'How many people have to die?': Calls for Kenney to resign over handing of COVID-19 1

‘How many people have to die?’: Calls for Kenney to resign over handing of COVID-19


Political analyst Duane Bratt says he doesn't know 'how the party can survive' as Alta. Premier Jason Kenney comes under fierce criticism.

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    1. @Gloth Sang Not an argument, must be a Liberal. My bribe from the Liberals never arrived in the mail, I must of been at work!

    2. @Cat in the Hat
      Cat in the Hat was banned by your own kind. Apparently it was racist or something?
      Stay inside. Stay safe. Don’t vote please.

    1. They are playing games …you can not use ” Death ” or death per 100,000
      this does not discount … age , subject on other meds ( eq anti depression ) , drug and alcohol history .. extreme child depression ( lock downs ) …ect ect ecf

    1. @Baaliwood lol that is such a silly thing to say. Maybe right now its not affecting you, how many cigs do you smoke? And for how many years? Maybe in another 5 years you could have lung cancer, its just not an issue today.

      Its your choice to be a smoker, but if you get covid smoking will absolutely be a underlying health condition just like being obese.

    2. @Baaliwood that wasn’t my point. ( glad you’re fine btw) My point is that is a underlying health issue.

      How many a day again? Of course you understand that is a big part of it. My dad smoked export A green for about the same amount of time ( at least half pack a day) until his heart attack, which made him stop smoking.

      If you smoked 2 a day is different than a pack, but either way I wouldn’t ever be convinced its not affecting your insides at all.

    3. @Baaliwood I actually have to disagree with your statement, regarding being fat not being the same thing as smoking. You have to compare them fairly. For example let’s say you’re 10 lbs over weight, compare that to smoking 1 cigarette every two days; or being 500 lbs overweight and smoking 3 packs a day. These are arbitrary numbers as I clearly haven’t done a study on it, lol, but you get my point, right? If you smoke like 2 cigarettes a day, you can’t compare that to a 350 lbs, obese person.

    1. Randy Marsh I have been advocating for using Guillotines for over a year now. But at this rate, I am so impatient, I’ll settle for shovels, rakes and my whipper snipper. When I think of it, I picture it in my mind, like from the old movie. The villagers that advanced on the Castle, to destroy the Frankenstein Monster. They carried whatever they had, with torches burning. Torches! Oh Yeah! Burn Baby Burn! I want to hear them Scream.
      Pitchforks, I’m in.

    2. @Hardrock whipper snipper vibrating gently in hand. yes! I can see it too! yours is a gift that cannot be wasted!

    1. @Joe Struthers If only viruses could dream. McDonald’s uses Monitor a deadly pesticide on their potatoes, which never off gases. Check it out.

    1. Most the politicians have family everyone has a price higher then money. They corruptible like any other human.

  1. Near as I can tell, the emergency that Kenny sees are the screams for his resignation, because he already made it clear how he felt about covid deaths with that facebook appearance.

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