones trying to rationalize killing others are the ones to look out for. I’m sure you feel everyone else is a racist too, but you are not of course.

    1. It’s the difference between pro choice and anti abortion, or pro life and… Pro abortion? I forget what people are calling it.

      Back in early 2000’s social media companies were hired to manipulate people and they found just changing the name helped

  5. Have to wonder what Toomey and Manchin would think if members of their families were involved in gun violence. Would their thinking change or would they shrug their shoulders and say “oh well, that’s life” and do nothing.

    1. Regan was shot and still didn’t do much for gun control, it is power first last and in between that concerns republicans

    2. I’m sure that’s the way they think. Wasn’t there a republican rep shot at a baseball game. Who was that rep? Doesn’t he still vote against background checks on gun purchases?

  6. Pandering to the Greed Over People party and gun lobby is classic swamp corruption. They burrow in like ticks and with about as much heart

  7. We don’t have to put up with people like Manchin, VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE CLEARLY THEY DO NOT REPRESENT THE PEOPLE.

  8. Manchin is an obstructionist. Are we sure he’s a Democrat and in favor of democracy? Stay healthy everyone!

  9. Joe Manchin, what’s his story? What’s his problem? What’s his real ambition? The GOP and Manchin are the enemy of the people and that is our problem. We cannot have Senators representing us, who do not work for us, it’s time for them to go!

  10. From a mass murder: “now is not the time to about gun violence”

    When RBG died: “now is the time to drop everything and replace her”

    Seriously, the only time gop wants to do something is when a power grab is involved and they are doing the grabbing.

  11. Seriously, he should have changed his party affiliation a long time ago. I’m so tired of this. Controlling who gets guns should be a NONISSUE.

  12. Manchin is a Republican. Vote him out. Get real, West Virginia. He isn’t doing your state any favors.

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