How Military Service Prepared Rep. Crow For Capitol Invasion | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

How Military Service Prepared Rep. Crow For Capitol Invasion | The Last Word | MSNBC


Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) discusses his experiences serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and how it helped him navigate the Capitol invasion. He tells Lawrence O’Donnell that as an Army Ranger overseas he was trained and prepared for the environment, and on Wednesday “none of us were ever expecting to be in that position, as vulnerable as we were that day.” Aired on 01/12/2021.
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How Military Service Prepared Rep. Crow For Capitol Invasion | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. If all those republicans believe the election was stolen and the “protesters” were there to support them, then why did they feel the need to run and hide like cowards instead of join their fellow “patriots?”

    1. For fear that the mob might not recognize them or their party affiliation is the only thing that I can think of.

    2. Imagine if those terrorists started shooting those inside the room when they breached the door. It will only take one or two mad man to do that. I bet they will be bolder the next time.

    1. I just hope and pray that Biden makes ZERO changes to his Inauguration, saving for Covid? If one single thing is changed, other than ramping up security, the Confederate Terrorists will call that a victory, and take it as an INVITATION to push harder, and again. I hope they’re prepared to mow them down, and intern the survivors! Seriously. This is the hour for RESOLVE, and Joe cannot afford to let them see him bleed. No flinching. We face the threat DOWN! And we CRUSH THEM. It’s the only way left!

    2. TONY ORTIZ. Grow up, it’s always somebody else’s fault, the devil
      It’s America’s fault, nobody has had the balls to disarm these cretins!
      You have let them arm and store MILITARY TYPE ARMS and wear cos-play militia uniforms for two hundred years. This was bound to happen.

    1. Me too, imagine being asked ‘what did you have to defend yourself?’ And your answer is ‘a pen’. Extremely scary.

    2. @Julie C and Trump supporters act like this was no big deal. Those lunatics would have taken hostages and killed more if they had been any more organized. Their stupidity and the bravery of some heroes who were there is the only reason this wasn’t worse.

    1. Patriots defend, terrorists destroy. That will forever be the distinction between people like Crow and the mob that threatened the lives of him and his colleagues

  2. I remember Trump saying “my building is now the tallest” immediately after the 9/11 twin terror strikes. He’s that sick.

    1. @astroj THE Actual Date of the Attack was 9/11. tRump called the Attack as 7/11. THERE ARE several Articles to Proof this is FACT. At the time Trump gave a Speech at a Rally. HE MISREAD THE TELEprompter. he did NOT correct himself. It seems extremely obvious DT would EVEN purposely say INCORRECT information, using even a date of a HORRIFIC Attack 9/11, to get HEADLINES…

    2. YES, Lisette Voytko for FORBES, wrote a timeline, dated 9/11/20, of Trump’s Misleading (lies) 9/11 Claims, which began on the day of the Attack. It is so OBVIOUS NOW, that tRump could NOT bare to think he WAS NOT the CENTER of ATTENTION!
      Trump even Claimed he was at Ground Zero on the day of the Attack “helping a little bit”.

    3. @FE RnKmaster happened in Iran & Palestine where decades of suppression from both their own leaders and foreign leaders bred an anti American sentiment, a sentiment that crumbled during the Obama years and got rebuild txn to Trump. The dancing of Muslims in the USA like Trump claimed is a total myth concocted by the American right in order to justify some off their actions in America itself

    4. I didn’t know it was *Trump* who said that.
      He’s addicted to the spotlight.

      (Well I guess it’s the floodlights now. He’s beyond addicted.)

    5. @Resender it’s true, his father was a klansman. Mary Trump in an interview said her whole family are racists

  3. It’s wonderful that he was acting this heroically but incredibly heartbreaking that it was necessary. This was traumatic. I can’t imagine that many won’t be changed by the experience.

    1. i’m amazed they all just went straight back to work afterwards. any other job you’d be getting the afternoon off and seeing trauma counsellors. i applaud their commitment to their jobs.

    1. Unfortunately, from the Western Slope of Colorado, we have a total Trump-supporter nut-job. I wish I could demand that she resign and vote against her in the future, but I don’t live in her district, fortunately! Colorado, as a state, did kick Cory Gardner (Republican) out of the Senate and to the curb this past November, easily. Too bad more states, beyond AZ and GA, couldn’t do the same.

  4. When an Army Ranger says a situation was dangerous – you know it was bad. This man, a combat veteran admits he was afraid, surrounded by domestic terrorist. tRump is dangerous & needs to be gone now.

    1. Oh please this guy was an officer he’s a p**** they’re always out of f****** harm’s way now I the other hand wasn’t an officer and was in combat

  5. I was afraid!
    That was expected from one who knows that Fear need not clog one’s mind. He knew what to do to protect his colleagues.

  6. He can admit to being afraid and yet be calm and ready for action. Totally different from 45, a cowardly draft dodger who talks big but backs down if his bluster is called.

  7. Rep. Crow looked believably terrified in those pictures, and that let me know they were real. Not having fear in a situation like that would be stupid, not strong

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